Sample Honey Bee Farming Business Plan Template


Do you think you should start a honey farm? Honey bees manufacture lots of honey in their hives which can serve as a source of income or for personal consumption.  Apiculture the practice of rearing bees in hives can serve as a good commercial business as honey is heavily consumed.

A lot of products obtained from bees such as beeswax, honey and so on are in demand nowadays which can fetch a high profit or you can decide on a non-profit small scale farm for family and relatives.

Bee keeping has turned out to be among the most profitable businesses in the agro allied sector with increasing interests among entrepreneurs to invest. Although a very lucrative venture, it comes with its own challenges.

To surmount the challenges presented, entrepreneurs need to set up a framework that will ensure that the challenges faced or to be faced by their business are properly handled and surmounted.

An important tool necessary for the success of a honey bee farm business is the business plan. This article presents a sample honey bee farm business plan because of its importance to the stability of the business.

It provides guidelines which if well followed will result in the stability, profitability and growth of the entrepreneur’s honey bee farm.


In this section however, we will discuss on how to start a honey farm. There are various steps to be carried out before operating a fully functional honey farm (apiary);


The first step to start a honey farm is to understand the philosophy of bees.  The honey bee colony is an inexplicable and self reliant entity that can house over one hundred thousand members consisting of the unfertile female bees who carry out the major work in the hive which includes the feeding and cleaning of the queen and gathering nectars for honey production and the beeswax for the hive.

The male or drone bees in the hive unlike the worker bees only move around, consume honey and mate. The queen rests at the center of the hive, it produces eggs until it becomes inefficient and is then taken out by the worker bees.

So after you may have understood what goes on in a beehive, you must decide the type of bees you want to start a honey farm with. Gentle bees such as the buckfast bees are recommended for beginners because they’re easier to watch over and maintain.

There are a few ways to collect bees for a honey farm, you can either decide to catch a stray spring swam of bees or buy a fully instituted beehive from other bee farmers. When you have decided the bees you want to purchase, employ the services of a skilled apiarist to inspect and properly examine the hive and bees to ensure they are in good condition.


Before you start a honey farm, make sure there are no regulations and laws against placing the farm in your backyard. Register with the Beekeeping association of your state to gather information on these regulations.


When you want to start a honey farm, you may have considered urban areas as inappropriate locations to start a honey farm.

This assumption is wrong because bee hives can be placed in any location with healthy nectar producing flowers, you may decide to place your bee hive on the top of your roof or in a small portion of the backyard, there will be no problem as long as you have properly researched on the types of bees to purchase.

However, this choice of location is not advisable to those who are allergic to bee stings.

Also consider neighbors when choosing a location, place the hive in places where it will not disturb those living around or using the side walk.


First timers who have never tried out honey harvesting should ensure adequate protection and care to avoid accidents and mistakes. When putting out the time to start a honey farm, you should also consider learning the process of harvesting the honey.

A rundown of the process of honey harvesting;

  • Open the hive, use a smoker to constrain the bees to the bottom of the hive and remove the sealed inner cover.
  • The next step is to move the bees away from the hive. You should definitely not attempt to harvest the homey with the bees in the hive, the bees should be removed using any method you find most efficient.
  • Uncap the sealed honey comb on each side of the collected frame.
  • Extract the honey from the frame using manual or electrical extraction devices, the honey is allowed to fall to the bottom of the extractors drum.
  • Open the faucet of the extractor’s drum and pass the honey through cheesecloth until all physical impurities are removed.

After these processes, the honey is ready to be bottled.

If you have never tried out bee farming before, it is advisable to study them a few times from a professional beekeeper who would show you a few techniques in honey farming.

When you start a honey farm, it is relatively easy to maintain compared to other forms of livestock farming as raring bees would not require you to clear out manure or fill, or clean water and food trough, bees gather their own food and rely solely upon themselves to survive.

Note that different types of flowers would produce different honey. It is important to move the hives from place to place to yield different honey from bees. Do not place beehives in cold wet places and be very cautious as beeswax stings causes irritations to the skin.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a honey bee farm.
Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Target Market
  • Source of Revenue
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Payment Channels
  • Sales Projection
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Han’s Honey Bee Farms is a commercial honey bee farm to be located in Ohio. Fully licensed to carry out the production of bees and bee products, the Han’s Honey Bee Farms specializes in services that include the sale of live bees, collection of bee venom, royal jelly among several other bee products.

Our honey bee farm will not just produce for the local market in Ohio, but will produce for the domestic market (American) as well as for export or international market. Owned by Mr. Han Miller, who possesses extensive experience in the honey bee farm business, Han’s Honey Bee Farms will be driven by excellence and professionalism, with a well dedicated and motivated workforce that will drive the growth of this business.

Our workforce will be drawn from the very best hands within the industry to provide the much needed growth drive.

Products and Services

Our products will consist mainly of bee related products such as well packaged honey, collection of bee pollens, pollination activities as well as the sale of live bees.

Other services include consultancy and advisory services to smaller honey bee farms as well as teaching the skills of honey bee farming to interested individuals.

Vision Statement

We at Han’s Honey Bee Farms intend to be among the top 5 major honey bee brands within the first 7 years from the commencement of business. This we intend to achieve by bringing together a workforce that shares our passion which will drive our growth plans.

Within this period, we intend to commence commercial export of our products to the international market.

Mission Statement

We will be providing quality honey bee products and services to our esteemed clients through the adoption of best practices within the industry. Our outlets will be spread across all the states within the United States.

