Are there good business ideas in West Virginia to start? West Virginia is known as a place for activities such as mountain biking, skiing, hunting, fishing, and the likes.

One major contributor to West Virginia’s economy is coal mining.

Others include oil and gas industries, tourism among others. West Virginia is one wonderful place to do business because of its lenient business tax climate.

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In West Virginia

Due to a recent increase in the unemployment rate in West Virginia, residents are now more interested in starting their businesses. So, if you have an inner entrepreneur waiting to be released, but just do not know how to go about it, or you are probably wondering what business idea is most likely to succeed in West Virginia, then this article is for you.

Below are some business ideas in West Virginia that you can apply your business sense and personal drive, to succeed.

Small Scale Businesses and Investment Opportunities in West Virginia

Website Developing

One great business idea bound to succeed in West Virginia is web development. These days, companies and other businesses are looking for website developers because most businesses and companies in West Virginia fail to survive without a business or company website. They need to be able to reach a wider market, make their businesses or company easily accessible and reachable.

Hence the services of a web developer are in constant need in West Virginia.

To startup, you could print some fliers about your business and take it to different companies and as long as you are good at web development or website creation, then this is one business idea in West Virginia that is bound to succeed.

Home Care Services

Another great business idea in West Virginia is delivering or offering home care services. In West Virginia, senior citizens now prefer remaining at their homes rather than moving to homes for the elderly to stay.

Opening a business or company that offers home care services to senior citizens is one business idea in West Virginia that is bound to boom. Your home care service could also offer additional services ranging from caring for babies or babysitting, caring for children with special needs, to caring for those recovering from injury among others.

Tourism Agency

With so much to do and see in West Virginia, setting up a tourism agency is another great business idea in West Virginia.

So many people travel to West Virginia each day and since most are coming for the first time, or coming to tour and experience some of the beauty of West Virginia, a company that provides tourist guides would make big bucks in West Virginia.

If you are embarking on such a business idea in West Virginia, it is also important to take your business online to enable easy access to people who are outside West Virginia.

Fish Farming

Another profitable business idea in West Virginia is fish farming. Residents of West Virginia are mostly fish food lovers. Ranging from trout to catfish and even salmon can be grown on the valleys of West Virginia.

Fish farming in West Virginia is not really capital intensive, especially with the growing trend of getting water from deserted coal mines, purifying it, and using it for rearing fishes in West Virginia.

These fishes are not only safe but also healthy which in turn brings more customers and more money. So fish farming is one great business idea in West Virginia to go into.

One amazing aspect of this business idea in West Virginia is the fact that apart from having numerous restaurants and residents as customers, you could also export your fishes and sell them outside West Virginia.

Hotel / Bed and Breakfast

Another great business idea in West Virginia is opening a hotel or a bed and breakfast. This is a business idea in West Virginia that is bound to thrive because of the high number of tourists who visit West Virginia annually.

Hair Care Services / Spa

The sale of hair-care products combined with a salon and spa is one great business idea that will thrive in West Virginia.

Hair care service is one business idea that has remained relatively resilient over the years and it will continue to, this is because hair is usually the first thing noticed by most people on a person’s appearance and people are always concerned with taking care of their hair.

Also, people are always in need of a spa, especially during the weekends. Starting such a business might cost a lot but you could start up by running a mobile business and making house calls until you have enough to open up a salon.

These business ideas mentioned above are profitable business opportunities in West Virginia that you can venture into and build up to something for yourself.