BURGER KING Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you know how much franchising a Burger King cost? Burger King is one of the oldest fast food chains in the world and one of the most successful as well, with its headquarters in Miami, Florida.

The company was founded in the year 1953 and the initial name it started with was InstaBurger King. In the year 1954, InstaBurger King was purchased by its two franchisees James McLamore and David Edgerton after it ran into financial difficulties and they changed the name to Burger King.

The company would eventually change owners four times over the next 50 years and lastly, the current owners initiated a restructuring program for the company to reverse its fortune and over the times, they have remained top industry leader. No wonder it will be worthwhile to know how much is a Burger King franchise?


With more than 11,000 restaurants across the world and in more than 60 countries, Burger King’s impressive growth is much more dependent on their franchisees. And that is the main reason why they continue to seek for and create more franchise opportunities around the world, even in major markets where Burger King Restaurant have established themselves fully.

To gain entrance into a larger customer base, Burger King offers a wide variety of food menu, such as a wide range of breakfast products, desserts, salads, BK VEGGIE and a whole lot more.


Burger King’s franchising initiative looks quite unusual: If you are to consider their major competitor, McDonald’s. They embrace the franchise model, but it will interest you to know that 20% of its restaurant base is owned by the corporation itself. What this implies is that in theory, when a company has the larger number of corporate-owned stores, the management will get a better scope of the business and will be presented with the opportunity to implement new policies and promotions in a very rapid way.

In a recent annual filing, Burger King admits that its near total franchisee establishment is simply a risk that opens the firm to the whims of the franchisor. However  with their tactics of unloading corporate-owned stores has given Burger King the opportunity to improve on their cash balance, which has significantly tripled ever since the year 2010.

And the considering franchises, which can be considered to be by definition more entrepreneurial than corporate managers. They are better operators.


If you are considering buying into the Burger King Franchise opportunity, then it will be worthwhile to know the financial implication on the business. You might want to ask what is the cost of a Burger King Franchise?

A Burger King Franchise cost will set you back a whopping sum of $300,000 to $3,000,000 depending on your choice of location. You should also note that you will be expected to make a Burger King Franchise fee of $50,000. This could be part of the initial investment.

Burger King has the recipe for success and the company is determined to empower you, as the franchisee with first-class knowledge, support and the resources needed to become a member of the Burger King Family. The Burger King Franchise opportunity remains competitive through low entry fee and investment required and the company is poised for expansion, which gives the potential Burger King Franchisee a big chance of getting their application approved by the company as long as the Burger King Franchise Requirements are met.

As a franchisee with Burger King, you are also expected to remit an annual royalty fee of 4.5% of the gross revenue of your store. Advertising fee of 4% is also expected to be paid by the franchisee. The term of agreement for a Burger King Franchise is 20 years, which is renewable with same fee, except if changes are made.


If your application as a franchisee has been approved by the company and you have made top preparations to set up your Burger King Store. Be rest assured that you will be offered training and capacity building by the company and this will cover a range of managerial and technical skills. Over the period of training, more courses can be included in the training schedule for you and your team to boost your experience, operations and business knowledge.


Year of Establishment: 1954
Year of Franchise: 1961
Initial Franchise fee: $50,000
Total Investment required: $300,000 – $3,000,000
Net worth required: $1,500,000
Cash liquidity required: $500,000


Tapping into the Burger King Franchise Opportunity is quite lucrative considering the low cost of entry and this is a franchise chain that you can trust to assist you in settling down and have a foot hold in the business. The 45-year old global brand has so much franchise experience and they are considered by the Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 28 fastest growing franchises in the United States.