As an artist, you’ll want to leverage on the many technological innovations within your area of specialization. These are tons of these innovations including apps built for a wide range of devices. This article seeks to cater to the needs of chromebook users by providing art apps suitable for such device.

Drawing digitally using art apps offers a ton of benefits. A few of these include ease of making corrections, the ability to process images to make illustrations more attractive, eliminating expenses on art supplies, and easier tracing among many others.

Great Art Apps for Chromebook

Thankfully, there are lots of great art apps you can download on your chromebook to enjoy. Some of the most popular include ArtRage, ArtFlow, Inkscape, Infinite Painter, Boxy SVG, Sketchpad, Adobe Illustrator, Sketchbook, Gravit Designer, Krita, Sumo Paint, Medibang Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and Limnu.

i. ArtRage

This bitmap graphics editor is a perfect companion for chromebook users in need of a perfect paint job. It’s designed to bring out natural images that simulate real-world tools while also exposing your creativity. ArtRage is available for both Android and IOS devices. This makes it ideal for chromebook devices.

After installing the ArtRage app on your chromebook, all you have to do to get started is follow simple steps to start using it. These include opening a new canvas, choosing your canvas size, selecting a canvas texture, confirm canvas and start painting. You may have to refer to a tutorial video on how to properly use this app for your painting needs.

ii. ArtFlow

Another exciting app you can install on your chromebook for your art designs is ArtFlow. This is designed to serve as your digital sketchbook. Users get a ton of use options including more than 80 eraser tools, paint brush, and smudge tools. ArtFlow is available on the Android play store for free download and installation.

Not only will Artflow work flawlessly on your chromebook, it will also work effectively on android smartphones. This allows you easily sync between devices.

iii. Inkscape

This free and open source graphics app is one of many that can be installed on chromebooks among other devices. However, your chromebook device must support Linux apps for this to be possible. There have been complaints by some users about their inability to install Inkscape on their chromebooks.

You’ll have to check YouTube for tutorials on how to proceed. The other option you have is to ditch the app and go for other readily installable art apps.

iv. Infinite Painter

According to its designer, the Infinite Painter app is a professional vector graphics app that allows you create complex, yet beautiful designs on your device. Infinite Painter is supported on Chromebooks and can be downloaded and used for free. All your art projects are easily executed using this great app.

For the most part, users shouldn’t have any issues installing and putting the app to good use. If you do, you might want to check YouTube or other video streaming services for guidance on how to overcome the problem.

v. Boxy SVG

SVG files can easily be edited by tools such as the Boxy SVG. These aren’t only suitable for art projects but also serve the needs of web developers and designers. Both beginners and professionals will find this app highly effective to solving design problems.

In terms of functionality, the Boxy SVG is similar in operation to Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator. Simply visit the app store and download this into your Chromebook for immediate use.

vi. Sketchpad

Sketchpad app is designed to create all types of digital artwork and for easy online sharing and export with other image formats. Is it supported on Chromebook? Absolutely! Chromebook users can easily download this free app for all their artworks and photo edits.

With sketchpad, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a sketch book. It’s ease of use makes it a favorite of many users.

vii. Adobe Illustrator

There have been disagreements among some users about adobe illustrator support for certain devices like Chromebook. In 2021, the manufacturer announced the coming of adobe photoshop and illustrator to the web. For Chromebook users, this is great news as they can be able to use these apps on the web.

However, the downside is that you cannot download or install them on your Chromebook. There may also be limitations on what you can do with adobe illustrator on the web interface.

viii. Sketchbook

Sketchbook has been designed to work effectively on every device. This means with your chromebook, you can put the sketchbook app to good use. Artists and illustrators will find this app really interesting as it serves a variety of needs.

Sketchbook can also be installed on Android smartphones. This makes it a great tool for users as you can be able to sync projects easily between devices.

ix. Gravit Designer

Like sketchbook, gravit designer is another app that’s built to be used on all kinds of devices. Your chromebook comes to life as you’re able to put this app to task by working on a variety of art projects. This full featured free vector design app can be used to create wireframes, illustrations, or mockups.

x. Krita

Artists will find the Krita app very helpful for all kinds of projects. Whether it’s digital designs or professional illustrations, krita serves all your needs. The designers have built this app to serve a variety of functions with projects like comics, concept art, storyboards, and animations among things you can do with it.

xi. Sumo Paint

The sumo paint app serves as an excellent tool to better express your imaginative faculties. Whether you’re handling 3D remodeling, or painting projects, this tool gives you just what you need. It’s great for chromebooks and can be downloaded and put to use immediately.

xii. Medibang Paint

Medibang Paint app is free and lightweight but serves the need of artists handling variety of projects. While the download and installation process is pretty much straightforward, some users might have issues with its functioning or use. If you belong to this category, check online videos for troubleshooting tips.

These art apps can be downloaded and installed and chromebooks. More importantly, they provide the user with value. You only have to pick what fits your needs as an artist to begin with.