THE ALTERNATIVE BOARD Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you interested in joining a good and renowned franchise opportunity, and have shown interest in signing up for The Alternative Board franchise?

In this article, you will be exposed to as much information as necessary to help you get started with The Alternative Board franchise, and help you make the best decision concerning starting up The Alternative Board franchise opportunity.

This article clearly presents to you brief information about The Alternative Board franchise, together with clear information regarding the initial startup financial investment requirements; the opportunity benefits and training available to you as The Alternative Board franchisee; the ideal qualities you are required to possess, together with any obligations required; and how to join The Alternative Board franchise.

About The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) franchise became incorporated in 1990, and 6 years later, in 1996, they started offering the business as a franchise opportunity to qualified candidates from the general public. They have been franchising for more than two decades now, and they have a vast experience in the industry.

Over the years, they have been able to develop a proven business system that had yielded success consistently. This is largely due to their experience in the industry. The Alternative Board is a peer-peer support and business advisory franchise. It is arguably the largest in the world. They have their franchises not just in the United States, but around the globe; covering 11 countries.

The Alternative Board (TAB) has its headquarters situated in 11031 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster, Colorado, 80020, United States. The business performs and does all its operations under the name TAB Boards International; Inc.

If you are thinking about a franchise opportunity that will allow for absentee ownership, then The Alternative Board is certainly not for you: Absentee ownership is not allowed in The Alternative Board. The Alternative Board, as a company, was founded by Allen E, Fishman in St. Louis, Missouri, more than 26 years ago.

Today, the Chairman Executive Officer (CEO) of The Alternative Board is Jason Zickerman. Janice Walker is the franchise’ sales and marketing assistant, while Jeffery Polino is the transition specialist; both of whom, any interested and prospective franchisee could contact.

Financial Requirements to Join The Alternative Board Franchise

For you to be able to qualify as one of The Alternative Board (TAB) franchisees, you will be required the following startup investment capital: you will be required a minimum liquid cash that amounts to $70,000; initial franchise investment that ranges from $40,648 – $87,673; an initial franchise fee that ranges from $9,450 – $44,000; initial training fee that amounts to $19,500; a net worth requirement of $300,000.

The term of initial agreement is 7 years or 10 years. Other additional and ongoing fees include 10-50% royalty fee. For veterans, 10% is waived off the franchise fee.

The Alternative Board FranchiseTrainings and Supports

Once you have qualified to become one of The Alternative Board franchisees, the following are the key benefits and training you will enjoy:

  • You will get to attend a high quality training programme organized by the management team, which you must complete within six months after you have signed the Franchise Agreement. The training programme will be held in Westminster, Colorado.
  • Ongoing supports and marketing supports come in the form of newsletter, grand opening, internet, meetings, toll-free line, and field operations; as well as ad slicks, regional media, and national media.
  • You will enjoy access to proven proprietary tools that will help you successfully grow your business big.
  • You will not have to require a lot of employees and inventory. Only one employee will suffice.
  • You have the freedom to make your business into whatever you want it to become. You have that flexibility.

There is no financial assistance from The Alternative Board. However, they have special relationships with third party financial sources that offer financial assistance to take care of the franchise fee, equipment, inventory, and startup expenditure.

How Much You Stand to Make

Just like every other business, whatever you get from it largely rests upon what you invested into it –how willing you are to follow the set out proven business system. The Alternative Board franchise owners make huge returns annually. As long as you are committed to follow their set out business system, you are sure of great figures annually.

Ideal Candidate for The Alternative Board Franchise

The ideal candidate that can apply for and be accepted by The Alternative Board franchise is an entrepreneur who is:

  • Self-motivated and possesses a strong drive to be successful.
  • Very hardworking and committed to accomplishing business growth.
  • Very passionate about working with other business owners and helping them.
  • Very good at effectively communicating with others.

Regardless of your background, you do not require any special loads of business experience in the industry. That is why they have put in place a comprehensive training programme that will train qualified candidates to become proud franchisees of The Alternative Board franchise. However, qualified candidates are expected to possess some years of senior-level experience.

How to Open The Alternative Board Franchise?

Once you have indicated your interest to join The Alternative Board franchise, do not hesitate to contact them on to complete and submit the online form; or call (303) 839-1200 or (303) 839-0012 to request for more sign-up information to get started.