10 Great Franchise Opportunities for Sale in Canada

Are you looking for the best franchise for sale in Canada? Here is a list of profitable opportunities to invest in.

Whenever you think of owning a franchise, several things come into play.

The most common questions you may ask include “Is it among the best franchise opportunities?; Will I have a good return on this Canadian investment?; What are the cost implications of joining? and, Is it worth the risk?”

Due to these and other questions, we bring you the top franchises in Canada.


Here is a Canadian franchises list for prospective investors.

Tim Hortons opened its first store in 1964.

This quick service restaurant chain specializes in products that include home style lunches, coffee and a wide range of baked products. This franchise has over 1,500 units spread across Canada.

The cost requirement for owning a part of Tim Hortons includes a starting cash investment of $500,000 as well as its franchise fee of $35,000.

New franchisees also benefit from its financing program as well as comprehensive training on different aspects of the business.

Subway is food and restaurant services business with international foreign origins. As its franchisee, you are part of a reputable international brand.

Due to its reputation, it has attracted a lot attention from prospective franchisees.

With over 18,000 units, you can own a Subway franchise by meeting its financial requirements. A cash investment of $100,000 is required.  However, there are multiple investment categories. These range from $105,800 to $393,600.

There is also the franchise fee of $30,000.

What more do you gain? A lot! There are financing arrangements as well as training for prospective franchisees whose applications are approved. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in Canada.

  • McDonald’s Canada

Looking for Mcdonalds franchise for sale in Ontario?

With origins in the United States, this franchise has grown to become one of the world’s largest fast food chains.

There are four types of McDonald’s franchise models to choose from. These include its Business Facilities Lease, Satellite Locations, Traditional Restaurant, and Small Town Oil and Retail franchise models.

Its franchise cost implications include an estimated initial investment sum within the $448,000 to $2,235,000 range. This covers a franchise fee requirement of $45,000.

Franchisees are expected to pay several other attendant fees as well.

  • Jan Pro

Jan Pro is a commercial cleaning services franchise. As such if you’re interested in owning a commercial cleaning franchise, then this option may be your best bet.

Jan Pro handles commercial, institutional as well as industrial cleaning. This has endeared it to its huge client base.

During training, certification is given to four approved persons at no charge.

Jan Pro also has a 10-year term. Depend on your performance, you may be allowed to add 2 additional terms with same duration.

But before anything else, you are expected to pay an affordable initial investment ranging from $3,615 to $66,355, with an initial franchise fee of between $3,150 to $60,000 included.

Other fees are applicable as well. Jan Pro also offers financing options to new franchisees.

  • Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza has built a reputable pizza brand over the years. Today, it offers you the opportunity to become part of its success story.

Prospective franchisees are promised an opportunity to grow their businesses through a streamlined and effective business model.

So, what is the required investment for a Pizza Pizza franchise? It includes a $275,000 to $350,000 initial investment sum.

Other include a franchise fee of $30,000, a franchise term renewal fee of $7,500 as well as a 6% royalty fee. It has a renewable 5-year term limit too.

  • RE/MAX

This is another top tier franchise opportunity you can invest in. If you are in the real estate business, you’d find this franchise opportunity interesting. This is because not only does it have presence in Canada, but also across several countries.

This international real estate brand gives you the chance of owning something big.
RE/MAX offers you term extensions from the initial five years. This is in addition to territorial rights and training.

Its estimated initial investment starts with a low of $40,500 to a high of $284,500.

There are several other fees you’d need to pay as well.

  • KFC Canada

Do you need to invest in a food franchise in Canada?

KFC is an international franchise with origins in the United States. The KFC brand has become well known across the world and offers tremendous opportunities.

To become part of the KFC story, you need an estimated initial investment of $1,442,550. Depending on what investment option you need, this estimated initial investment has a ceiling of $2,771,550.

If your application is approved, you’d go through a training process. This seeks to help you open and run your KFC units successfully.

This is a quick service restaurant that specializes in tasty products like chicken, hotdogs, hamburgers, and ice cream.

Dairy Queen is one of the top international franchise that you can invest in with huge profit potentials. Individual unit costs include an initial investment within the $1,083,525 to $1,850,425 confines.

There are no fixed term agreements.

The franchise fee for Dairy Queen starts $35,000. There’s also the royalty fee of 4% as well as an advertising fee of 4 to 5%

  • Country Style

If you’ve dreamed of becoming part of a coffee/sandwich multi-branded franchise concept, then Country Style franchise is the way to go. Its franchise opportunities include several categories you can choose from.

To own this franchise opportunity, its investment requirements include an initial investment ranging from $230,000 to $360,000.

Others include an initial franchise fee of $35,000 as well as advertising and royalty fees. Every detail you need about this franchise is provided upon contact with the franchisor.

  • A&W Food Services

This is a promising franchise opportunity in Canada with huge opportunities to exploit. A&W has 3 restaurant models to choose from.

They include freestanding restaurants, drive-thrus and food court mall models. Its products include A&W Root Beer, delicious burger treats as well as hand crafted onion rings among others.

The cost implications of joining the A&W family includes an estimated initial investment within the $266,500 to $1,211,000 bracket.

There are several other fees such as advertising, royalties, training renewal and transfer fees etc.


Looking for franchise opportunities in Ontario? These are the best franchises in Canada you can bank on.

While some of these are international franchises (originating abroad) others are homegrown. Whichever category these franchises may belong to; the common factor for even new franchises in Canada is that they offer tons of opportunities.

We hope you take advantage of these.