ZAGU Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you know how to have a Zagu franchise? The Zagu franchise is a Philippine based franchise company that offers franchise slots to interested investors.

These investors should be those who share the values of the Zagu franchise. Commencing business operations from its initial kiosk outlet, this franchise opportunity has grown into a reputable business concern today.

With blended pearl shakes as its primary products, the company was founded in 1999 by its founder, an enterprising lady with a bachelor’s degree in food science from the British Columbia University, Vancouver, Canada.

How much does it cost to open a Zagu store? 

The financial requirement for the purchase of this franchise opportunity is mandatory. To be considered for this opportunity, all the requirements set forth by the franchisor must be fully met as a pre-condition for ownership.

These financial requirements include an Initial Investment within the range of Php450, 000 to Php600,000 (Philippine Peso) this of course depends on the type of chosen store operation. The Initial Investment translated in dollars is $9,000 to $12,000. However, investment outside the Philippine border is not yet open for interested foreign investors.

Zagu Franchise Benefits Accruable to Franchisees

All Zagu franchisees benefits from several incentives. Some of these attractive incentives include; the absence of franchise fees, access to operate under the prestigious brand name and use of the logo of the franchise, and also use of the business model, and disclosure of the company secrets for easy and flexible adoption by all eligible Zagu franchisees.

Also, the franchisor provides continuous marketing support through such events as sponsorship, and also event participation among several others. Signature uniforms are provided for all the workforce of the franchise and also access to special events organized by the franchisor.

Zagu Franchise Training and Support

The Zagu franchise provides a compulsory training period lasting a period of time as specified by the franchisor.

Apart from the initial training offered, there are ongoing trainings organized by the franchisor either as refresher or update courses.

These trainings are done to acquaint franchisees with the necessary knowledge and skills of operating the franchise.

However, it is not limited to training alone, as the franchisor does not abandon the franchisee alone after joining, but there is a continuous support arrangement offered by the franchisor to guide and aid in the smooth running of business in its franchises.

Zagu Franchise Franchise Coverage

The Zagu franchise is spread across the Philippines, however, this franchise opportunity is only restricted within the borders of the Philippines, as it has no international presence.

Although it might consider this option at a later time, the Zagu franchise at the moment makes provision for only domestic investment opportunities.

Important Considerations to Make

Some of the most important things to consider when buying into the Zagu franchise include; ensuring that reason for wanting to invest is driven by a passion and genuine interest in this business sector, finding out the operational proceedings and ensuring that it is within your scope of acceptability.

In other words; ensuring that the conditions set forth by the franchisor are acceptable to you, paying close attention to location. This is very important to any business venture; hence, this factor alone can be the difference between profitability and losses.

It will be of immense help if the franchise candidate will study the business environment to ensure it is suitable for brisk business.

Zagu Franchise Contract Renewal

This depends on the term of agreement signed during the franchise contract agreement between the franchisee and the franchisor. This however might depend on some conditions set by the franchisor. If these conditions are met or exceeded by the franchisee, he/she automatically qualifies for a renewal of the contract.

For Zagu franchise, details of this agreement are not presently disclosed, but it is believed that during the signing of the contract by both parties, such details will be disclosed to the franchisee.

How Much Can a Franchisee Make as a Zagu Franchise Owner?

The profits realisable to franchisees are subject to the effort committed into the business by the franchisee. With services provided, a balance should be achieved between sales and satisfaction. Hence, while satisfying the client, it should be run with the intent of making a profit.

Thus, such things as reducing the cost of production and wastages should be paramount to the franchisee. Then, and only then will profits increase, and losses occasioned by wastages reduce considerably. So, in answering the question on how much profits a franchisee can realise, it is totally dependent on the franchisee how much commitment he puts into his/her Zagu franchise.

How to Apply – Zagu Franchise Business Plan

The application process for the Zagu franchise includes first carefully filling out an Initial Questionnaire form. This application is usually under the Authorized Dealer (AD) application category. This is then followed by an initial interview, where the applicant is required to fill in all necessary requirements.

However, in situations where authorized dealer applicant provides incomplete requirements, his/her application is automatically put on hold, pending when these requirements will be fully met. Without carefully following the procedures as outlined above, applicant’s requirements would not scale through the next stage of the application process, resulting in stalled application.

These are the basic information about the Zagu franchise, highlighting requirements to be met by the franchise candidate.

However, the information provided in this article should not be solely relied upon as the franchisor might decide to change or alter some of this information without notice. It is advised that interested applicants should check the website of the franchisor if there are any updates.