Here is a sample business plan for starting a broiler chicken production farm.

Livestock farming has always been a lucrative line of business with significant opportunities being exploited by farmers.

However, it must be stated that there are pitfalls resulting from the lack of planning which has resulted in a lot of failed poultry businesses. To avoid that, you’ll need to do the needful.


This requires carefully crafting your poultry business plan to improve your chances of success. This broiler chicken farming Business Plan has been provided for the sole purpose of guidance.

Here, you get to find helpful tips that will help you create a highly comprehensive and implementable plan.

Broiler Chicken Production Business Plan Outline

To have a real chance of creating a good broiler farming business plan, you need to follow a definite structure. Proper structuring of your project gives expected outcomes.

It simply involves including certain sections or components considered invaluable to the whole process.

Sections to cover include the executive summary, the company description section, and the products & service section.

Others are the market analysis, strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and the financial plan & projection sections. Let’s discuss what they are.

i. Executive Summary

The executive summary section gives a concise overview of your business plan. In other words, it summarizes the key points of the project and presents an overview of this poultry business idea.

So, why is it necessary to summarize? There are lots of reasons for that. One of such involves helping the reader discover specific details within a short period.

People get easily bored when going through large documents. A summary gives them an idea about the viability of the business. You’ll need to commit sufficient time to ensure your executive summary section is well written.

It should be such that it interests your audience and makes them want to learn more.

In addition to the plan’s main points being summarized, this section should also contain details such as the business name of your poultry farm, its location, and the business’s mission and vision statements.

Equally important is the specific purpose of the plan.

Introducing the business idea begins with a name. In other words, you’ll need to state the name by which you will call your poultry farm. Asides from the title, also note its location.

What product will your business be offering? For a broiler chicken farm, it’s pretty apparent what such products will be. However, further clarifications need to be made to your audience.

Don’t get into too much detail here to avoid making your plan less exciting.

Your mission statement should define your line of business. In addition to that, it should also state why the company exists and the purpose it serves.

The mission statement should be presented so that it is easy to understand.

The vision statement often goes together with the mission statement. For your vision statement, it should serve as a guiding beacon that points to where your poultry farm should be at a particular time in the future.

It’s your dream for the business and should inspire your workforce.

There’s also the specific purpose of the plan, which should be clear enough to your audience. Readers should be able to know the reasons for which the plan has been written.

It might be to set strategies or to attract funding, or both.

ii. Business Description

Your broiler chicken farming business will need to be discussed in greater detail.

You want to provide information on who you are and how you operate. Also, you should provide your goals here. It shouldn’t leave out the legal structure you’ve chosen for your business.

Include a summary of your short & long-term business goals and how you plan on making a profit. A brief history of your poultry business will be in order.

What more? State its nature, and provide details about the needs or demands you intend to fill.

Have a summary of business growth with financial or market highlights with an overview of services and products with customers and suppliers.

iii. Products & Services

The products and services section of your poultry business should focus on product costs, suppliers, and net revenue expected from sales of these products.

Also crucial is the benefit derived by customers. Explain the market role of your products and any advantages they have compared to those of your competitors.

iv. Market Analysis

The market analysis section should demonstrate your knowledge of the poultry industry.

This is only possible when adequate research is performed. Such knowledge can be demonstrated by details such as a sample of target customer segments with size and demographics.

Others include an evaluation of competitors, highlighting their weaknesses and strengths, and an industry description and outlook with supporting statistics.

Provide historical, current, and projected marketing data for your poultry products.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Sales and marketing strategies adopted for your poultry business should include a breakdown of details such as pricing, costs, promotions, and distribution.

You’ll need to explain how you intend to promote your broiler chicken business to customers and how you plan to enter the market.

How will your poultry business function, and what are your labor sources? How many employees will be hired for your operations? Provide information on operating hours as well as your facilities.

vi. Organization & Management Team

A good organization and management team is critical to your poultry business’s smooth functioning and operation. Present an organizational chart with vivid descriptions of departments and key employees.

Also, a profile of owners with details like names, percentage ownership, the extent of involvement, and biography is provided.

A management team profile will also need to be given with names, positions, primary responsibilities, and experience stated.

vii. Financial Plan & Projection

Your financial plan & projections are critical additions to the plan that provide relevant financial statements about the business.

The help of a professional accountant is needed to cover the historical financial data, practical prospective financial information, and brief analysis of financial data.

This broiler chicken farming Business Plan has highlighted the key areas essential to a great and effective plan. You only need to use it as a guide to creating your unique plan.

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