Business Ideas For Disabled Persons And Veterans

Are you physically challenge or a veteran and you are looking for business ideas that can suit you as a disabled person or veteran? It is no surprise that disabled persons and veterans can make a good entrepreneur if given the chance to.

Home Business Opportunities For Disabled People And Veterans With Disabilities

There are lots of business ideas for handicaps and veterans to help them make money aside from government support. These business ideas do not require too much moving around or lifting of heavy objects.


If you are a veteran or a disabled person and you are looking for business ideas for disabled persons and veterans, here are the top 10 business ideas that can make any success-driven disable persons or veterans become rich in the long term.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one business idea that any disabled persons and veterans can venture into.

This is a type of business where you get a commission for selling people’s products. The products can be an eBook, software, games, or anything. There are so many sites that offer affiliate marketing opportunities and Amazon is one of them.

One good thing about this business is that it does not require any physical hard work. With just a desktop or laptop and an internet connection, you can start making thousands of dollars monthly selling products that do not belong to you.

  1. Become a Franchisee Owner  

If you are a disabled person or a veteran that has a good amount of money you can invest in a business, it will be wise you invest in owning a franchise as a veteran.

With a franchise, you don’t have to start from scratch like in starting a new business. There are already systems in place that you just need to follow and start achieving positive results. Training and supports are always given by franchisors to enable franchisees to achieve success in their business.

Buying a franchise can be very expensive, but as a disabled person or veteran, you get to enjoy discounts given by most franchise companies.

  1. Fitness Trainer

Because you have a military background and have undergone vigorous training, that gives you the qualification to become a fitness trainer or expert. Though before you can start this business, you will need a plan and also a license and permit from the ministry in charge.

You should also hire an assistant with experience in the field to assist you in areas you do not know about.

  1. Knitting

This is a business idea for disabled persons and veterans with disabilities from the waist down. If you are a person that loves knitting or you have the skill, you can turn your passion into a business by starting a knitting business from home.

All you need to start this business is the technical skill (if you don’t have it), your hands, and knitting materials. You can market your products offline and online to interested buyers.

  1. Cruise and Travel Agency

If you have been a soldier that serves overseas, you should be conversant with travel information. Some people need to travel information in terms of the best places to visit, food, and security information because they want to travel for either vacation or work permit.

You will be of use in this industry because you may have traveled to many locations and have friends that reside in most locations when you were serving.

  1. Bead Making

Just like the knitting business, a disabled person and any veteran can also kick start this business with little capital.

All you need is the technical skill, bead-making materials, knowledge of the market, and a little marketing skill too.

  1. Call Center

This is another perfect and cool business idea for disabled persons and veterans. If you possess good communication skills, you can start a call center business. You get to work from your home and won’t need to go out looking for customers.

  1. Freelance Writing

If you have good writing skills and you are not disabled to the hands, you can become a freelance writer. There are so many freelancing sites that you can go sign up and start making money. You can choose to work for a publishing company or as an independent contractor.

This business idea can be started with as little as $70. All you need is a website and good writing skills and you are good to go.

  1. Blogging

This is another business idea for disabled persons and veterans with a passion for a particular subject and would love to share it with whosoever want to read. You can become a full-time blogger as there are so many income streams from blogging.

You can research it so you can get a broad knowledge of the business. It is a business I will say disabled persons or veterans give a try.

  1. Restaurant Business

If you have a passion for cooking and can manage a business, you can start a restaurant business. You must be the person doing everything. You just have to employ staff that will be doing the running up and down while you focus on the kitchen.

With a good business plan and strategy, you can beat any competitor already in the business. you must have a special recipe that should be bringing your customers back to your restaurant.


‘What is the best business to start as a war veteran? ‘What is the best business ideas for a disabled person or  veteran?’ are some of the questions prospective investors who are physically challenged ask online

Well, I’m happy to let you know that this post will provide light to these questions. We all know that millions of people live with disabilities which often limit investment opportunities available to this set of special people. A major percentage of these disabled people are war veterans.

I’ll be showing you some investment ideas and small businesses that will be simple and easy to start, run/manage as a disabled person. The best businesses for someone who is disabled would not require frequent moving about, lifting heavy goods, or those that would be put their business at risk considering their inabilities.


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==>> Medical transcription
==>> Freelance writing
==>> customer care agent
==>> Affiliate marketing
==>> Knitting
==>> Making beads and wire works
==>> Business call center
==>> Bicycle and umbrella repair
==>> Cobbling/Shoe repair
==>> Repair of phones, TV and other electronics
==>> Bookkeeping
==>> Trading Forex and binary options
==>> Babysitting
==>> Blogging
==>> Programming and Web designing
==>> Selling recharge cards

Are you handicapped but interested in becoming an entrepreneur? I’m delighted to inform you that disabilities should not stop you from becoming self-sufficient financially. Creating wealth is a function of the mind and not the body.


So, here are the top 10 business ideas for disabled persons and veterans with the possibility of making any serious disabled persons and veterans rich if all business conditions are followed.