Yoshinoya is one of the oldest restaurant brands launched in Tokyo’s fish market in 1899.

Since its opening, the Yoshinoya brand rapidly grew its operations across Japan and internationally. Today, this restaurant franchise has over 2,000 restaurants spread worldwide and growing.

Are you wondering if it has a presence in the U.S.? Of course, it does. Yoshinoya is seeking financially prepared and interested candidates to join its franchise program. This franchise offering is attractive.

All you must do to learn is read along as we cover critical aspects of its operation.

Yoshinoya Franchising Cost, Startup Guide & Profits

Before we go further, it’s necessary to know what Yoshinoya does. This restaurant franchise has a highly customizable menu. Different servings like Combo, Combo XL, Regular, and Large offer these.

The main categories include appetizers, desserts, choose-your-mix, and choose-your-protein. Under its protein category are delicious Japanese dishes like teriyaki chicken, original beef, orange chicken, teriyaki grilled ribeye, and habanero chicken.

Under its mixed category are Japanese udon noodles, white rice, brown rice, vegetables, and coleslaw. Under its appetizers are menu items like clam chowder, spring rolls, and gyoza.

Desserts include cheesecake, flan, and chocolate chip cookies.

Yoshinoya’s Japanese-inspired recipes are the essence of its menu. Since its launch in 1899, the restaurant has shared such delight with its customers and exported it to different parts of the world.

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d not like to pass up, you only need to read along for details.

Why Yoshinoya?

Yoshinoya franchise prides itself on its uniqueness.

Here, the secret lies in its quality ingredients, honest cooking tradition, and a business built around customer satisfaction. These are principles it has stood by since its opening.

As its franchisee, you’re introduced to these qualities and trained to abide by them.

Yoshinoya Franchise Costs

Opening your own Yoshinoya franchise requires meeting all minimum financial requirements.

These requirements include liquid capital of $300k, a net worth of $1 million, and a credit score of 700 or higher. Other basic investment details include a franchise fee of $27,500 for the first store.

Subsequent stores will attract lower franchise fees of about $24,750. Other costs include the continuing royalty collection of 5% to 5.5% of net sales.

The advertising fee is around 3.5% of net sales, while the grand opening fee is about $12k.

You’ll need to meet Yoshinoya’s initial investment range of $385,000 to $1,456,450. As always, a full breakdown of the financial details mentioned is provided in the FDD.

To have a clear idea of what’s included, proceed with the franchise application process.

Financing Provisions

It’s normal for franchisees to seek financing provisions as it helps limit the initial investment required to join. For Yoshinoya, no information is provided about financing. Such information will be available in the FDD.

All you have to do is start the application process to get issued the FDD.

  • Quality Ingredients

Each freshly cooked meal or bowl you bite tells the story of the quality and fresh ingredients used by Yoshinoya. Nutritious veggies are a big part of its ingredients.

These and its award-winning fluffy steamed rice make for the perfect meal. Yoshinoya has won over a lot of first-time customers who have remained loyal.

  • Real Cooking Tradition

Yoshinoya is committed to training its chefs to abide by its long-held tradition of cooking excellence.

There are no microwaves in the kitchen; real cooks cook every meal. What more? Its unique recipes are added to make each meal delicious and captivating.

  • Customer Satisfaction

For Yoshinoya, customer satisfaction is central to its operations.

Employees are treated with respect, and such is replicated in the customer. With happier employees, it’s only logical that there will be satisfied customers.

These principles combine to make Yoshinoya a customer favorite. You’ll want to join this rapidly growing Japanese restaurant’s franchise program.

The potentials are significant as lots of opportunities are being offered.

Franchising Yoshinoya

Joining Yoshinoya’s franchise program requires following its simple franchise application process.

The process includes an introduction, kick-off meeting, site selection, foundational knowledge, and launch. Let’s find out what each of these steps has.

i. Introduction

The franchise development team at Yoshinoya needs to know about your interest in its program.

That is why it provides a franchise application form on its franchise page. This captures basic details about you in readiness for discussing the opportunity with the development team.

You also need to review the financial requirements as provided above.

Having satisfied the financial requirements, you’re offered a copy of Yoshinoya’s franchise disclosure document FDD for review.

It’s important to note that the FDD is a vital document that contains everything you need to know about the company.

When going through this document, seek legal help, as the terminologies are legal. Also, consider asking questions about any part of the FDD you don’t understand.

ii. Kick-Off Meeting

Having read and understood the content of the FDD, the development team takes steps to know you better.

This is done by scheduling a meeting with its corporate team where further questions and details are asked.  If the development team is satisfied, actions are taken to formalize things.

This includes signing the franchise document to make your ownership official. Now you’re part of the Yoshinoya family. You get all the necessary assistance to help you move ahead.

iii. Site Selection

The site selection stage is next. Here, the aim is to pick the best site to attract the most patronage and sales.

When choosing a location, things include a substantial daytime population, drive-thru area, dense residential population, and traffic counts of at least 30,000.

iv. Foundational Knowledge

This is the training stage which is essential to your successful launch. During training, you and your team are taken through everything necessary for effective operation.

Customer relations, equipment use, and all its recipes are provided with a handbook containing the preparation process, amongst several other things.

v. Launch

While training was being provided, the franchise development team ensured that your outlet was ready for launch by the time training was completed.

A grand opening is held, and the business is launched. On the first day of business, the skills transferred help you give clients the best possible experience.

You can start your franchise ownership process by following the guidelines offered above. You’ll do well to seek help where difficulties are experienced.