9 Lucrative Bike Business Ideas for Riders & Non-Riders

Bike business ideas are what we’ll be discussing here.

Apart from the health benefits derived, biking has been promoted in recent years as a strategy to reduce carbon footprints within cities.

There are lots of incentives to start one. With this said, what bike business ideas can you start? Read on for such details and more.

Bicycle Business Ideas

Business ideas abound everywhere and present those that dare to dream with limitless opportunities.

There’s always an idea waiting to be discovered; you only need to search or brainstorm. If you love biking or are drawn to activities relating to such, you might want to establish an operation in this area.

  • Setting up a Thriving Business isn’t Easy

To find the right bike business idea, you’ll also need to understand that even the best idea (if any) will require much work to make a reality.

Such work involves conducting a feasibility study, identifying your competitors, sourcing for funding, writing a plan, and a whole range of other requirements.

The goal is to make the business enterprise successful. Not only do you want a successful launch, but you also need the business to run successfully.

It’s usually challenging but doable and only needs total commitment from your side. With that said, what are the bike business ideas you can try out? Let’s find out.

9 Best Bike Business Ideas

There are multiple business ideas you can choose from. Each of these can be built into a thriving business. You only need to pick a picture you love best.

Examples of these profitable business ideas include bicycle repair shops, bicycle dealerships, and wholesale bicycle businesses.

Others include bicycle spare parts manufacturing, online bicycle store, bicycle spare parts sale, bicycle rental business, and bicycle courier businesses.

More ideas include bicycle tire manufacturing, manufacturing of gears and accessories, and bicycle manufacturing.

i. Bicycle Repair Shop

Bicycles are standard in all communities as people use them for exercise and moving around. With these bicycles comes the need for maintenance.

These need to be kept in good condition. Now bicycles are machines and will eventually have some wear and tear.

That is where a business like yours comes into play. You can meet the needs of cyclists by opening up a repair shop.

Of course, you’ll need the experience and expertise necessary to establish and run your bicycle repair shop. Plus, this business doesn’t require huge startup costs.

ii. Bicycle Dealership

A bicycle dealership shop is one business that doesn’t require any complex skills apart from those of running a business. Here, you’ll need a strategic location to open your store.

A strategic location is evident with lots of traffic.

Decide on bicycle type(s) to sell in your store. As a wholesale bicycle business, you’ll need to work with reputable bicycle companies known for excellent and durable products.

It’s also essential to figure out what bicycle brands people prefer.

iii. Bicycle Spare Parts Manufacturing

All machines, whether easy or complex, experience some form of wear and tear.

These will require the replacement of parts. Bicycles are machines and will eventually have some form of breakdown. When they do, your business will come in handy in meeting their spare part requirements.

You can open up a spare part business where all major bicycle components are sold. Here, your target market will be bicycle owners within your area.

As stated earlier, there’s never a short supply of bicycle owners. As such, you’ll need all parts and components to meet their every need.

iv. Online Bicycle Store

Online stores have come to stay and serve the needs of diverse buyers. Now the online space is massive and extends beyond your immediate area.

So, when opening an online bicycle store, you’ll do well to have your target market in addition to setting up the shipment procedures.

Your collection of bicycles should be impressive enough to attract buyers. You’ll need to strategize how to set up such a store carefully. Luckily there are existing businesses that do the same thing.

All you have to do is research how to go about the process.

v. Bicycle Rental Business

Have you ever considered starting a bicycle rental?

This is one business idea you can leverage on. There’s always a market for this kind of business, and all you have to do is have bicycles in excellent condition ready to be rented out.

There are different ways to structure your rental business.

Marketing is a huge part of starting any business, including a bicycle rental. You’ll need to spread the word about the company using available channels.

vi. Bicycle Courier Business

Every business fills a need, and yours shouldn’t be any different.

While many courier options are available, a bicycle courier business can be lucrative in some areas. First, you’ll need to find out what your clients need to see how your business can fill such.

With a bicycle courier business, you may have to hire reliable couriers who pick up and transport all kinds of couriers within your local area.

Your target clients must accept your kind of business for it to be successful.

vii. Bicycle Tire Manufacturing

Bicycle tires always wear out and eventually need to be changed. This is a need you can fill by starting a tire manufacturing business.

You can open a thriving business if you know this technology. This requires access to raw materials, machinery, and a skilled workforce.

viii. Manufacture of Bicycle Gears & Accessories

All kinds of bicycle gear and accessories are manufactured to meet demand. You can also establish a bicycle gear and accessories manufacturing business.

Here, you’ll be meeting the needs of the market.

ix. Bicycle Manufacturing

Bicycle manufacturing is a great business idea if you have all it takes.

This shouldn’t be difficult for persons having the necessary expertise and experience. Of course, you’ll need the required equipment and machinery and a skilled workforce,

These bike business ideas can be profitable when carefully implemented—as always, setting up a business needs to be followed.