Average Walmart Eye Exam Cost without Insurance

We will specifically focus on the Walmart eye exam cost without insurance to provide you with as much information as may be necessary.

Whenever the name ‘Walmart’ is mentioned, what comes to mind is the American multinational retail corporation- Walmart Stores Inc. However, this is not the focus of our discussion.

We are interested in discussing the Walmart Vision Center and the services it provides.

Is There a Relationship Between Walmart Vision Centre and Stores?

This is a question many may want to ask. In providing an answer to this question, Walmart Vision Centers are located in all Walmart stores and owned by the company. However, the difference here is that most doctors of optometry operate independently. In other words, they are independent contractors.

These only pay rent to use such spaces found in Walmart stores.

The relationship involved here is simply that of a landlord and tenant. Doctors of Optometry practicing here earn income by providing comprehensive treatment of ocular diseases as well as diagnosis. This is the relationship between Walmart Vision Centers and Walmart Stores.

Lower Costs/Fees

Walmart Vision Centers are known to offer reduced fees for diagnosis of eye conditions. These vision centers provide quality services as well. So what exactly is responsible for these cheaper services? It is simply as a result of its lower overhead costs. This is as a result of its operating in Walmart Stores. These offer ideal locations that allow for a steady stream of clients coming in daily.

Walmart Eye Exam Cost without Insurance

This is the main subject of this article. As one of the biggest players in the provision of discount eye care clinics, the cost of a Walmart eye exam without insurance starts at $64. The cost of an eye exam and contact lens fitting ranges from $118 and $145. These are essentially the cost implications for the abovementioned services.

You will need to pay for your eye examination from your pocket if you are not covered by insurance. Standard eye examination tests include going through the history of the patient, depth perception evaluation, how the pupil responds when exposed to light, muscle movements curvature of the cornea among other things.

What if you have an Insurance Plan? Will Walmart Vision accept it?

While our focus is on Walmart’s eye exam cost without insurance, we feel it is important to also provide additional information for people with an insurance plan. Walmart Vision accepts most types of vision insurance plans. It handles all the examination costs covered by the plan. To benefit from this service, you will be required to disclose your insurance company. Walmart Vision checks to confirm your coverage.

Eye Examination Summary and Written Prescriptions

Whenever a patient comes for an eye exam, they are given a full summary of the eye exam results. This is also accompanied by a prescription. With these, you can receive treatment anywhere within the United States based on the prescription. This is made available to you as you leave the office.

Bulk of Expenses

The cost of an eye exam is a lot cheaper when compared with the cost of lenses. To get these, you will have to spend a minimum of a few hundred dollars. However, Walmart Vision Centers normally sell cheaper lenses for an eye examination without insurance. A fact here is that however cheap it is, it will be more expensive than getting your eye examined.

So, you may be asking why it is more expensive getting a lens than undergoing an eye exam. The answer to this is that getting a lens at Walmart involves a process of additional testing for contact lens patients. Here, the curvature of your eyes is measured to provide you with the most fitting and comfortable lenses.

After getting these lenses, you are placed under a period of evaluation. This is to forestall any complications that may arise.

Lens Brand

Because most eye complications result in corrections with lenses, there is a huge collection of lenses to choose from. However, this choice is not up to you as the patient. Optometrists working in all Walmart Vision Centers make this choice for you. They select a specific brand that fits the outcome of their examination as well as specific lenses that have proven effective based on their years of experience.

Walmart Eye Exam Advantage

Walmart has 6 ultra-modern optical labs. Here, top quality glasses are made from a selection of the best frame and lens materials. The company seeks to provide only the best for clients, hence its commitment to quality. What makes it even more exciting for clients is the cost. The company leverages its buying power and operational efficiency to source quality products at pocket-friendly prices.

In other words, without an insurance cover, you can get quality eye-care at cost-effective rates. This makes it one of the best eye-care providers in America you should consider.

Regular Vision Checks

Walmart Vision Centers recommend that you conduct an eye exam annually. It does not matter how good you think your eyesight is, as a lot can change within 12 months. Regular checks eliminate any adverse ocular conditions that may arise without your noticing it.

Walmart’s eye exam cost without insurance has been our focus in this article. We have also discussed Walmart accepting insurance plans for those who have such. Walmart is one of the major providers of top quality eye care.

With the information provided here, you have a general idea of what it takes to use its services.

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