Practical Fish Farming Manual Guide – Ebook and Video Tutorial

Comprehensive Catfish Farming Manual for Beginners

Do you know that you can apply a simple strategy on the catfish ventures, and before the end of the month, you could make as much as you can imagine, even without investing much?

This is not about ME or Them. Instead, it is about YOU! Please start making your catfish farming income in as little as 72 hours after setting up any venture. I will reveal it to you soon.

You see, making money in the catfish farming industry is not as HARD as many people picture it to be; of course, you will work. If you think that putting fish in the water alone and feeding them is the only way you can make money in the catfish farming industry, then you’re mistaken.

This is not a get-money-quick scheme or venture; it is a real-time business that, if legitimately involved with all the seriousness involved, can turn one into a millionaire.


For just N5,000 (Five thousand Naira), you will get 15 practical e-books (with pictorial illustrations) on different fish farming areas in Nigeria.

This guide is a comprehensive tutorial for any farmer who wants to start a fish farm. This business is an excellent source of revenue through fingerlings sales or reduced overall cost of production. The materials can be accessed on both your computer and mobile phones.


-Catfish culture system design construction and management,
-Catfish feed, feeding practices and production
-Catfish fingerling production
-Catfish disease control/prevention
-Catfish Production management
-Fish Farm Records
-Finance and Marketing Catfish in Nigeria
-Staff Management In Fish Farming Business
-Water Quality In Aquaculture

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Download the entire package (15 E-books) online. The download link will be sent to your email within 24 hours after confirming your bank payment. Please include your name, teller number, valid email address, and phone number in your email or SMS after payment.

You can always contact me when starting your farm if you encounter any challenges.

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