Alternatives to eBay: Best Places to Sell Online

Are you looking for an alternative online auction site to eBay where you can list any piece and make almost any purchase with little or no restriction or ban?

Without doubt, if you are looking for an alternative online internet auction site, eAltbay might just be your best bet.

eAltbay – Alternative Selling Platforms to Amazon, eBay and

About EAltbay: Ealtbay is a site, just like eBay and other online auction sites, which was established in 2005. EAltbay has been established as an alternative auction site for a number of reasons. There are basically five of those reasons why eAltbay has been established.

Firstly, one reason why eAltbay was established is because of the fact that eBay and many other online auction sites place bans on certain completely legal pieces. An example of this is, BB gun.

On eBay, ban is placed on a BB gun, and you may get yourself into some serious trouble if you list a BB gun on eBay site. Whereas, one could visit an auction site like Wal-Mart and purchase a BB gun there, use the BB gun and even go as far as giving it away or selling it to another person. Because of the fact that such legal pieces could be sold in other online auction sites and not sold in eBay, eAltbay was born into reality.

EAltbay is different from eBay because unlike eBay, it does not accommodate a small niche, rather, eAltbay is entirely concerned with all legal transactions dealing with legal pieces that could be legally owned and transferred to others, but are highly prohibited on eBay. For instance, transactions involving whole firearms and certain firearms parts demand an FFL.

Also, in some regions, licensed locksmiths are the only ones who are not restricted from purchasing key making machines. In those regions, before one could purchase a key machine, one must show evidence that he is a locksmith, fully registered and duly licensed. Where this rule applies in your region, it also applies to you when you come to eAltbay.

Nonetheless, transactions involving items or pieces such as explosives, certain radioactive materials with high radioactivity, human parts, and pornographic contents (especially of people below 18 years of age) are highly restricted on eAltbay.

The second reason is that, unlike most other online auction sites that charge very high fees, eAltBay provides their auction services at really lower fees. No fees for pictures and listings on eAltbay; they are offered for free. However, on eAltbay, there are charges for auction upgrade such as home page features.

On eAltbay, the final value fee of each piece is just a meagre even rate of 1 percent of the piece’s final price; far lesser than that of eBay, where the final value fee is 9.5% of the final price of pieces whose final prices are lesser than $500.

This final value fee that eAltbay charges for each piece is what they use for the running and maintenance of the site; and also to curtail the display of pop-up ads from welcoming their visitors (as is the case in most of the free online auction sites).

Thirdly, unlike most other online auction sites that accept only PayPal and other electronic options as the only means of payment, eAltbay allows other means of payment such as by cash, money order, certified cheques, company account cheques, personal account cheques, western union, as well as any other form of conducting legal business transactions.

So as a buyer or seller, one could visit eAltbay and have the choice of using any payment option one is comfortable with.

The fourth reason is that, unlike most online auction sites where the buyer is all good and cannot do a wrong, and where reviews are usually done by the buyers; eAltbay offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity and benefit to give honest feedbacks and reviews.

The buyer is not someone who is exonerated from doing wrong; he could also cause pain, he could be too apprehensive, could be too slow in making payments, or could generally cause a problem to the seller.

EAltbay site gives the freedom of giving feedbacks and honest reviews to both buyers and sellers. Indeed, the eAltbay site is an online auction site that is a true leveller to both buyers and sellers.

The fifth reason why eAltbay was established is because, unlike most other online auction sites such as eBay, where the top-rated sellers, according to the seller system ratings, appear in the top positions of each search result page; eAltbay is a true leveller when it comes to giving sellers exposure to prospective purchasers.

In eAltbay, all sellers, regardless of whether or not they have better relationship with their purchasers or they make high volume sales; have the same opportunity and level of exposure to attract purchasers.

In most online auction sites for instance, a seller who has a not-so-great relationship with a buyer might not be given a high seller rating, and this would ultimately result in fewer sales on the part of the seller as well as lesser income too. This is because, in most of these online auction sites, most prospective purchasers usually check the ‘top-rated seller only’ button in the search filter.

Consequently, low-rated sellers are not much seen or usually not seen at all by prospective purchasers, since they are listed very deep within the search result.

In eAltbay however, the case is much more favourable to all sellers. All sellers are allowed the same level of exposure to prospective purchasers, whether or not they are high volume sellers or top rated sellers on the site. Definitely, if you are looking for an alternative online internet auction site, eAltbay might just be your best bet.