iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

iCODE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

iCode computer school for kid is a franchising company that has been in operation since 2015 which is now 2 years old and started franchising in 2016(1 year).

If you are interested in joining iCode computer school for kid to become a franchisee, below is all the information that is needed and available about iCode computer school for kid.

First, we will have a general overview of iCode computer school for kid, after which important details like how much an iCode computer school for kid services cost, the required total investment cost, the available training and supports, and how to start an iCode computer school for kid.

About iCode Computer School for Kid

iCode computer school for kid opened in the year 2015 provides computer programming, robotics, and creative arts training for kids aged 8 to 17. They provide Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (STEAM) based learning classes, computer coding, robotic and databases for students.

They help by trying as much as possible to define the future where many would become professional programmers, their aim is definitely not to replace normal school curriculum but they help expand kids understanding while they catch fun, and help sharpen the future.

They recognize and rewards student’s efforts and achievements and their practical classes definitely help the kids to develop their skill in becoming professionals earlier than thought.

iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Cost

An iCode computer school for kid franchisee would cost you a minimum liquid capital which amounts to $150,000.

This is added to other needed fee to become a franchisee.

iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Fee

iCode computer school for kid has an initial franchise fee of $35,000 with an 8% ongoing royalty fee and a 2% Ad royalty fee.

iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Startup Cost

For everyone interested in joining iCode computer school for kid franchise, you will be required a total investment capital which amounts to $240,000 as low and $343,000 as a reasonable high.

iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

If you become accepted as one of iCode computer school for kid franchisee to set up your own tutoring business, then you are opened to enjoy the following benefits in training and supports.

  • iCodecomputer school for kid relationships with third-party sources helps in offering financial help to franchisee to cover important fee like franchise fee, start-up costs, equipment fees amongst others.
  • Provision of a newsletter that will help inform franchisee about latest developments.
  • iCodecomputer school for kid provides field operation for franchisee to help in handling the kids well and also to help train instructors to perfection.
  • iCodecomputer school for kid also provides needed software that will make training of their ward easier and interesting. This software reduces the stress of explaining all codes without practical steps.
  • One beautiful aspect of iCodecomputer school for kid franchise company is setting up conventions and meetings for her franchisee. At this convenient way of improving their services and how to handle kids better are being discussed.
  • iCodecomputer school for kid offer on the job training of 260 hours for her franchisee and a classroom training of 57 hours for its franchisee.
  • iCodecomputer school for kid offers advertising for her franchisee, these include the regional advertising, Email marketing help in preparing AD template.
  • They develop website for their franchisee and also help in setting up social media accounts so as to help people discover their franchisees easily.
  • Also available to an iCode computer school for kid franchisee is an intranet platform for their use both during and after working hour.

iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement

To know the terms of agreement and renewal offered by iCode computer school for kid for their franchisee, you will have to contact them, online to request for such information.

How much does an iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise Make?

We live in a world with thousands of technological appliances and many kids own many of these appliances. So, many parents want their kids to understand the basic function and also use those functions to benefit themselves, so one can conclude an iCode computer school for kid franchisee will earn well.

Also, we need to note that their income varies based on the size of their classes, location amongst other factors. A more detailed and succinct explanation of how much an iCode computer school for kid franchisee makes can be received by contacting the company directly.

How to Open iCode Computer School for Kid Franchise

Having gone through a detailed information on the setup and required startup information needed to become a franchisee at iCode computer school for kid, if you are interested in becoming one of their franchisee contact them by visiting their website at iCode School. You could as well give them a call on 469-608-7023 or send them a mail at [email protected].

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