Hotel linen suppliers are key partners for hoteliers as they offer a wide range of services geared needed by the hospitality industry.

There’s always a ton of demand for linen goods (such as hotel beddings) as both existing and new hotels need to be served. Thankfully, there are reputable businesses that fill up such a gap.

In this article, we discuss hotel linen wholesale businesses you can rely on for your products.

Some of these businesses double as manufacturers and wholesale providers. With the multiple options provided, you get to compare and choose your preferred hotel linens wholesale business.

Choosing a Hotel Linen Wholesale Supplier

When shopping for hotel supplies, you’ll need to follow certain basic tips that help you select the right supplier.

Finding the right supplier will require cost consideration, finding reputable suppliers, and only going for quality and durable products.

i. Cost Consideration

Cost is a key factor when shopping for hotel linens.

You need a wholesale supplier that offers quality products that are also affordable. Although most hotel linens are expensive, they don’t have to break the bank or shoot far beyond a reasonable budget.

By carefully choosing the wholesale business to patronize, you’re able to get a great deal. A great deal will be one that offers quality hotel linen at reasonable rates.

ii. Finding Reputable Suppliers

One thing that’s never in doubt is the fact that you can easily find lots of wholesale linen suppliers for hotels.

However, not all might meet your requirements. We’ve included a number of top-rated manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to consider for your hotel linens.

iii. Going for Quality & Durable Products

Quality and durability should be a major consideration when shopping for hotel linens.

The quality of your linens should reflect the image or brand of your business hence the need to take extra time shopping for your beddings.

To have real value for money, the linens you go for should be durable.

Wholesale Hotel Linen Suppliers and Manufacturers

Out of the many hotel linen suppliers, we’ve identified some of the most reputable you can patronize for your quality supplies. These aren’t necessarily the only reliable suppliers around.

Rather, they’re simply among the top-rated wholesale business and manufacturers you’ll find.

They include Pacific Coast Feather Co., Bed Bath, and Beyond Inc., BELLINO, Garnier Thilbeaut USA, Ritz Carlton Hotel Company LLC, and Venus Group, Inc.

More of these businesses include Downlite, Sigmatex Lanier, Fabtex, DEA Fine Linens, Parachute Home, ANICHINI, Inc., Venus Group, Inc., and Brooklinen.

i. Pacific Coast Feather Co

This is one hotel linen manufacturer and wholesale company that offers a variety of products.

Such products are categorized under sheets, pillows, comforters, and mattress toppers. Its TENCEL, Crisp TENCEL, cotton and sateen linens or sheets vary by size, color, and texture.

ii. Bed Bath and Beyond Inc.

Bed Bath & Beyond is a retail company that has loads of hotel linen supplies.

Under its bedding section, you’ll find a wide range of products that include linens, pillows, bed basics, sheets & pillowcases, blankets, as well as other bedding accessories.

You’ll need to navigate through its different sheet collections to find what you need.


BELLINO has a wide collection of linens for the hospitality industry.

This linen wholesale business offers exclusive linen products for hotels and other major players within the hospitality industry.

To make your pick, you’ll have to download its catalog from its website.

iv. Garnier Thiebaut USA

This is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of fine linen to hospitality businesses.

Product variants include city collection, Savoie white, Bordeaux white, nice sateen, Monaco parcale, mélange plain, and sunrise sateen among many others.

You’ll need to visit its website to shop through its many products.

v. Venus Group, Inc.

This is another wholesale supplier of hotel linens you can rely on.

Products under its hospitality industry section include bed linens, towels, decorative, table linens, mattress pads, duvet inserts, shower curtains & bath rugs, as well as a pool collection.

vi. Downlite

Downlite is trusted hotel linen wholesale and manufacturing business.

This company caters to multiple industries including hospitality. You get to choose from its wide collection of linens specially made to pamper the user.

vii. Sigmatex Lanier

This business caters to the needs of the hospitality industry by providing top-quality linens at affordable rates. Buyers get to choose their preferred designs, material type, and more.

Other industries covered by this company include the healthcare and linen rental industry.

viii. Fabtex

Fabtex deals in a wide array of hospitality fabrics and patterns.

These range from cookie, buff, coffee, and Wedgewood among others. Products include beddings, draperies, shower curtains, privacy curtains, and window treatments among others.

ix. DEA Fine Linens

DEA Fine Linens is a wholesale business that deals in a wide range of linen products for hospitality businesses like hotels. These include laces, jacquards, embroideries, coverlets, bath, table, solids & prints, stock collection, inserts & linens, and so many more.

x. Parachute Home

With a parachute home, you have a reputable partner with sustainability commitments. Its linens vary by category which includes décor, bedding, mattress, bath, and bedding inserts among others.

You’ll have shown through its many categories to find your preferred product.

xi. ANICHINI, Inc.

This is another hotel linen wholesale supplier that offers a range of products with broad categories such as bedding, sheets, and wild wools.

Other categories include table & kitchen, down, baby, pillow & rugs, as well as cashmere.

xii. Brooklinen

Brooklinen has a rich collection of wholesale hotel linens. Whether you’re an interior pro, a designer, or a decorator, you’ll find products that meet your specific needs.

Under its sheet and bedding category are products such as classic percale, heathered cashmere, washed linen, and luxe sateen.

Others include brushed flannel, bedding bundles, mulberry silk, comforters & duvets, brook little, throw blankets, and quilts & shams. Brooklinen offers other products like mattress toppers, pillows & pillowcases, and several more.

These are reputable hotel linen wholesale businesses and manufacturers you can rely on for all your needs. With these many options, you get to compare the different suppliers to find your preferred business to patronize.