Small Profitable Self-Employed Business Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for those who are willing to learn and to put more effort into their career chase.

If you need inspirational business ideas to get you moving, below you will find the best and profitable self-employed business ideas you can kick start subject to your convenience.

Do you mind living the dream and working for yourself? Ideally, kick-starting your own business to becoming a self-employed person is the dream and joy for many people.

The ability to set duly your working hours, determine the nature of work you venture into, and earn your income as you will wish is total freedom many would consider worth pursuing.

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So, if this sounds great and interests you, the perfect time for you to do so may be now. Becoming self-employed is, in fact, a goal for many wannabe entrepreneurs, but knowing exactly the right business you will be able to start and afford is what this article is going to deal with.

There are several ways to make money online and offline besides your day job. Several people have come to understand that no one gets rich working for another person and so have continued to scout for self-employment investment opportunities that can be used to start a business.

Although there are many self-employment business ideas, some require a large capital base while some of these business opportunities can be achieved with low start-up capital.

What you need to succeed is adequate preparation through the acquisition of relevant information, up-to-date knowledge, and effective skills.

Becoming a self-employed entrepreneur is a dream of so many people around the world.

Given the economic situation and circumstances around the globe, more and more men and women find themselves out of jobs. The joy of owning a business and paying less in tax is enough to motivate you to start one.

If you have done your research very well, you will know that the top successful people in the world are self-employed.

They sign their paycheck and enjoy a financially free lifestyle.

Won’t you want that for yourself?

You might be among the fortunate few that happen to have a job, but you sincerely know that what you earn can barely cover essentials for you and your family, and you desire a side-hustle or something that can even provide fully for you and your family.

If you are in this shoe, this blog post is also for you.

In this article, we will be taking a look at business ideas for men and women that when implemented can help you earn extra cash and can even be a source of stable income for you and your family.

Self-Employment Business Ideas for Men and Women

Before deciding on a business idea, you need to keep in mind that if you wish to make a success of your business, it requires a lot of passion and sacrifice. It is not for the faint of heart or lazy.

The formation period of your business will come with obstacles and problems, but with enough passion and dedication, you can and will make a success of your business.

You need to ask yourself the following questions before deciding on a business idea:

  • Am I good at this?
  • Do I like this business?
  • What would I need to learn?
  • What do I plan on getting out of this business?

Your answer to these questions will determine the kind of business that is just right for you.

Top 10 Simple Self Employed Business Opportunities

Freelancing is a great self-employment idea if you possess special technical skills such as writing, programming, web designing, graphic designing, and others.

The cool thing about this business is getting paid for what you find easy to do.

To be a successful freelancer, marketing yourself and what you have to offer is important.

This will ensure that your client base is increased and that your business enjoys referrals from word-of-mouth marketing. When the number of your orders skyrocket, the safe thing to do is to hire more specialists.

With a computer, software, a website, a business card, and office supplies, you set up one great self-employment idea.


The truth is offering coaching as a service is one of the best self-employment ideas with low start-up costs.

Are you interested in sports or well versed in sport? You can start by coaching teens in your locality or setting up a community sports club.

You can then progress into managing a school sports team. This is one of the best good self-employed businesses in India.


Are you looking for service-related self-employment ideas you can start with little or no capital?

You can go into creative writing if you enjoy it. Freelance writing for a community magazine, a newspaper, or even sharing ideas and inspiration by writing articles on the blog.

This is also one of the self-employment ideas with low startups because passion comes naturally to the business and you will make more money from such a hobby.


Dropshipping is another self-employment idea that involves selling things without coming into physical contact with them.

Using catalogs or online e-commerce stores, you can display these items for sale, have people order them while you buy from a drop ship company.

This is one good part-time self-employed business idea in the UK that is not going to cost you a lot of money to set up.

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Another unique self-employment idea is online trading. The business model involves offering an item for sale in exchange for another one that is higher in value.

Buying and selling online through several free and paid marketplaces like online stores and classifieds sites is another way to make money fast.

