8 Woodworking Business Ideas from Home

Are you interested in starting a custom woodworking business as a side business?

Woodworking business opportunities entail the expert manipulation of wood and its derivatives, to produce items such as wooden chairs, stools, furniture as well as a gamut of other wood-based items.

Woodworking business also includes cabinet making, wood carving, joinery, and carpentry.


Woodworking dates back to early civilizations, that found various uses for the raw material. The advancement of many civilizations was intertwined with the increasing depth of skills employed in working wood.

In the neolithic times, sailing vessels were made of wood. In the bronze age, wood carving resulted in the production of hunting spears in modern-day Germany, while tree trunks were worked into coffins in Belgium. Perhaps, no other civilization depicted the vast uses of wood more than the Egyptians, who utilized wood for making furniture such as stools, chairs, tables, beds, chests.

Also, their tombs and inner coffins were wood-based. The Egyptians refined the art and act of woodworking as a business to the extent that many of today’s woodworking tools such as saws, axes, chisels and pull saws. They are also credited with initiating the use of veneers and vanishes for finishing the wood.

The Ancient Roman empire were also early pacesetters in successful woodworking projects, as essentially most endeavors such as building, transportation, furniture making, toolmaking, and household items. Wood also provided the base material for pipes, water-proof materials, dyes as well as feeder material for heating purposes.

At present, wood still commands extensive use for both industrial and domestic purposes. Woodworking as a business enjoys levels of viability. With possessing the relevant skills and training as a given, woodworking small business can be a fairly low-cost business to start, especially if one already has the most basic tools and equipment, as well as the raw material itself.

It is not necessary to rent space, hire staff or invest in an expensive product inventory. Woodworking can be started small and grow as demand and client base increases. Other opportunities exist outside of making products. They include teaching the craft to others for a fee, publish books on woodworking as well as sell woodwork designs.

The following home-based woodworking ideas can be pursued by the smart and hard-working investor:

8 Best Woodworking From Home Opportunities

Beer Bottle Crates

The alcoholic beverage industry still demands the manufacture of thousands of crates for their products. Woodworking business for the manufacture of crates can reward the investor handsomely.

Book Shelves 

A woodworking home business idea centered on bookshelves can be a thriving concern. Especially if the woodworker can bring style and innovation, in the design and style of the shelves.

Business Card Holders

Many corporate organizations assign a hefty sum to the production of promotional and end-of-year gift items. The smart woodworking business can seize the opportunity in this market by making stylish wooden business card holders, in a variety of forms and designs.


Cabinets are still essential items that feature prominently in living rooms, bedrooms, receptions and offices. Churning out captivating cabinets in compelling designs and forms can ensure the earning of good income.

Cutting Boards 

Many household kitchens and large commercial restaurants are constantly in need of durable cutting boards. A woodworking business can concentrate on this niche area and serve an established market.

Hardwood Chopsticks

A must-have culinary item of the average oriental home, the woodworking craft entrepreneur could make quality chopsticks with elaborate designs and meet the demand of this very important niche market.

Jewelry Box

Many owners of expensive and rare jewelry and ornaments are still very much hooked to more traditional means of storing their valuables, especially amongst the elderly. With a proper woodworking business plan and good marketing strategy, the business can service this market, at a profit, especially if the boxes can be made according to customers’ demands.

Photo Frames 

Pictures hold emotional memories for many people, who desire to have them framed, to last for as long as possible. Wooden photo frames are usually the choice for gift and promotional items. The woodworking business can decide to offer a variety of frames at a reasonable cost.

Wall Art and Sculptures

Wooden wall art decoration increasingly becomes a permanent feature of the furniture choices of home and offices. The woodworking business can engage potential customers by offering bespoke and custom demands. Wooden sculptures have existed for many years and remain relevant today, especially as staff gift items.

The woodworking venture can offer exquisite wooden sculptures for sale and partner with art galleries and museums, for greater visibility and patronage.

These home woodworking business ideas can either be pursued as standalone ventures or mixed. All that is required is for the entrepreneur to constantly update knowledge in the field, have an eye for innovation and style and always seek markets for its product offerings.