For entrepreneurs interested in venturing into the livestock sector, particularly turkey farming, but lacking basic skills required for writing a convincing and effective business plan, this article is for you because it makes available a sample which provides the necessary guidance and helps the entrepreneur understand the basic information that should be contained in a good turkey farming business plan.

All the entrepreneur needs to do is to engage in a brainstorm session where information unique to his/her turkey business is provided while following the procedure given by this article.

Following this, it is strongly believed that the entrepreneur will produce a detailed and comprehensive turkey farming business plan. This article begins with the table of contents as shown below;

Here is a sample business plan for starting a turkey farm.

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Target Market
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Sales Projection
  • Revenue Sources
  • Publicity and Advert Strategy
  • Payment Channels

Executive Summary

Turkey Farms LLC is a turkey farming business located in the heart of Ohio. Focusing mainly in the production of turkey, the Turkey Farms engages mainly in commercial production. Our business will have the best poultry equipment to ensure that our products stand out through the adoption of the best processing techniques and rearing technology.

We will be delivering both live and processed turkeys to our clients. Apart from the purchase of the best poultry equipment, we will also be focusing on the quality of our workforce.

Hence, we will be hiring the best hands with impressive years of experience. This is to ensure that their skills and experience and tapped to help in moving our business forward.

Products and Services

The products and services we will be offering include several aspects of the turkey farming industry. These include the raising of turkey for commercial purposes, the processing of these turkey products for sale domestically and export, plus the provision of training to interested persons willing to learn the skills involved in the rearing of turkey.

We will also be providing vaccination services for other turkey farms wanting this service.

Vision Statement

Our Vision at Turkey Farms LLC is to build a business synonymous with excellence. Using a well structured business model, including the use of experienced and skilled hands, our aim of being among the top 5 turkey farms in Ohio within a 7 year period from the inception of business will be realised. We will be adhering to the regulatory standards set by the food regulatory bodies to ensure consumer safety.

Mission Statement

At Turkey Farms LLC, our mission includes expanding our services to cover more states within the United States. This is aimed at realising the widest reach of our products while increasing our sales and profit potential at the same time.

Target Market

Because of the size of the consumer market for turkey products, our target market is quite vast, as it covers all households, individuals and commercial sectors. Also, there is a major value-chain effect as related services are provided due to the presence of this company.

Therefore, we will be targeting clients that include restaurants, individuals, agro dealers and hotels among several others. These will constitute our primary consumer base where most of our products will be mopped up.

Competitive Advantage

We have an edge over our competitors because we are dedicated to providing value for money to the creation of a value chain such as neatly processing some of our products, plus ensuring that all our products undergo stringent tests conducted by our quality control unit which ensures that no deficient product reaches the client.

Also, our work conditions will be world class, as we will be investing heavily to ensure that the work environment of our workforce is adequately taken care of. This is to encourage higher dedication to work. Attractive remuneration packages that include bonuses will be available to our workforce to encourage increased dedication.

Sales Projection

Our sales projection levels have been impressive. Factors used in arriving at these figures include the current economic climate, plus key indices within the industry which has aided in arriving at our current projection.

However, factors used discount indices such as economic recession, and natural disasters as tsunamis, hurricanes, and earthquakes among others. The summary is shown in the chart below;

  • First Year $120,000
  • Second Year $230,000
  • Third Year $450,000

Revenue Sources

Sources that make up our revenue income streams include the sale of all turkey products, plus the profits realised from value addition by way of processing. Training conducted for interested clients on the rearing of livestock will also contribute revenue to the business.

Publicity and Advert Strategy

The publicity and advert strategies to be deployed cover a wide range of areas such as the use of the internet for advert. This can be through the creation of a website for our business which will be showcasing our products and services to the world.

Also, we will be making use of social media channels to reach the widest audience possible. Others include the printing and distribution of fliers and handbills, plus the placement of paid adverts in both electronic and the print media.

Payment Channels

The payment channels to be used include the use of all sorts of payment methods that include the POS machine for payments, acceptance of credit cards, online banking transfers and the receipt of cheques among others. These are aimed at providing different options for the client to choose from.


This turkey farming business plan sample has provided the necessary steps to take when writing a business plan. The entrepreneur is adequately guided on the procedure for maximum benefit. It is believe that this will be of immense help to those seeking to commence their turkey farming business.

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