How to Get Paid for Sharing Links

Every second spent on the internet can be converted into something quite profitable. This involves an activity as simple as sharing a link. If you thought this to be impossible, we want to show you that it isn’t.

This is a task so simple that anyone can do it. It doesn’t matter if you use a PC, a laptop, or an Android phone. As long as your device has access to the internet, you can begin to earn immediately.

What You Need

Apart from the obvious which is an internet-enabled device, certain basic things are also required. Sharing a link means you must have a platform.

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Thankfully, there are several platforms anyone can use to begin to share and earn. Consider having a website. These days, it doesn’t take much to own one.

Websites can be built within considerably short periods of time by using platforms provided by WordPress, Wix and so many others.

You only need to create an account, pick a blog name, get your blog online, register and host it. You can customize your blog using tons of free templates too.

While it’s great to have a website or blog to share your links on, it isn’t a rule. Existing social media platforms can be leveraged on. You can create an account for this specific purpose on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

These are about the most popular with easy ways to share links on them.

What More?

A reliable internet connection is also necessary.

Certain links will require opening and viewing the contents. Therefore, you might want to get a strong internet connection as videos may need to be streamed.

How it Works

These links originate from businesses or organizations with the desire to create and generate activity around their products and services.

Each link shared widens the network of reach and you get rewarded when it’s clicked on. Clicks on such links that eventually lead to a purchase will attract higher pay than those which do not.

Each year, such companies budget billions for marketing campaigns. You don’t need to know each of these companies to get started. These ads or links are channeled through an intermediary.

A certain number of links are sent each day for you to click on or share.

This eventually adds up to a significant amount after a set time as determined by the business. Certain links may qualify you for shopping vouchers while others pay you money. It all depends on what works best for you.

First, you need to be certain and fully aware of what you stand to gain before venturing out.

Retain Some Level of Skepticism

This isn’t to say that getting paid for sharing links is a scam. A lot of them are but so are those which actually pay.

You might have come across lots of ads with claims which are too good to be true. These ads promise you thousands of dollars a day for simply clicking on a link or doing other simple tasks.

These bogus claims are more likely than not plain scams and should be treated as such. Links that actually pay you money for clicking won’t pay so much. Over time, you get to earn some modest income.

This counts for something especially when it covers some of your expenses.

Affiliate Marketing and How to Take Advantage of It

Affiliate marketing does a lot of link sharing.

Online retailers pay tons of money (when added up) in commissions to their affiliates. The reason for such payments is due to the income generated from sales through shared links.

The more engaging a link is for a certain product, the higher the income earned.

To take advantage of this form of marketing, you first need to choose a niche. By niche, we mean selecting products you are passionate about.

This is because you are likely to be more involved selling or marketing such a product. Each product you choose comes with its unique link which will be shared on your blog or social media account(s).

Promotion is necessary to attract more clicks or visits to your link. This can be done through several ways, especially on social media being a major marketing platform.

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Getting paid for sharing product links wouldn’t earn you money once, but continuously. For as long as people click and make purchases, you are assured of earnings.

Therefore, you want to share as much links to as many products as possible. How much you get paid boils down to how well you promote your product links.

These must be visible and should appeal to anyone viewing such links.

A single link shared can continue to attract passive income for as long as the product remains available. This is an exciting way to receive payments.

You are also not restricted to specific product owners or businesses. In other words, you have the freedom to share a diverse number of links belonging to different businesses.

Sponsored Tweets

Getting paid through sponsored tweets is reality and very much a possibility for anyone.

This micro blogging site avails you the opportunity through advertisers to share tweets with your followers. People with large following are considered influencers and capable of drawing attention to such products.

In some cases, advertisers will have to contact you directly if you are considered valuable enough.

On the other hand, anyone can go to its free board to choose tweets to share. However, before such tweets are shared, it must pass an approval test.

Getting paid for sharing links isn’t that difficult.

While this is true, it may require some good amount of work. Link promotion is one of the requirements. For others, you get paid by simply sharing the links.

The link doesn’t need to attract a product purchase.