The best banks in Massachusetts will form the basis of our discussion.

We’ve provided a list of the most reputable bank in no particular order to serve as a resource for investors or new residents seeking to find the right bank to do business with.

Basic details about the type of services offered have been included.

List of Good Massachusetts Banks

Massachusetts is home to around 140 state-chartered banks and credit unions. There are also over 14,500 non-depository licensees all doing business in Massachusetts.

This information is provided by the Division of Banks, Massachusetts. Out of these many financial institutions, we’re only interested in the best banks.

Top-Rated Banks in Massachusetts

The many banks found in this city offer a wide range of financial services targeted at individuals and businesses. There are also mortgages, loans, home financing, and a whole range of other services.

Those mentioned below aren’t necessarily the only respectable banks in Massachusetts.

i. Dean Bank

Dean Bank is one of the best banks in Massachusetts and offers clients personal, business, lending, and insurance investment services among others.

Its business products include check rates, certificates of deposit, savings & money markets, Dean Bank rewards, and small business checking.

Personal products provided by the bank include account chooser, Dean Bank rewards, preferred savings, and check rates. More personal products include Dean mobile apps and card managers.

These are only a few of the many services and products offered by the bank.

Like all the other banks on this list, Dean Bank adopts a customer-friendly approach that seeks to please all its clients. The result for that is client loyalty.

ii. Bay State Savings Bank

Another top-rated bank in Massachusetts is the Bay State Savings Bank.

Its clients enjoy highly efficient services that include sending and receiving money fast, small business loan programs for SMEs, and health and safety financial plans.

What more? Clients get access to mortgage plans with professionals attending to their every need.

Established in 1896, Bay State Savings Bank has since its inception established impactful and beneficial relationships that go beyond finance.

Its clients, neighbors, and organizations form important networks that continue to benefit all parties involved. Visit its site for more details about its operations.

iii. Millbury National Bank

Founded in 1825, Millbury National Bank has grown into a reputable and customer-focused bank with innovative services developed to benefit its clients.

Personal banking services offered by this bank include personal checking, personal savings, account services, EMV debit card, and personal loans.

Under its business products are business loans, business accounts, and business debit cards. Loan types offered by Millbury National include personal loans, business loans, and loan rates among others.

To find out if this bank meets your needs simply visit its site for such details and more.

iv. Middlesex Savings Bank

Middlesex Savings Bank is another reputable banking institution with a presence in Massachusetts.

Its services cover personal banking, business banking, mortgages, and financial planning. Personal banking products include military checking, student checking account, and freedom platinum checking.

Freedom blue checking and freedom gold checking are additional financial products under its personal banking services. You also benefit from personal savings accounts, certificates of deposits (CDs), individual retirement accounts, and account opening.

v. Savers Bank

With Savers Bank, you get checking & savings, mortgages, debit card rewards, business banking, commercial lending, and investment services.

Products under its personal banking include mortgages & home equities, checking, savings, personal lending, online & mobile banking, and investment services.

More services include credit cards, and overdraft protection services.

For business banking, products include business lending, cash management, investment services, business credit cards, business online & mobile banking, as well as business checking & savings.

vi. Commerce Bank

Commerce bank broadly categorizes its services into personal, wealth, and business.

Other categories include bank, borrow, invest, cards, and insurance. Banking products include mySpending card, relationship card, free checking, and interest checking.

Commerce Bank’s borrowing plans include mortgage, home equity lending, vehicle loans, personal loans, student loans, and ReadyLine of Credit. Patient financing is another product available.

To have its full range of services, you’ll need to visit its site.

vii. Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank has earned the trust of its clients through its dedication to their financial needs.

Its three major service categories include personal banking, business banking, and invest & insure. Products included in its personal banking are checking accounts, saving accounts, loans, and digital banking.

For business banking, products include business checking, business online banking, loans, business banking team, cash management, commercial banking, and small business banking.

Your life insurance needs are also met by this bank. Fidelity bank prides itself as a bank that cares for the needs of its clients.

Its attentiveness to customer needs is one of the reasons why we’ve included it in our list of best banks.

viii. Berkshire Bank

Personal and business banking services are offered by the Berkshire Bank. For its personal banking, products include lending, baking, services, and wealth management.

Its wealth management plan includes socially responsible investing, a wealth management team, financial planning, and estate planning.

Others include trust administration, investment process, non-profits, foundation & endowments, wealth management communications, as well as portfolio online.

Products under its personal banking include checking, savings & CFDs, debit & ATM cards, retirement accounts, and private banking.

Lending covers a wide range of areas including home mortgage loans, Pay My Loan, credit cards, vehicle loans, personal loans, Mass Save Heat Loan, and powerline loan plans.

ix. Rockland Trust

With Rockland Trust, relationships with its clients matter a lot.

Services offered are broadly categorized under personal, small business, commercial, and wealth & investments. Products available through its personal services include banking and loans.

Commercial clients get specialized banking services, banking, and loans. Mortgage products, credit cards, business banking, and more are available.

If you can’t seem to figure out what services serve your banking needs, there are always channels of communication where you get to speak with representatives from the bank.

When looking for the best banks in Massachusetts, these easily fall into the list of those frequently mentioned. Here, we’ve taken the time to briefly mention the types of banking services offered by each bank.

You get to make your choice by comparing any of those mentioned.