10 Fast Selling Products in Nigeria


Are you considering starting a business in Nigeria and looking for fast-selling products you can sell? There are many fast-selling products in Nigeria that any entrepreneur can start a business around and make good money from.

Many success-driven Nigerians are always searching for one business or the other to venture into.

Salary owners are not left behind because the need to create multiple streams of income is very high due to the nature of the economy.


For this reason, I took my time researching products that are fast selling in Nigeria so entrepreneurs can start a profit from sales from day one of starting their business.


But, before I go into detail with fast-selling products in Nigeria, I want to clarify that just because these products are selling does not mean you won’t study the business before kick-starting any of them.

It is always best to understand any business before embarking on them.

So, to the gist of the day, here are ten fast-selling products in Nigeria with a good business plan and marketing strategies that can make you rich in the long term.


  1. Cheap Toys

You will agree that this is one fast-selling product in Nigeria that sells like water.

Many parents buy cheap toys for their kids so they can stop disturbing them. Cheap toys sold from ₦300 downward are quick-selling products to sell in the toy market.

Venturing into this business won’t be a bad idea, as you can run the company as a seasonal business during festive periods.

Children are the ultimate impulse shoppers; you can easily convince them to buy with a friendly word and a smile.

  1. Recharge Card

This is another fast-selling product in Lagos, Nigeria, that you and I can’t do without.

You can start this business by looking for a suitable location (a busy one will be of great advantage), contacting resellers of various networks you would like to sell at their designated office location nearest you, buying at wholesale prices, and marketing to final consumers.

You can choose the other way by printing the recharge card yourself if you want to simultaneously be the wholesaler and retailer. You profit better when you publish and sell the recharge card to retailers.

There are processes involved in getting started with this method. It would be best to research it yourself to get proven information about it.

  1. Sachet Water

You know my list can’t be complete if I don’t include sachet water in my list of fast-selling products in Nigeria. The amount of sachet water Nigerians consume a day is unspeakable. Sachet water is stirring at me on my table.

This business can be started with as little as ₦200 with an ice block, and you are good to go.

  1. Soap and Detergents

Everybody in Nigeria uses soaps and detergents, whether liquid or solid.

These products are in high demand in many markets all over Nigeria. Since soap and detergent are generally used for washing, you are sure to make sales daily.

Here is one if you are looking for a commodity that sells in high demand in Nigeria.

  1. Power Bank

This is one electronic product that sells more than phones in the electronics market in Nigeria.

You should know why. Due to Nigeria’s continued problem in the power distribution sector, Nigerians are always seen buying power banks to use them to support their phone.

I have one to support my phone whenever the power is out for a long time.

The power bank comes in different capacities and sizes. If you have the capital, you can order a cheap power bank from aliexpress.com or Alibaba.com and sell it in Nigeria.

  1. Noodles

This is one of the most consumed products in Nigeria. This is one food that kids can’t do without.

The product is fast selling in Nigeria because the company is helping make the advert while you position yourself where people can find you and buy the product.

The fun part about the business is that parents are not denying their kids the love of the product, which brings you profit. Some even buy cartoons for home consumption.

  1. Kerosene

This is another fast-selling product in Nigeria. If you use kerosene for any purpose, you should know this yourself.

This product is widely consumed in rural and in some urban places. It is used for cooking and native lamps. I don’t know how to explain it but understand that the demand is very high compared to petrol.

  1. Books

With the number of schools opening at every corner daily, the demand for books is unspeakable. Books are very crucial when it comes to learning.

Schools can’t do without books; having you like a bookseller means enough money, especially during resumption.

  1. Used Clothes and Shoes (Okrika)

You should consider used goods like clothes and shoes when searching for fast-selling products in Nigeria. While some people avoid buying used clothing, the average market shopper looks for a bargain.

You can earn a lot in this market if you have good quality, clean, and undamaged used clothing to sell.

Any merchandise you want to sell at the market should be readily available and cheap. Used clothing fills both requirements. You can quickly sell it in large quantities if you keep the prices down.

  1. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks like Coca-Cola sell very fast in Nigeria without any efforts from the distributors, wholesalers, or retailers. Whether you enter this business as a wholesaler or retailer, it is profitable, and the profit margin is good.