Sample Coffee Kiosk Business Plan


If you are thinking that it is not essential for you to create a business plan because the business (coffee kiosk business) you want to start is a small one, then you have to think again.

Writing a coffee kiosk business plan helps you to better understand your business and your target market which will guide you in taking the right decisions and actions. It is also a handy resource that you can use to pitch potential investors for your business.

So, because of this, having a business plan should be non- negotiable for you. I know you think creating a drive thru coffee kiosk business plan is somehow complex, don’t worry about that. I will help you out.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a coffee kiosk.

BUSINESS NAME: Deluxe Coffee Company

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan


Deluxe Coffee Company will be located in Miami, Florida in the United States.  The Coffee Kiosk will be strategically located in an area where there is no one offering the service around. The feasibility study that was carried out shows that people in that area crave for a coffee shop where they can be provided with quality coffee beverages.

This is the main purpose of the establishing Deluxe Coffee Company. As the name implies, our company aim is to brew coffee beverages of rich and superior quality so as to give our customers utmost satisfaction they have never experienced anywhere.

Deluxe Coffee Company aim is to start small but grow big by having branches all over the major cities in Florida. We plan to do this by starting from an area where our services is desperately needed and then build a strong brand identity which when extended to other parts of the country will be able to compete side by side with other big brands.

In order to ensure that this big dream comes through, we have put in place necessary plans and strategies. We know customers are the reasons why we are in business, so customer’s satisfaction will be our priority. Not only will we satisfy our customers with coffee beverages of rich and superior quality, we will also make sure we provide excellent services such as promptly attending to our customer’s demand, treating them in a special way, and creating a beautiful, serene and conducive environment for our customers at all times.

We also intend to introduce a unique concept that is alien to the industry. And this is creating an online store where our customers can order for coffee beverages at the comfort of their home and they will have it delivered to them at the speed of light. The online platform will also afford our customers to make inquiries, suggestions or complaints which will be attended to with little or no delay.

The Deluxe coffee company is owned and managed by two sisters, Annie Williams and Mitchell Williams. Annie is a food technologist and a certified barista who has gained 5 years’ experience by working with a big coffee processing company.

She is highly skilled in creating exclusive coffee recipes and she aims at using this skill to create non existing coffee recipes that will serve as Deluxe Coffee Company USP. Michelle is a business administrator who has worked with various SMEs to accelerate their business growth. Her experience in this area will greatly aid the company growth.


Our vision is to be one of the foremost coffee brands with a solid reputation for top notch customer service in the whole of Florida.


Our mission is to always satisfy our customers with quality and superior coffee beverages that has unique taste which cannot be found anywhere else. We don’t intend to sell just coffee to our customers but also beautiful experiences that will always linger in their memories and make them come for more.


With our goal of building a formidable coffee brand that will be well known all through Florida, having a viable business structure is non- negotiable. This is because it will go a long way in accelerating the growth of the company.

We will make sure that we employed competent hands that do not only have the required skills and experience but are also committed and passionate about their work.

The competent hands we intend to employ to work with us include:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Coffee Kiosk Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Accountant/Cashier
  • Baristas
  • Store Manager
  • Waiters / waitresses
  • Van Driver/ Deliverer
  • Cleaners


At Deluxe Coffee Company, we believe in specialization. So, rather than producing many kinds coffee beverages, we intend to focus on offering only three coffee products that we know will always be demanded by our customers. They are:

  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte

We will focus only on these three coffee products while we continue to devise innovative means tweaking their taste and flavors that will be our customer’s delight.


  • Market Trends

According to research, after oil, coffee emerged as the largest traded commodity in the world. And Americans drinks over 280.5 million cup of coffee per day. Though many people love drinking coffee, the busyness and rat race of this time doesn’t give them the chance to prepare it by themselves. This has led to the growth of coffee retailing business.

  • Target Market

The category of people we intend to target are single ladies and gent who doesn’t have the time to prepare coffee at home.

Fortunately, the area where the coffee kiosk will be located is quite close to a college. So, we will be targeting the students as well as their lecturers who are single.  And as the business expands all through Florida, we will increase the scope of our target market to cover the type of people in need of our services in our chosen locations.


It is the aim of Deluxe Coffee Company to employ various effective marketing strategies. One of the means we intend to market our brand is through the internet. We intend to have an educative blog where coffee lovers will get interesting information such as the health benefits of coffee, different uses of coffee and different coffee’s recipes that will make them love coffee the more.

We will also make use of different social media platforms but focus more on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube where we will consistently share valuable contents about our coffee business. We also plan doing offline marketing campaigns.

All this is aimed at creating the awareness of our brand such that they will know, like and trust it.  Also, our sales strategies will be done in such a way as to ensure we penetrate the market, therefore creating a wide reach.

Pricing Strategy

We don’t intend to underprice or over price our coffee beverages. Our pricing strategy will be according to the quality services we intend to provide to our customers. And once in a while, we will do promos and give freebies to our customers.

Payment Options 

We will make sure we explore all available payment options so that our customers can make their payments with ease. And in doing this, we will be careful not to violate the financial regulations of the United States government.

The payment options we intend to make available to our customers are:

  • Cash Payment
  • Payment through Bank Transfer
  • Payment through Point of Sales (POS) Machine
  • Payment with Check
  • Payment via Bank Draft
  • Payment with Credit Cards

Startup Costs

The amount of money needed to start up the kind of coffee kiosk business we are projecting is estimated to be $250,000. This will cover everything ranging from cost of acquiring the kiosk to cost of equipment, cost of coffee marketing both online and offline. It will also cover the salaries of staff for the first three months of operation.

Sources of Capital

The William sisters has already pooled their resources together and raised the total sum of $100,000. They are already working on raising $50,000 soft loans from friends and family and applying for bank loan to raise the remaining $100,000

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