132 Dog Grooming Name Ideas that Attract Sales

Looking for catchy dog groomer name ideas? We’ve got some really nice ones in the list below.

Are you seeking to start a dog grooming business? Among the several important requirements is a fitting name for such a service. Now, there are endless possibilities when it comes to getting a name. It all boils down to creativity and an understanding of what goes and what doesn’t.

In this article, we are interested in giving you some catchy as well as some of the best dog grooming name ideas to work with. Experience has shown that most people are likely to find more than one name they like. This is a good thing because you have a better chance of using one of your preferred names.

Multiple names will be required when conducting a name search. Now, a name search must be done to determine if the name you chose is available to use.

The reasons are simple; there are countless businesses, both existing and new which go by different names.

You don’t want your business name to be rejected when rejected during registration. Plus, there are legal implications when you decide to ignore the need to drop a name already in use by another dog-related business.

Tips On Choosing A Dog Grooming Business Name

As a dog groomer interested in choosing a name that fits your needs, you’ll need to abide by certain tips. These make the process much easier while giving you the advantage of using a database of existing name ideas to work with.

The following should be considered in your quest to get the perfect name.

  • Never Limit Yourself

This depends on what you envision for your business. In other words, it refers to your growth plans. As a dog grooming business, chances are that you may want to expand your operations to cover more locations.

For this to happen, plans must be in place from day one.

Not limiting yourself simply refers to avoiding names that either restrict your dog grooming business to a specific city or location or names that are too specific. For names which restrict to specific locations, your business may require expansion in the near future.

When this happens, you’re likely to be at a loss on how to manage the problem. This is likely to drive away clients.

Also, names that are too specific to only dog grooming businesses may go out of fashion when you need to include other pets. Therefore the name you choose should be such that reflects your long term goals and plans.

  • Make It Web-Friendly

Remember we’re in an internet age with a huge audience seeking all types of services including dog grooming.

People go online in search for what they need. To leverage the power and reach of the internet, it will serve you best to choose a name considered to be web-friendly.

A web-friendly name simply translates to one which has a domain name matching it. Also, your social media accounts should also be the same as the name you choose for your dog grooming business. In choosing one, the name should be short and memorable.

It should be such that it isn’t unnecessarily long. Long names make it increasingly difficult for clients to locate your business. This is immaterial of how beautiful such name sounds to you.

Without further ado, we’ll delve into details on dog grooming name ideas.

Dog Grooming Name Ideas

This is the focus of our discussion. The names that will follow are creative names you can use for your business.

However, we must state that these names aren’t foolproof. In other words, you’ll still need to conduct a name search to ensure they’re available for use. Only then will you proceeding with business and name registration.

  1. Luxora
  2. Pretty Feets
  3. Cute Tails
  4. Ultra Pet Grooming
  5. Pet Magic
  6. Petprism
  7. Fancy Tails
  8. Happy Love Spa
  9. Pet Flirt
  10. Glowmore Spa
  11. Petside
  12. Happy Clicks
  13. Pet Gossips
  14. Bailey’s Grooming Service
  15. Back Porch
  16. Bad to the Bone Grooming Service
  17. Animal Lovers Dog Salon
  18. April’s Furry Tails Grooming
  19. A Hair Too Long
  20. A Spa Day
  21. Animal House Dog Groomers
  22. All Fur Pet Grooming
  23. All Sitting Pretty Dog Grooming & Spa
  24. Affectionate All Pet Groomers
  25. All Creatures Big & Small Dog Salon
  26. All Four Paws
  27. Let’s Walk Dogs
  28. CANINE to FIVE Dog Walking
  29. Dog’s Unleashed
  30. The Doggy Trolley
  31. The Barking Brigade
  32. Dog Parade
  33. Pawsitively Dog Care
  34. Hot Diggity Dogs
  35. Dogcycle Groomers
  36. Hangin with the Dawgs
  37. The Pampered Pug
  38. Pet Direct
  39. Doodle Love
  40. Pet Dynamics
  41. A Small World Dog Daycare
  42. Biscuits & Baths
  43. American Pet Sitters N More
  44. Citizen Canine
  45. Camp Canine
  46. Just Pawing Around
  47. K-9 Companion Pet Services
  48. It’s a Dog Life
  49. Furever Pet Sitting Service
  50. Fetch Club
  51. Dogs Unleashed
  52. Toto & Coco
  53. Pamper Shades
  54. Urban Paws
  55. Miss Puppy Spa
  56. Midtown Puppy Spa
  57. Slick Puppy
  58. Pet Express
  59. Puppy Relaxed
  60. Pup Pop
  61. Supreme Spa
  62. Groomy
  63. Pampered Point
  64. Splendid Peps
  65. Bark Club
  66. Bark In Style Mobile Pet Grooming
  67. Beauty Into Beast Dog Grooming
  68. Bath & Buzz Mobile Dog Grooming
  69. Barking Lot Mobile Pet Grooming
  70. Barks & Bubbles
  71. Bark of the Town Spa
  72. Bubble Love Dog Groomers
  73. Bitty Class Tiny Dog Groomers
  74. Bubbly Clips Mobile Grooming Van
  75. Bloomingtails Pet Salon
  76. Bowtique Dog Grooming
  77. Bows & Bones Pet Grooming
  78. Bonnie’s Dog & Cat Grooming
  79. Out N About Dog Walkers
  80. The Golden Leash
  81. The Dog Whisperer Service
  82. Snoopy & Friends Dog Grooming
  83. The Dog’s Out
  84. The Woof Pack
  85. The Sidekick Sitter
  86. Tails & Trails
  87. Sitter for Paws
  88. The Pet Wash
  89. Wagged Out Dog Grooming
  90. King Pup
  91. Oh Happy Pets
  92. Love Those Pups
  93. Paws and Claws Pet Care
  94. Oh Pampered Pets
  95. Paws Home Care
  96. Pawsitive Pet Sitting
  97. Pet Care Nanny
  98. Petaholics
  99. Pet Buddy
  100. Prestige Pet Services
  101. Puptopia
  102. Pur-fection Pet Care
  103. Running Paws Grooming
  104. The Dog Walker
  105. Silly Goose Pet Care
  106. Elle’s Dog Care
  107. Happy Center
  108. Puppies Dazzler
  109. Silky Pups
  110. Puppy Spring
  111. Ultra Glo
  112. Pet Matter
  113. A Spa Day
  114. Bravo Paws
  115. Violet Care
  116. Persona Pet Care
  117. Mystic Fluffy
  118. Lovely Pets
  119. Canine Cappers
  120. Canine Devine
  121. Chic Tails & Paws Pet Groomers
  122. Classic Clip Poodle Groomers
  123. Classy Canines
  124. Clippendale Pet Grooming
  125. Clip & Fluff
  126. Clever Dog Grooming & Doggy Daycare
  127. Cosmo Dog Cares
  128. Comb & Collar
  129. Cut Tails
  130. Cut Above the Rest
  131. Day in Paradise Dog Grooming
  132. Delightful Dog Grooming

Dog grooming name ideas are inexhaustible. We’ve succeeded in listing only a few. What matters most is finding out what your needs are and what name fits it.

LIST: Ideas For Dog Walking Business Names

Also, the business name should resonate with your target customers. Pet or dog owners should feel confident about your ability to care for their pets.