Sample Cloud Computing Business Plan Template

Here is a sample cloud computing business plan.

The world of information technology is vast with massive opportunities for investments.

One such area is cloud computing which is the practice of using a network of remote servers. These servers are hosted on the internet and used to process, store, and manage data.

Getting started requires strategizing or planning. Now, this might sound vague but it involves all the steps that need to be taken to establish your goal.

Here, we’ll be discussing the different types of services or niches available, as well as providing the basic framework to follow.

Type of Services

Every great business idea seeks to solve a problem by providing a wide range of services. These are tailored specifically to address the difficulties faced by consumers. For cloud computing, there are several types of services offered.

These range from cloud hosting services, cloud storage, software as a service (Saas) as well as cloud backup services among several others. Identifying the type of service(s) you intend to provide is crucial for success.

In other words, you’ll need to identify your area of specialization or competence in cloud computing as well as find how such benefits your target market.

  • What are the Types of Cloud Computing Services Needed by Individuals and Businesses?

To know who to provide your service to, you’ll first need to identify the types of cloud computing services needed by individuals and businesses. Individuals and businesses will form your client base.

Now, most cloud computing services needed by businesses and individuals revolve around public-private and hybrid. These are used for data storage as well as for the provision of a variety of services.

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Choosing an Appropriate Revenue Model

In planning for your cloud computing business, it’s necessary to choose an appropriate revenue model. For this type of business, it’s best to choose a subscription-based revenue model.

Through this, value is added to your chain of cloud computing services as you’re able to help clients identify the types of cloud services they need.

Consider Partnerships

The Cloud computing business thrives well with partnerships. Without the right partnerships, limited progress is made.

Now, the types of partnerships most suitable for a cloud computing business are vendor partnerships and distributorships.

Experience has shown that there’s a divide between cloud vendors and managed service providers. This lack of channel support can be properly harnessed through proper partnerships with the right businesses.

Lead generation programs and marketing development funds are efficient channel support systems to leverage on.

Cloud Computing Business Plan Sample

This is one of the most essential tools you’ll ever need for your cloud computing business.

Within this document, a detailed strategy is laid out. This concerns the operational steps to be taken as well as measured goals to be achieved in the short, medium and long term range.

Key sections to be covered in detail within your cloud computing business plan should include the executive summary and company description sections. Others include products & services, market analysis, strategy & implementation, organization & management as well as financial plan & projection sections.

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The full implementation of the contents of your cloud computing business plan is very important. No matter how well your plan is written, it only becomes as effective as its implementation.

In other words, your cloud computing business performs best when solid and effective plans are put into practice.

Adopt a Launch Strategy

Any cloud computing business that seeks to make real headway must adopt an effective launch strategy.

Here, valuable and strategic technology deployments must be used. One effective entry point to consider is security.

In considering the most effective launch strategy to adopt, it’s best to research the most viable options available. This will have to focus on the market or client needs with a bid to fill the demand by projecting the right message most appealingly.

Unique Selling Point

Every cloud computing business should have a unique selling point. Part of your preparations for launch should include the identification of your areas of strength.

In other words, you’re interested in finding particular aspects of this business you’re most competent in.

As information technology continues to find more areas of application, more opportunities are discovered in cloud computing which in turn results in increased competition.

With this approach, you’re able to get your fair share of the market.

Develop the Skills Necessary

Cloud computing is an interesting field with immense opportunities for skilled persons.

To tap into such opportunities, you’ll need to gain the skills necessary. However, this isn’t enough in itself. Constantly updating your knowledge with current trends and discoveries helps you stay or remain relevant.

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As your cloud computing business grows, you’ll need to expand and upgrade your workforce. Infrastructure engineers will also need to be retrained on-the-job to handle innovations in cloud computing.

That way, your business can meet the demands of the market.

Innovation is Essential

Constant innovation through creativity helps you create cloud computing services that are relevant to your clients.

It’s important to have plans for a research and development department that constantly researches the best cloud computing solutions for the market.


Without excellent marketing, attracting your first and subsequent clients will be a mirage. The client quality you attract also matters. Therefore, effective marketing strategies must be adopted.

If you have no idea how to go about this, consider hiring a marketing expert to help you with the planning process.

With effective marketing, your cloud computing services are easily sold to your target market. The right message is passed across which in turn results in increased sales.

Putting together a cloud computing business plan can be challenging. However, this challenge can easily be tackled using the tips provided here. This article has offered several ideas on how to proceed with your business plan.

What more? Your business plan alone no matter how well written it is does not equate to a successful business. A lot of work is needed in the area of implementation to bring life to your plans.

For easy implementation, it’s best to ensure your cloud computing business plan is easy to comprehend and also implementable.