Sample Credit Repair and Counselling Service Business Plan Template PDF


A credit counselling business is one business opportunity that presents a lot of potential for growth and profitability.

With a small startup capital requirement, this business opportunity is ideal for the individual looking for a low cost investment opportunity with high potential returns.

However, one basic requirement is needed to succeed in this business. You have to be driven by passion not the money. Passion will always keep you in business, not the quest for money.

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With passion comes the determination to succeed which keeps you moving in times of difficulty. Starting a credit counselling business solely for the money however will not take you far, as chances are that you will not be able to keep afloat during difficulty/challenging times which is common to all businesses.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a credit repair company.

  • Putting Yourself in the Shoes of Your Clients

As a credit counsellor, there are certain requirements you must meet if you must start a credit counselling business.

First, you have to possess the drive. In other words, you must be able to empathise with your clients and their credit situation. Having this basic ingredient is enough to move you to want to help them.  The best part of it is that you will be financially rewarded for you efforts.

  • Having Skill in the Handling of Money

You cannot start a credit counselling business without having the skills in the handling of money. It will do well to have a thorough understanding on how money works. Your clients will want to have some level of reassurance that they are dealing with a capable hand, so, having an acceptable level of training (a college degree related to financial matters) will be plus and would provide that level of assurance to your clients.

  • Advertising Your Services

It is very important that you adequately advertise your services to the public. Establishing a good credit counselling business is not enough in itself. It is important that you inform others about the services you offer. Advertising requires some expenses to be made.

You will have to be prepared financially to foot these expenses, as they will vary according to the scale of the advertisement. More elaborate advert strategies will cost you more. It is advisable to use cost-saving yet effective advert strategies to reach out to your target clients.

For clients interested in taking loans, it is important that as a credit counsellor, you should be able to see all the pros and cons of taking the credit. Having this basic knowledge can be very invaluable in the provision of financial advice/counselling to your clients.

Doing this well will significantly impact positively on your business, as satisfied clients are most likely to refer their friends and relatives about your unique services.

  • Consider Licensing

To start a credit counselling business, licensing is a key component of the business. You cannot start a credit counselling business without first getting the necessary licensing from the regulatory authorities. It is important that you follow the due process involved in obtaining the licensing. Your state’s business department is likely the channel to follow.

  • Have an Office to Work From

It is important that an office be made available for consultation and as an operational base of your credit counselling business. Having an office will make your clients to take you serious. Without an office, contact with clients will be problematic, leading to the loss of clients to your competitors.

  • Establish a Working Relationship with Credit Card Companies

This is an important aspect of a credit counselling business. Fostering a cordial working relationship with credit card issuing companies will provide the much needed depth and insider information necessary for the provision of sound financial advice and tips to your clients. You will be able to advice your clients on which credit companies to use, and those to avoid.

  • Update Your Knowledge

We all know that after some time without active participation in any field of endeavour, we all tend to become a bit rusty. It will do well to update your knowledge on the trends and happenings in both the credit issuing and credit counselling sectors.

Constant update is needed even in the event that you have been active in the business. With extra work put into updating your knowledge on current trends and innovations within the industry, you will be in top shape, and your satisfied clients will have you to thank.

  • A Business Plan is Important

The absence of a credit card business plan for any business endeavor is detrimental to the existence and organization of that business. A business plan is needed to provide the much needed guide and chart the way for future progress and growth of the business. It will enable you to adequately plan and have concrete targets with realistic time frames for their actualization.

This article has tried to provide useful tips on the requirements of starting a credit counselling business. It is believed that with the information made available here, it will be of immense help to the interested individual.


For the record, a credit repair service business is one that helps an individual or corporate body amend or remove the negative points in their credit history and re-organizes such credit history in ways that will position the customer to be eligible for further financial assistance or debt cancellation/rollback.

Find below a comprehensive credit repair business plan sample that will serve as the template for the execution of all business and corporate strategy for your credit repair services business.

Sample Credit repair service business plan outline

  • Business Overview
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Management Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan: Pricing Strategy
  • Conclusion


Zendro Credit Repair Services Inc. is a duly registered and licensed financial consulting firm with bias for the provision of effective credit repair services. ZENDRO Credit Repair Services will operate from a central location at the heart of the financial business district; with plans to open other branches, both locally and internationally in the nearest future.

Zendro Credit Repair Services Inc., will strive to be a customer-centric business, offering a broad range of cutting-edge financial services at a price that is both affordable and competitive. Zendro Credit Repair Services Inc., shall undertake to offer standard and customized credit repair services that adhere to international best practices; to both individual and corporate clients.

At Zendro Credit Repair Services, our customers’ interests and satisfaction will shape and drive our business engagements. At Zendro, quality and timely execution of briefs shall be our guiding principles, spear-headed by professional and courteous staff with the expertise and skill-set to deliver and exceed the expectations of our customers on a regular basis.

We plan to strictly enforce the highest codes of ethical behavior in our work environment and we shall create a conducive environment for staff and customer alike; so that our methods and structures are sustainable and humane, as we all strive to live and earn a living in the world.

Zendro Credit Repair Services is founded by Emily Cole and Jonathan Obi. They will bring to bear their vast experience in the financial services sector.