Target Market

Due to our aggressive expansion plans we have, we will embark on deliberate efforts to increase our clients by reaching out to a diverse market that includes both commercial and individual clients. Our target market will consist mainly of agricultural products merchants, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, food processing companies and households among others.

Source of Revenue

Our revenues will be generated primarily from the sale of the products and services on offer at our farms. Some of these products and services will consist of consultancy and advisory services to smaller honey bee farmers, the sale of our well packaged honey plus the production of bee wax. Others will include organizing seminars on bee and honey production. Revenue will also be realized from the sale of live bees.

Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage we will have over our competition is the favourable work environment needed for optimum productivity. Our workforce will thrive within a well laid out work environment with the necessary work conditions required for the best results.

Also, we will include a quality control unit that will ensure that only the best products reach the end consumer. Our remuneration will be among the best in the industry to ensure proper motivation of our workforce, resulting in the commitment of their best effort leading to growth and increased productivity.

Payment Channels

We will be including diverse payment channels centred around the client, to ease the payment of services enjoyed some of these channels will include the receipt of cash payments, use of POS machine for payments and mobile banking. Others include the acceptance of cheques, bank draft and the use of mobile banking.

Sales Projection

We have carried out studies within this industry which has shown a healthy growth projection for our business.

Using a three-year time frame, current economic indicators were used to arrive at these figures. However, unpredictable factors such as environmental disasters as earthquakes and economic downturn were discounted.

Below is a chart summarizing our three-year sales projection;

  • First Year $150,000
  • Second Year $280,000
  • Third Year $510,000

Publicity and Advert Strategies

We will be making use of effective publicity and advert strategies to reach the widest possible section of our consumers and clients. some of the strategies to be adopted include the placement of paid adverts in both electronic and print media, the use of billboards and the building of a website all showcasing our services.


This article focuses on providing a sample honey bee farm business plan to the interested entrepreneur who has little or no knowledge on how to write a good honey bee farm business plan.

Using the format provided here, the entrepreneur is ensured of success in producing a compelling and well written business plan.


Business Name: Tony Roger and Son Bee Farm

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Tony Roger and sons bee farms is a registered bee farm company that will be located in Nevada, Las Vegas. We have already gotten a vast area of land that will be suitable to comfortably carry out our farming activities.

We at Tony Roger and Sons bee Farm Company are not just in this business to take advantage of the high demand for bee products. We are also in this business to contribute in the best way that we can to the economy of the United States. As a result of this, we will ensure that every product that has our label on it is of the highest standard possible.

Products and Services

At Tony Roger and Sons Bee Farm, we will be raising top quality bee products for the residents of Nevada, Las Vegas.

We will also supply other parts of the United States as well as major cities in Canada with products from our bee farm. Some of the many services that we will be making available to our potential customers are;

  • Pollination Services
  • The sale of live bees
  • The sale of bee products such as honey and pollen
  • The production of bee wax
  • The production of bees

Vision Statement

At Tony Roger and Sons bee farm, our vision is to be a household name in Las Vegas and also the United States at large. We want to be the first brand that comes to mind when a bee, as well as bee products, are thought of.

Mission Statement

We at Tony Roger and Sons bee farm are not just okay with being one of the many bee farms that are located in the United States. We want to dominate the bee farming industry with our products.

We are also looking to become a franchise after being in operation for close to five years.

Business Structure

As newcomers in the bee farm industry, we intend to start out on a very small scale. However, we intend to grow very massively within a year. We want to compete very favorably with the much more established brands in this industry.

We know that all our dreams at Toney Roger and Sons bee farm will only remain dreams if the right structure is not placed. Therefore, to make our dream of becoming a reputable bee farm in the United States come true, we will be working with only the best hands in this industry. We will employ only individuals that are creative, goal-oriented and hardworking.

Also, we will ensure that our employees work under the very conducive environments that will help them to function at their best.

Market Analysis
Market Trends

The rate at which health professionals make known the benefits of honey as a harmless sweetener has positively affected the bee farming industry. Since the preference of honey over sugar as a sweetener began, there has been a very high demand for honey. This demand has given the bee farming industry the much-needed boost to stay relevant.

Sales and Marketing Strategies

There are lots of bee farms that are scattered across the United States. Therefore to make it quickly to the top and also remain relevant, we have come up with certain strategies. These strategies include;

  • We will offer our products to our potential customers at a relatively cheaper price
  • We will make sure we have a strong internet presence
  • We will advertise our brand as well as products in magazines that are centered on food and agriculture

Target Market

Virtually everyone makes use of bee products. As a result of this, the market for the bee farming industry is very large. Therefore, to make the best out of this industry, we have carried out our research and have come up with the ideal target market. Those that make up our target market include;

  • Restaurants
  • Households
  • Individuals

Financial Plan
Source of Startup Capital

To get this business started, we will need a startup capital of $50,000. Already we have $30,000. The remaining amount that we need will be gotten from the bank in form of a loan.

Competitive Advantage

The bee farming industry is a very lucrative one. This explains the high level of competition in this industry.

Although there is a high level of competition in this industry, we have carried out our research and have come up with just the factor to give us an edge in this business.

Our competitive advantage is this; we have a strong network with those that are involved in the sale of bee products in the United States, we also have the most recent tools for bee farming. This we know will help us get our products ready on time and also get them sold off in record time.


This is a bee production business plan for Tony Roger and Sons Bee Farm. It will be located in Nevada, Las Vegas.

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