Sample Cyber Security Consulting Firm Business Plan Template


Cyber threats have become a global problem for businesses, governments, and individuals.

This is caused by the activities of hackers who try to steal identities and spy on vital information ranging from financial details to data that has to do with national security.

Cybersecurity then becomes the primary concern of policymakers as well as individuals. Finding a lasting solution to this problem has been the primary focus of many businesses and government institutions.

This article is written as a guide for persons interested in starting a cybersecurity business.

With the template provided here, you can follow the general framework of this business plan to write an effective business plan.

What should you go to cyber security consulting business plan have?

Here is a sample business plan for starting an IT security company.

The following are the basics of writing a good business plan;

Executive Summary

Tech World is a reliable cybersecurity firm skilled in handling various cyber threats for corporate clients, businesses, and government institutions.

Located in San Francisco, California, Tech World is poised to provide cybersecurity solutions to clients and offer cybersecurity consulting services to tech firms and businesses.

With the corporate world consistently under attack, only a reliable partner can provide lasting solutions to these problems. This is where the tech world brings its wealth of experience to bear.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workforce. Hence these are carefully selected from a pool of the most experienced and skilled cybersecurity experts in the industry.

Working as a team of great minds, these cyber experts, who are authorities in their respective sub-specialties, adopt a holistic approach to combatting cyber threats.

Tech World is founded by renowned cyber expert George Phillips, who has been a consultant for many tech firms and government institutions for over two decades.

His experience is vital to the success of this business as he has been able to put together a reliable and formidable cybersecurity firm that will provide long-lasting solutions to complex cyber threats.

Products and Services

Our products and services ensure that businesses do not have to worry about cyber threats, as all they have to do is conduct their business. At the same time, we shield or protect them by monitoring and providing professional cybersecurity services.

Some of the products and services we offer include; system hardening, technical support, cryptography, advisory and consultancy services, and several other cybersecurity-related services.

Our Mission

To ensure that threats are eliminated from preventing businesses from growing, we at Tech World would adopt only the highest standards in combating cyber threats. We intend to build a brand that will be reputed for service excellence. This will be achievable by adopting the industry’s best practices in arriving at the desired end.

Our Vision

We at Tech World have the vision of expanding our services to compete favorably with more established names in the cybersecurity industry by providing innovative services and systematically expanding our service offerings to cover more cybersecurity threats as they emerge.

To this end, we aim to be among the top 10 cybersecurity providers within ten years.


Raising the required funding for starting this security business is a significant determinant of our success.

Hence, savings amounting to $200,000.00 kept aside solely for this purpose has been realized by George Philips.

However, this will not be sufficient as a deficit of $400,000.00 will be raised from loans obtained from reputable financial institutions.

Financial Projections

With an ever-growing demand for cybersecurity services worldwide, the market is growing, and opportunities are boundless.

Hence we see an excellent opportunity for our business through increased demand for cybersecurity services.

This has been further confirmed by research on forces of demand and supply. This 3-year growth forecast has revealed impressive results. Results are summarised below;

  • First Year $230,000.00
  • Second Year $590,000.00
  • Third Year $800,000.00

Competitive Advantage

In business, having an edge is everything. This creates an environment where a company strives amid competition. For our business, our advantage lies in the quality of our workforce.

Professionals who have distinguished themselves in cybersecurity would bring their experiences to bear on the job as they offer cutting-edge solutions to cyber threats through conventional and unconventional methods to achieve the desired end.

We understand the importance of innovation and creativity. This forms our philosophy, where we encourage and push our experts to adopt the best practices while applying highly effective measures to provide results.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

It is difficult for any business to thrive without adequate publicity and advertisements. Hence we understand this importance and are determined to exploit these channels to promote your business.

The mainstream media is one of the main channels we would adopt. This will be achieved through paid adverts in print and electronic media.

Also, we will form partnerships with several corporate institutions to provide high-quality cybersecurity services and pay for advert spaces on billboards at strategic locations to increase visibility and attract patronage.

Keys to Success

Our keys to success determine how effective and reliable our services are to our clients.

Hence we are dedicated to providing only the best range of cybersecurity services to our clients, which will be fuelled by dedication, provision of world-class customer care services, and free consultancy services for a month after providing initial services.

Because cyber threats constantly evolve, we will also become our services through continuous updates on the best techniques and strategies to combat cyber threats.

This will involve refresher courses and on-the-job training for all our experts.

This sample cybersecurity business plan offers you a general guide on structural business plans. This is one of the essential requirements for any business, including your cybersecurity business.

Following the information provided here, you will be able to avoid common mistakes made by many entrepreneurs whose businesses have not fared better.

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