What are the best business opportunities in DRC Congo? I’m here again, as usual, to nourish your taste and quench your thirst on a successful business idea you can cope and liberate within DR Congo.

Are you looking for attractive and lucrative business ideas? Are you tired of sitting down idle doing nothing? Do you need to change your taste and try other businesses in Congo?

Oh yes! You can’t just take it anymore, you need to stand on your own to avoid the mess you’ve always been shown by your boss, welcome home my blood, it is business ideas hour in Congo, Follow me explore!

5 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Congo DR

You need to find out the best and most successful business idea you can venture in and make way within a twinkle of an eye, do I just exaggerate? No, I mean everything I say and I say everything I mean. Try and ferret the reality of my words by sailing through this precious article.

I pray the ugly incidence shouldn’t repeat itself, after the sabotage and destruction of Congo that left it in shambles and scrambles, the country is now on a mission though still under development or construction.

Starting a business in DR Congo is not the problem because the environment is adequate and conducive for business but what to start is the major problem. I shall, therefore, explain vividly to you those business opportunities in congo Brazzaville you’ve been battling with, no charges required, free of charge!

But don’t forget to comment later when it works out for you.

The following are however the successful ideas that have been so profitable in Congo Brazzaville;

• Agriculture
• Estate agent
• Mining
• Warehouse


Field cultivation, rearing of animals, and planting of different spices of crops in Congo is a business one can rely on and reckon on. You can achieve almost two things here, you sell your farm produce as well as consumers to your satisfaction.

Modernize your agriculture and generate something huge. Seize this agribusiness opportunity to break the jinx of idleness.

Congo is a country that people don’t believe in agriculture that much but the reality is that the business can never suffer in the market because everybody wants to live, and without food, there will be a problem.

Let’s talk poultry, people import frozen chicken and eggs into this country with a huge population and they sell them in an agape amount of money.

Startup one and see if you will make it or not. Venture into agriculture in DR Congo, buy modern tools for your productions, and see the glory of the lord!


The impact of Telecoms cannot be overemphasized in this modern day of ours. Study shows that telecom and ICT in Congo are very poor compare to their ratio, you can, however, seize the opportunity to establish phone center, business cyber cafe, and to start making a reasonable amount of money.


The mining sector is a very lucrative business sector in Congo. DR Congo is a place you can tap your wealth from through mining. The country is blessed with natural resources such as precious stones and minerals that can generate profitable business opportunities.

You need labor force and equipment to grab the millions mining gold and diamonds that are beneath the surface in Congo.

Estate Agent

As I said earlier, Congo is a country that is still under construction. You may have heard about the war incidence and poverty ordeals of Congo before, but I will implore you to travel down to Kinshasa to explore and have a look at things you will surely wish to rewrite the book of history.

Real estate is just an investment idea I will give you to go for in Congo.

Starting an estate agent business does not need you buying a house, just like the word, “Agent”, you are the middle person between renters and owners. If you can successfully market and link house buyers or renters to the owners, you get a commission after the transaction is made.

Commission ranges from 20% to 30% depending on the kind of real estate deal.


This is where goods can be kept until the need arises. The importation of construction and agriculture materials is very high in Congo and poor housing is given to these good. Goods warehousing is something important and necessary to avoid shortage and loss.

Venture into warehousing business, lease, or rent warehouse to various organizations and seal a legal agreement with them, this doesn’t mean you are not safe with them but just in case of thing goes out of hand.

These are the most profitable businesses one can venture into Congo and make millions in the long term. Remember, these businesses are not a get-rich-quick business, they involve dedication, persistence, and patient to scale through the difficult times you might experience during the early stage of the business.

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