Your ability to spot items that will increase in value within a short duration is a huge factor for success in the online trading business.


Self-employment services such as plumbing and fittings, electrical repairs and installations, auto repair, and laundry business are professional services that people do to make money. With an effective marketing campaign, the number of clients will grow resulting in more sales and increased brand awareness of such business.

Another good method to market these service-oriented businesses include setting up blogs in that niche where related products can be offered for sale.


Self-publishing online is mostly about writing quality reviews and articles targeted at a particular product or service.

This is one of the most practical low-cost self-employment ideas as you don’t need to spend much besides setting up a blog or website for your write-ups.

This last self-employment opportunity is very cheap to start for a beginner. Self-publishing online is a favorite choice of many starters because of the low capital requirement needed to start this business.

Successful execution relies greatly on the level of your writing talent how well you promote your skills.



If you are very good in a specific area or field that others have trouble with, and you don’t mind teaching, why don’t you just venture into this business and become your boss?

Tutorial services particularly online are very popular now, and the rampant subjects being tutored range from making money from information products to online marketing and so many more.

Mobile Repair

Do you have a passion for fixing and putting things into order and you wouldn’t mind running around to do them? You may knack your perfect business opportunity doing this.

Mobile repair isn’t limited to phones only but also includes cars, computers, and a host of others. You can gainfully employ yourself in any of them and earn your paycheck peacefully.

Menu Planning Service

Menu planning service is another self-employ business idea that might work out for you. As this business idea is trendy and catching on, you may need to focus on a certain dietary need.

If you welcome the idea of dealing with food, but not worrying about preparing it, you may need to consider a meal planning service.

With meal planning service, you are helping people to take out the guesswork of what to prepare and what to eat each week or month hence, fetching you money with nobody to yell at you. You are your boss!

Event Planning

If you are an expert in throwing and organizing parties, event planning may just be your destine business.

To help you make a wave and stand out in the crowd, you may want to focus on a specific niche such as birthday parties, weddings or ceremonial events, corporate events, conventions, art exhibits, etc.

Fashion Designing

Fashion designing as a self-employed business idea requires creativity. You can take up this business opportunity and transform your artistic skills and creativity into ransom.

All you need is to build your brands and sell them online or to available retail locations. This business idea has a lot of niches in the industry, so, as a designer, you can find a way to reach huge success with yourself being the CEO.


Are you passionate about cooking? Can you bake for the consumption of one thousand people with no traces of error? Yes, you said; why not cater?

If you love making up a feast for special events, why don’t you consider starting a catering business?

You just need to meet some requirements and obey the view regulations laid down by the government agency responsible for food-related business before starting. However, many people in this field find it a profitable and extremely rewarding experience.

Makeup Artist

This is a self-employment business idea for the ladies as it is very common with them and they are mostly the patronage.

As a wannabe entrepreneur, you may gainfully employ yourself as a makeup artist if you have the artistic skills in you, and if not, you can go for training to acquire the needed skills within a couple of weeks.

A makeup artist is enjoying their indecisive moment right now as they are one of the higher earners in the entertainment, beautification, and bridal industry.

Their earning income is, in fact, a factor of their pedigree, network, and experience.

Freelance Writing

Do you know how to create content if you are being given a topic to write on? If you know you love writing and would like to become a paid writer, then you become a freelance writer.

With freelance writing, you work from any convenient place of your choice. The only thing you need to do to succeed as a freelance writer is to specialize in a niche that you have a natural passion to write on.

They are lots of freelancing sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or Writer, and many others that you can go and promote your skills on. if you don’t like freelancing sites, some sites are looking for freelance writers.

All you just have to do to find them is by googling something like “freelance writing jobs” or “sites that pays freelance writers” and many pages will pop up.

After going through any sites that you will like to write for, you just pitch the editor and wait for a reply.

This is a self-employment business idea that so many people are generating millions of dollars from and you too can do it likewise.


Blogging is now a million-dollar business sector all over the world as many people are becoming a blogger every day.

