Are you interested in good business ideas in New Hampshire? Statistics show that the New Hampshire economy is estimated to be worth 66 billion USD.

New Hampshire has a virile state economy that continues to grow and create exciting franchise opportunities for business people and investors.

The following business ideas can be pursued in New Hampshire:

6 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In New Hampshire

Baby / Child Care Services

Residents of New Hampshire rank amongst the top earners in the United States of America, with the median average wage being 49,967 USD per annum.

Many residents of New Hampshire are working-class individuals who spend a large portion of their time outside the home; a good number of them have children/wards that are usually unattended to.

You will be making a wise business decision to invest in a Daycare facility to cater to this need. You can either set-up the facility whereby clients can bring their kids to or you could render home/customized services to cater to probably wealthier customers.

You will need to have an excellent structure in place to engage the kids while they are in your care and to recruit competent hands to assist you in the running of the business.

Tourism Consultancy

New Hampshire’s climate supports a variety of seasons which provides opportunities to engage in various outdoor activities and past times. These activities could include spending the day skiing, snowmobiling, golfing, or embarking on a hike in the White Mountains.

Visitors can also choose to enjoy a night out in Portsmouth, Manchester, or in other lovely southern New Hampshire cities. New Hampshire boasts of 92 state parks and engaging seaside and beautiful undulating mountains.

The business idea that these natural and man-made landscapes present is the opportunity to set-up a tourist consultancy to cater to the several hundreds of thousands of guests that visit New Hampshire every year.

You can offer services such as hotel accommodation and reservation, visa procurement, currency exchange, tour guides, boat trips, mountain expeditions, and other sundry requests from tourists. Your business will need a good and accessible facility, adequate financing to procure necessary gear and equipment, and competent staff.

Convenience Stores

New Hampshire has continued to see a rise in the average earnings of residents in the state. As a result, the disposable income of the average citizenry has also seen a concomitant increase as well.

Citizens of New Hampshire are fond of shopping for personal and everyday items; especially at places that offer discount pricing and promotional offers.

You can capitalize on this trend by establishing a convenience store that caters to this need.  Forming partnerships with suppliers and wholesalers who can offer your business discounts is important.

You may also wish to create an online e-commerce platform for individuals who would like to make purchases from the comfort of their homes or offices. You can take advantage of the support that the New Hampshire small business bureau offers to obtain relevant training and data.

Dairy Cattle and Poultry Farm

Agriculture and its output have continued to contribute enormously to the growth and development of the economy of New Hampshire. Residents have also embraced healthier eating habits, such much so, that there is an increasing demand for organic and fresh supplies of milk, eggs, and meat.

You can start a farm to cater to these needs. The state of New Hampshire supports these ventures with the provision of improved breeds of cattle and seedlings as well as adequate extension services from professionals.

The business investor will need to secure good ground, acquire the necessary equipment depending on the size and scope of operations, engage competent hands as well as put in place an effective distribution network for the sale of the produce.

Green Services and Consultancy

New Hampshire has traditionally relied on fossil fuels to power most of its needs. There is also a nuclear-powered plant that provides close to 30 percent of the energy needs of the state.

However, greater awareness about climate change and the effects of fossil fuels on the environment means that an increasing number of New Hampshire are embracing the use of cleaner and renewable sources of energy.

You can step in to fill this void by rendering consultancy services on the use and installation of solar panels, energy-saving bulbs, the use of biofuels as well as other cleaner technologies to power homes, offices, and industrial complexes.


New Hampshire is among the top crop of states in the USA that has investor-friendly policies and tax breaks for manufacturing concerns.

The New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership is a body set up to assist small businesses with knowledge and resources that help you with topical matters including lean and agile supply chain procedures, product development, and quality management as well as complying with ISO 9000/14000 certification requirements for production facilities.

You can set up plants to process raw materials like cotton, leather as well as the manufacturing of small machining parts.

You will need to secure appropriate space for the production, procure necessary equipment for the production process as well as recruit competent staff for the manufacturing and marketing processes.

Manufacturing is one of the most profitable business ideas to start in New Hampshire.