Do you need profitable business ideas in Chile to invest in? Chile is one of the best countries in South America to set up a business. Apart from its affordable standard of living, warm climatic condition, standard infrastructural facilities, Chile also has a business-friendly environment.

For example, there is a program called Start-Up Chile that offers foreigners who are interested in setting business in Chile incentives which include, startup capital, a six-month stay, and free office space capital.

8 Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Chile

To encourage more foreign business owners to come and invest in the country and return, Start-Up Chile is to train Chilean citizens on business know-how from the wealth of experience they have gathered during the business. This exposes citizens to Chile’s business opportunities.

All these are a pointer to the fact that Chile is a good place an investor should consider setting up a business. And below are some of the profitable businesses that one can do in Chile.

Viable Small Scale Businesses and Opportunities in Chile

Real Estate

You can be a Realtor that buys and sells houses and landed properties. You don’t need to have a huge capital to start this business; you can start by buying a house that you rent out to people who come to Chile for a short visit or vacation.

You can also offer property management services that will require you to look after and maintain houses, farmland, and other properties for an absentee owner. You can then save up the proceeds you made to start something big.

Tourism Business

Chile has many tourist attraction centers like The Torres de Paine Mountains, the Atacama Desert, and the Easter Island that a lot of people from both within and outside the country visit every year. This shows that tourism is one of the best business opportunities in Chile.

You can take advantage of this and start a business along this line. Some of the tourism businesses you can start to include:

Tourist Guide

This is a business that is very easy to start because it doesn’t require huge capital investment. All you need is to know how to speak at least two major languages- English and Spanish. Most of the tourists that come to Chile are from English speaking countries; hence, to be their tourist guide, you must be able to speak the English Language fluently.

You must also know how to speak Spanish as you will be the middle man between the tourists and the Chileans who only understand Spanish.

Transport Business

A large percentage of the tourists come from far places, so, they do not always bring their car along with them. They will need to employ transport services that will take care of their transport need throughout their stay.

You can buy a bus or taxi and employ a driver to run it for you. Or, you can focus on car rental services that rent out cars to tourists during their short stay. And if you have the capital, you can do both.

Photography Business

People love memories and one of the memories people treasure the most is the one they had in a place they visited. This is because they might not have the opportunity of coming back to the place again. But they can always bring back the memories they had there.

You can help them capture these memories by setting up a photography business around the tourist centers. Though most of the tourists have cameras to take pictures, if you are professional and creative about with your photography business, they will surely patronize you.

Food Business

Opening a restaurant is another lucrative business you can do in Chile. The thing is, no matter what, people will always eat. So, if you know your onions well, it is sure that you will make cool cash from this business. The different types of food businesses you can try out include a restaurant, food stall, grocery store, coffee café, barbeque stall, pizza delivery service, etc.

Teaching English and Spanish

Chile is a Spanish speaking country but a lot of Chileans are interested in learning English as their second language. If you can speak the English language fluently and you don’t mind being a teacher, then you can create a business for yourself by teaching the English Language to Chileans who are interested in your service.

Also, if you can speak Spanish fluently, you can teach the language to expatriates who want to speak Spanish. You can also leverage on the internet by setting up an online school for either of the languages or by creating online courses for your clients.

Teaching English Language or Spanish will require you to build relationships with your clients and from these relationships; you can get to know about other business opportunities that you can invest.

Retail Store

You can also set up a retail store where you sell different varieties of goods. The expatriates belong to the high-income class; you can target them as your customers and sell products they catch their fancy at your store. You can also target the tourists and set up a retail store that sells unique products that they would love to buy as souvenirs.

Opportunities abound everywhere and I am sure that by sharing with you some of the best business ideas in Chile, I have been able to open your eye to some opportunity that you can tap into.

Please do well to take advantage of these opportunities.