You may love to write, of course, but just don’t want to freelance, starting your blog is simply the remedy to the situation.

There are a plethora of revenue opportunities available in blogging and among them are affiliate marketing, product sales, sponsor’s post, advertising, etc.

8 Important Steps To Becoming Self Employed

According to an American Marketing Adviser, it has been proved that 90% of the citizens’ aim is to be self-employed.

The nation keeps growing due to these activities with different inventions coming up both offline and online. In most countries today, 90% of the citizens hope on getting jobs and not creating which is not good at all.

To become self-employed anywhere in the world, you need the following ideas;

1. Create a business idea from what you love doing

This is where it starts, being self-employed simply means you have a business that you will start, run, and make successful. So, you need to think of what product you want to sell, or what service you want to provide.

Make sure that it is something you know you would enjoy doing. This is because you would be spending your time, money, energy, and other resources.

You won’t waste your precious time, money, energy, and other resources on what you don’t enjoy doing.

2. Get a Partner or Partners

After you have developed one or two sell-able business ideas, you need to look for a partner. It must be someone who believes in your business plan.

Someone keen on working together with you. A good partner would contribute more ideas to your plan, and immediately you can see how things are going to work out now.

3. Register for a Business License

This does not have to necessarily follow after you get a partner but it is a must you register your business for an operational license. This you can get from the Corporate Affairs Commission.

They are a body set up to grant businesses the opportunity to be registered.

4. Source for Funding or Bootstrap

After you have critically fine-tuned your business idea and business plan, the next thing to do is to source funds or bootstrap.

The source of the fund can be from you or your partner’s savings or your family’s contributions. You would need to get as much money as you could and keep it only for the business.

And in a case where the source of funding is not coming as regards your schedule, you should bootstrap while waiting for funding.

You would need to learn some basic accounting and also have financial management skills. This is because, as you get income from funding, donations, business sales or you start expending funds on business tools, you will need to record them accordingly.

5. Get Modal

Find out where you can get the business items you need at good quality and low costs.

Rent an office (if necessary) in a location that is good for your business or you can start your business from your home or your garage, either to store the items, sell them, or provide services.

After all, most great companies we know of today started in someone’s garage.

6. Promote/Advert/Market

Now that you’re ready to work, spread the word about you and your business. You can distribute flyers, stick up posters, create a website, a blog, social media profiles and pages, place adverts offline and online, etc.

Just do anything good to promote and drive traffic to your business location (online and offline). Just let your business be known by as many people as possible.

7. Treat customers Right

When you get your first customer, you would be excited. Let the first few ones be your ‘trial and error’. You won’t know how to make things work well unless you’ve got some experience. It’s ok to go slow and steady.

Do everything possible to stay within the concept of your business. Be professional in handling customers. Meet their needs and allow them to do more business with you. Keep to time. Be honest and full of integrity…

8. Earn money

Be patient about your income, in the first few weeks or months, it’s expected to be very low. You have to keep believing in it and work harder. Big money doesn’t come easy.

Be willing to sacrifice long hours of work. And as time goes by with serious dedication, commitment, development, etc from you, you would go a long way in earning more and more income.

This comes with an increase in the number of customers you serve.

In conclusion, you will need to see yourself as a businessman. One person cannot build a successful business. You will need to put it at the back of your mind that one day, you will start hiring.

But before that, I need you to know that you will be working as the CEO, the manager, the accountant, the cleaner, the security officer, the secretary, etc in the first few months/years of starting as a self-employed. In short, you have to be a leader.

This is to let you know that to become self-employed fully you need to develop yourself in every aspect of the business. Read business books.

Attend business seminars online and offline. Participate in business meetings. In everything you do, make sure you are developing yourself and your business every day.

Finally, choosing any of the above self-employed business ideas and job opportunities simply means you are equally the boss and also the CEO of your business. You would set your opening hour and determine the closing hour.

You solely determine the type of work to do and you earn your income as you would wish- freedom many people out there consider worth pursuing.