Emily Cole has served in various capacities in the financial services sector. She has expertise in the conceptualization and implementation of adroit financial programs that simplify financial processes for greater transparency and effectiveness.

Jonathan Obi is a consummate tax and credit professional who has had high-level managerial stints with top financial houses including Price Water House Coopers and Anderson Consulting.

Zendro Credit Repair Services will be managed by the pair, as they make available their expertise, professional disposition and experience in steering the ship of the firm.


The vision of Zendro Credit Repair Services Inc is to build a credit repair services institution that will become the first port of call for individuals, SMEs and large corporate clients, across Africa  and all over the world. Our vision is predicated on the values that we cherish the most: integrity, service, excellence and teamwork.


Zendro’s mission is to make available to the individual, small business, corporate clients and large holdings, effective and transparent credit repair services that will put their credit healthy back to what it should be.

This mission forms a part of a holistic plan to position Zendro Credit Repair Services Inc as the number one destination in the credit repairs sector in the next decade.


Zendro Credit Repair Services will put in place a dynamic and pragmatic business team that will be sufficiently trained and prepared to adequately interpret the vision and mission statements of the firm.

The team shall comprise the following personnel:

• Chief Operating Officer
• Credit Repair Liaison Officers
• Admin and HR Manager(s)
• Marketing and Sales managers
• Accountant
• Customer Care Representative


Zendro Credit Repair Services will offer diversity and depth in the broad spectrum that Credit Repair Services possesses. This range of services will be performed so that the firm can gain a profit at the end of any accounting period, while not compromising on the quality and transparency of the services offered.

Our clientele will be able to seat back and entrust their credit ratings to us, against the values of integrity, excellence and dedication that we abide by. Our business offerings will include the following:

• Credit repair advisory services
• Dispute settlement.
• Cease and desist collections collation and processing
• Settlement verification and assistance.
• Credit rating reestablishment.
• Other customized financial advisory services


Market Trends

Over the years, the debt burden for both individuals and corporate bodies has continued to increase at alarming levels. So much so, the Federal Government had to establish the Debt Commission to buy back bad debts and to fashion out repayment plans.

With the advent of the internet and with more people having access to better financial news and analysis, there is a sharp rise in the numbers of individuals and businesses that seek the services of financial debt consultants to help with fashioning out ways and means to help get out of the vicious debt cycle and to have a restored credit rating.

Zendro Credit Repair Services is well primed to take advantage of this surge in patronage to offer custom and general credit repair services. Going forward, it is expected that increasing product penetration/diversification as well as an expanding clientele base will continue to engender growth in the sector.


An analysis of our target markets reveals that credit repair services are required by individuals, small business holding as well as large corporations.

Zendro Credit Repair Services will initially aim to service individuals and small business holding that have a few years of operation under their belt.

This does not detract from our overall mission of becoming the industry leaders, where we can conveniently service the credit repair demands of large businesses and corporations.

Our business strategy gives us the leverage to also work simultaneously with both small and big time clients, pacing ourselves in relation to the size, scope and depth of our operations.

The following businesses and individuals fall under our catchment criteria and can benefit from our broad range of credit repair services:

• Individual clients
• NGOs
• Large Corporate Concerns
• Religious Organizations 
• Political Parties 
• Socio-cultural associations
• Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts
• Government ministries and Agencies
• Institutions of Higher learning
• Sport bodies
• Business accelerators and startups


The Financial services sector is predominantly a relational field, where the customer must be comfortable and knowledgeable enough to entrust into one’s care any financial task or engagement.

To this end, the financial services Professional, in this case a Credit Repair expert, must be seen to be knowledgeable, updated, emphatic and dynamic enough to listen to the needs of the consumer and to fashion out ways of meeting those needs.

Therefore, Zendro Credit Repair Services will engage competent and trustworthy management and staff, who will be adequately motivated and compensated, to deliver top-notch credit repair services on a consistent and sustainable basis.


We are of the belief that marketing and its related activities form the lifeblood of any business venture.

In this regard, the marketing team at Zendro Credit Repair Services will comprise women and men that are tested and tried; individuals that are self-driven and pragmatic to navigate the intense marketing turf that is a reflection of 21st century businesses.

We shall let the quality of our services speak for us, especially encouraging satisfied customers to engage in word of mouth advertising of our products and services. In addition, Zendro Credit Repair Services will undertake to carry out the following marketing strategies:

• Introduce our business by sending introductory letters, flyers, pamphlets and other marketing materials to our target markets such as schools, Federal Ministries and Agencies etc.

• Promptly bidding for credit repair consulting projects.
• Advertise our services in relevant business and financial papers, Radio and TV stations as well as on online platforms.
• Participate in relevant international and local finance and business workshops, trainings and conferences.
• Create different starter packs for individuals and businesses in order to work with any size of budget.


Pricing Strategy
Zendro Credit Repair Services will charge a flat fee for any of the services that it will render to its existing and potential clients. This pricing path is expedient because it allows customers predict fairly easily what the consultancy costs will be.

In order to remain competitive, our price rates will hover around the average that is available in the sector.


This business plan for Zendro Credit Repair Services will serve at the platform for the execution of her short, medium and long term goals in this highly specialized financial services structure. The founders are also of the opinion that this business plan can be subject to change, in order to accommodate any unforeseen changes that may occur in the credit repair services sub-sector, in the future.

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