4 Business Ideas To Start In Ireland

Are you looking for good business ideas in Ireland? When you want to mention one of the business-friendly countries, the list would not be complete if Ireland is not part of that list.

Of the top ten companies that are listed on Forbes’ List of The World Most Innovative Companies in 2014, six of these companies have operations in Irish locations.

Companies like Ericsson, IBM, and PayPal, have bases in Ireland and have been there for several years. This underlines the success that Ireland has had in magnetizing front-line multinational investments across several sectors and also aids them in expanding their business operations.

The question of how to start a business in Ireland has been around for some time, given the level of success that lots of high-profile companies have succeeded in breaking boundaries.

4 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Ireland

But then, a lot of businesses have been springing up in Ireland since the days of old, with or without financial assistance. Starting any business requires finding someone who had walked down that road before and succeeded.

Entrepreneurs need some basic skills which are:

 Patience
 A positive attitude
 Go-getting outlook
 People skills
 Networking
 Marketing, and
 the ability to understand financial plans.

Another useful factor to be understood and put into consideration by entrepreneurs is the associated snags they could encounter such as the change that could occur during and after becoming the owner of the business in addition to other types of support that is available.

The rewards entrepreneurs receive for creating a business is profit. If you must create a company, then it must be an activity that will yield financial rewards or profit, for, without it, the business will crash.

Therefore, never start a business with the wrong reasons for firms that do not make a quick profit go bankrupt very fast.

This article will be looking at various business ideas in Ireland that, if implemented the right way and with the proper funding and support, can be anyone’s breakthrough in the world of business.

You do not need to have lots of money or big ideas like Facebook or Google, but if you start small and persist, then the following business ideas could launch you to the limelight:

1. Cleaning Service

One of the booming businesses in Ireland nowadays is the cleaning service. The cleaning industry, which covers commercial, residential, and carpet cleaning, makes several million every year. It is an industry that has withstood the recession and is fairly stable.

Although there exist several varieties of niche markets within the cleaning industry, the leading categories are commercial and domestic cleaning. You have the option of focusing your attention on carpet housework, washing of windows, local maid services, enhancing driveways, cleaning of ceiling tiles, or offer concierge service for commercial establishments.

If you have sufficient funds, you can also opt for the purchasing of franchises from other organizations like Cleaning Doctor, Nationwide Cleaners, etc.

2. The Food Industry

The food industry is a very prominent and widespread activity that has positive impacts on the economy of Ireland. The industry accounts for nine percent of Ireland’s economy.

Fast food service options like Asian takeaway, coffee shops, Smoothie and Juice Bars, pizzas have enormous business possibilities in Ireland. You can launch your food business in Ireland with a small staff and as the demand begins to grow, proceed to hire more hands. You can also purchase a franchise from organizations like Subway, Insomnia, Wok&Go, etc.

3. The Sports Industry

Recent data has revealed that a lot of people are participating in sporting activities, some for leisure and others for commercial reasons.

This is a profitable industry that has enormous potentials of bringing in massive profits for those who engage in the sport and fitness business. A lot of individuals have recognized the dangers of obesity and desire to cut down their weight; others just want to relax and have fun which is a trend among Irish citizenry.

So why not open a sports and fitness center to cater to the needs of sports enthusiasts? You can also ride on the shoulders of giants by purchasing a franchise from companies like My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, Curves, etc.

4. The Automobile Industry

The automobile business is one profitable business idea in Ireland. If you delight in cars or a car aficionado, then this is a viable industry you can launch into for profit. The automotive/auto industry is rising rapidly and shows no sign of slowing down.

There are more or less thirty million cars on the road in the United Kingdom which should give you a clue to the business potential in the industry. You can offer your services in areas like tire repairs, automobile insurance sales, cosmetic repair, and minor damage, etc.

Big organizations like Lock Doctor, Snap-on Tools, etc. sell franchises, so you can also take advantage of this and launch your own Ireland business to the world.