Hydroponics crop farming could generally be categorized under the hydro-culture industry. This business entails growing crops without the use of the natural soil, rather, by utilizing mineral nutrient solutions dissolved in water to grow crops.

These crops are usually grown under glass or any other protective cover. The nutrients are sourced from duck manure, fish waste, and other normal nutrients.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a hydroponics farm.

BUSINESS NAME:  Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC.

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Mission Statement
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales Forecast
  • Financial Plan
  • Conclusion


Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC is a hydroponics farm business that has been duly registered and has obtained the relevant licenses and permits from the authorities. The farm will be located in a large piece of land in central Wisconsin, United States.

Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC will be particularly concerned with the growing of crops (fruits and vegetables) such as hydroponic greenhouse tomato farming, hydroponic greenhouse bell pepper farming, hydroponic greenhouse cucumber farming, hydroponic greenhouse fruit production, hydroponic greenhouse vegetable farming, etc.

Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC will be owned by Mr. Paul Louis. Together with his wife, he will manage the business and grow it to become the number one hydroponics farm company in Wisconsin.

To start the business, a total sum of $550,000 will be required. This total sum will be sourced from two sources only: from Mr. Louis’ investments, and friends & family.


Our mission at Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC is simple: to produce top quality and hygienic fruits and vegetables that will become the number one customers’ choice all over the United States, Asia, and Europe. We want to be able to maximally satisfy our customers with our products and services.


Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC is a company in the agro-allied industry that will be committed to providing many products and services for customers’ consumption in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

We will make sure we do all within the confines of the laws of Wisconsin and the United States in operating our business. The following are the areas we will be focusing on:

  • Hydroponic greenhouse tomato farming
  • Hydroponic greenhouse bell pepper farming
  • Hydroponic greenhouse cucumber farming
  • Hydroponic greenhouse fruit production
  • Hydroponic greenhouse vegetable farming


Our business vision in the industry is to become a reputable hydroponics brand, ranking as the number one, and among the top 10 in Wisconsin and the United States respectively. We will also make we prove ourselves in the international market.


Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC is a hydroponics farm business in the agro-allied industry that hopes to start small, and, in subsequent years, grow into a big company.

Given this, we intend to hire employees that will, together with us, build a formidable business.

We are interested in hiring employees that are smart; possess high integrity; competent; motivated; and enthusiastic about working with us. We will hire qualified candidates to fill up the following positions in our business:

  • General Farm manager
  • Farm crop Cultivation Manager
  • Accountant / Cashier
  • Sales and Marketing Supervisors


Many businesses face lots of challenges because of their inability to sell and market their products.

We will not be like such companies. This is why we will recruit only experienced sales and marketing executives that will be able to meet up with the task.

We have been able to consult sales and marketing experts and come up with the following sales and marketing strategies to promote our business:

  • First, we will introduce our hydroponics farm business to family, friends, and relevant groups of prospective customers. We will do this by sending out business cards, introductory letters, and business brochures to all the relevant companies such as companies that make use of agricultural materials as raw materials.
  • We will list our business on local business directories.
  • We do not fail to fully promote and advertise our business on radio, television, and make use of social media to the fullest.
  • We will also promote our business through affiliate programs.


Hydroponics crops are not much affected by extreme weather conditions.

Hydroponics farms tend to be concentrated in temperate climates. This is why you would find hydroponics farms in areas such as Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

Target Market

Our target market comprises everyone. Everybody makes use of hydroponics products in one form or another.

However, we will pay close attention to industries that use agricultural products as raw materials.


Year One                    $250,000
Year Two                   $500,000
Year Three                 $850,000

We have been able to come up with the above sales projection based upon the available statistical data in the industry, and some other influencing factors.

This sales forecast is for the first three years of starting our hydroponics farm business. It is quite flexible and subject to subsequent amendments.

Source of Startup Cost

Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC will be financed from two sources only. The owners, Mr. Paul Louis, and his family have been able to come up with half of the startup cost. The other half will be borrowed from both family & friends.

From our analysis and estimate, we have been able to estimate a total startup cost of $550,000.

The startup cost seems huge because we have decided to secure office space for the administrative operations even though hydroponics farm businesses do not necessarily require one.


This is a business plan sample for “Autumn Hydroponics Farms LLC”. The business will be owned and managed by Mr. Paul Louis and his wife Gretchen. The business will be located in Wisconsin, United States.

The business will particularly focus on the growth of greenhouse vegetables and fruits.

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