Game Truck Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

GAME TRUCK Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Have you ever heard about Game Truck Franchise? Is it worth it? Are you thinking about investing in Game Truck Franchise but looking for more information?

Are you interested in a gaming franchise? If yes to any of the above, then this article is just for you as it tells you about Game Truck Franchise and everything you need to know to invest in this franchise opportunity.

The advantages of a franchise over starting a game business from scratch are so much that most entrepreneurs prefer investing in franchises rather than in a fresh startup.

So, if you have got that love for sports and are looking for a means of making astonishing earnings from your hobby, then Game Truck Franchise is just the correct answer for you. But then, what is so special about this franchise? Well, you are about to find out.

The Game Truck is a mobile video game theater equipped with flat-screen televisions, video games of all types, and every other gadget a gamer needs. All these are delivered to customers in a truck at specified locations.

The game truck was founded by Scott Novis, who had spent years developing video games. In 2006, Novis decided to take his business to another level by starting Game Truck.

Game truck allowed Novis to inculcate both modern games and consoles into an atmosphere of arcade gaming.

This business is the first of its kind in the United States, but it can also boast of offering a first-class experience to customers and gamers. has recognized game Truck as one of its top 500 franchise lists. It even got as far as making its ultimate home-based and new franchises list.

Known for its quick and proper on-time delivery, Game Truck has experienced significant growth for the past years and is a great franchise to invest in. This is because you love what you are doing. You get to enjoy it while making good money from it. Who would not want that? It is just one company known to turn a party around.

Game Truck has delivered first-class gaming excitement to people at their parties and has never failed to provide a service with no technical faults whatsoever.

So here is a little more information about becoming a Game Truck Franchisee.

Startup Cost of Game Truck Franchise
To invest in Game Truck Franchise, you would need a liquid capital of $125,000 and a net worth of $300,000. It would be best if you were making a total investment of $120,600 to $303,350. There is a franchising fee of $15,000.

Game Truck Franchise Financing
Game Truck is concerned with offering franchisees assistance with financing. This is why they have liaised with third-party sources that provide financing assistance that covers franchise fees, cost of startup, equipment, and even inventory. United States veterans are also offered a 10% discount off the franchise fee.

Game Truck Franchise Training and Support  
The game truck has in store for its franchisees’ explicit training on their journey to starting their business.
This involves a comprehensive introductory training that includes all you need to know about Game Truck and all you will encounter as a franchisee.

This training occurs at Game Truck University and is complete to equip you so that at the end of your first week, you will have parties lining up for your services. Game Truck starts working on your trailer to ensure you get set up quickly as soon as your training starts.

You also get support with getting your equipment and a Game Truck representative that helps you make deliveries. This is not the end, as ongoing support is provided to franchisees with lots of feedback, continuous access to the management throughout your business process, including how to expand and grow your business.

Game Truck Franchise Location
Game Truck is a home-based business. Hence you do not have to bother about getting set up.

Game Truck Franchise Additional Benefits
The Game Truck branded vehicle serves as a mobile billboard which goes a long way in advertising your business. Many industries, including Nintendo, Stripe, Batteries Plus, and ADP, have partnered with this brand to increase your return on investment to its maximum.

Game Truck Franchise Franchisees Requirements
Game Truck franchisees cut across different people, including entrepreneurs, veterans, corporate executives, and even a whole family.

Although from different walks of life, some traits are common among Game Truck Franchisees.

This includes having a passion for the business and serving others, being business-conscious, having that drive for success, and being ready to be involved in their community.

How to Become a Franchisee with Game Truck Franchise?
If you are interested in this franchise opportunity, you can call Game Truck on 888.845.4423. This gives you a chance to make your interest known and then sets you in becoming a Game Truck franchisee.

The process starts with an Intro call, then the application and Disclosure agreement which is reviewed, and if satisfying, you proceed to discuss the financial requirements.

After this, you get to speak with other franchise owners, have a discovery day, and finally get awarded your franchise opportunity.