Truck Franchises

Do you have some trucking business experience, or are you drawn to establishing your own business? Franchising is a business model you might want to explore. Compared to starting one from scratch, buying a trucking franchise gives you access to a franchisor’s proven business model.

In other words, you can replicate the franchisor’s successes by simply following its lead. While that is true, it doesn’t mean you have no role to play in ensuring the business’s success. Of course, you must be passionate about the company and be desirous of achieving success.

Here, we’ve provided a list of some of the best truck franchise opportunities you can explore. These have witnessed significant growth over the years and offer you the chance to join their operations to expand their brand.

Truck Franchise Opportunities to Buy

Our list of truck franchises includes some of the best names in the industry. These companies cater to the needs of their franchisees through the provision of robust support, training, excellent location, proven track record, little or no competition, and a recession-resistant business.

Examples include Craters & Freighters, BlueGrace Logistics, United Charis Transport LLC, United Shipping, Inc., and TravelCenters of America. Other opportunities in this category include RACETrac, Supply POINTe, InXpress, Intercargo, Safe Ship, AIT Freight Systems, and Worldwide Express.

You may also be interested in trucking brands like Unishippers Global Logistics LLC, Executive Logistics & Transportation, and Diesel Truck FleetService. You may also like Two Men & a Truck Franchise, Tap Truck, CargoCall, Chemex International, etc.

i. Craters & Freighters

How would you want a truck franchise with a unique business concept and diverse clientele? Craters & Freighters presents such an opportunity. Benefits enjoyed by franchisees include purchasing discounts, a large exclusive territory, access to a large national account, and full-time support.

ii. BlueGrace Logistics

BlueGrace Logistics has a massive network of nationwide capacity. It handles truckload and refrigerated freight, less than truckload freights, and has a modern multi-modal network. You might contact the franchisor for full details and guidance if this sounds interesting.

iii. United Charis Transport LLC

United Charis Transport is a transport, shipping, and storage company that offers warehousing, refrigeration, and dry cargo delivery. It provides an investment opportunity to interested franchisees, which costs around $15,000 to $17,000. Investors must have a net worth of $990,000 and a liquid capital requirement of $65,000.

iv. United Shipping, Inc.

United Shipping, Inc. offers just that if you’re looking for partnership opportunities with a truck company. It provides a form you’ll need to fill out carefully with relevant details. Details are filled in to allow the franchisor to assess your qualifications. A franchise representative contacts you for a full breakdown of the opportunity.

v. TravelCenters of America

Investors interested in owning a Traven Centers of America franchise must choose from its facility options. These include its TA or Petro Facility, TA Express Facility, or TA Truck Service Facility. The first and second options attract franchise fees of $150k, while the last will attract a cost of $30k.

vi. RACETrac

RaceTrac is a truck franchise that you can own with an investment of $1,000,000 to $1,400,000. A net-worth requirement of $700,000 and liquid cash of $350,000 is also needed. Adequate capitalization is necessary. Franchise candidates also need to evaluate their prior experience and strengths, amongst other things.

vii. Supply POINTe

The franchise program at Supply POINTe has low overhead, zero inventory, and minimal staffing requirements. This will sound exciting to many franchise candidates, but that’s not all. Supply POINTe’s franchise offering is flexible and home-based. To learn more, click on the get started link.

viii. InXpress

This shipping and freight services reseller offers an investment opportunity to join with high earning potential. InXpress franchisees get access to its innovative software, are given comprehensive training and continued support, and have relationships with global carriers.

ix. Safe Ship

You can pick your preferred opportunity from multiple options with this franchise opportunity. Safe Ship has multiple franchise concepts, each varying, offering opportunities based on your needs. To get things started, send a mail to [email protected] to receive feedback on the opportunity and how to proceed.

x. AIT Freight Systems

AIT Freight Systems franchise is open to investors for a sum starting from $46,000. This is a global transport operation with headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. Its operations are also aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiency. Does this sound interesting? You might want to look up more details on how to join.

xi. Worldwide Express

Another logistics company you may want to partner with is Worldwide Express. This truck franchise has its operations spread both locally and internationally. It seeks to sell its franchise opportunities to qualified candidates passionate about owning and growing their truck business.

xii. Unishippers Global Logistics LLC

Unishippers Global Logistics LLC can help you build your dream of owning and growing your trucking business. As its franchisee, you’ll provide small to medium-sized businesses with ground freight services, a complete line of express, and international shipping options at discounts.

xiii. Executive Logistics & Transportation

Like many truck franchises, Executive Logistics & Transportation is looking for the ideal franchise candidates to partner with. These are persons with a credit score of 680+, 60k income and above, and the needed investments to commit to this opportunity.

xiv. Diesel Truck FleetService

How does buying a diesel truck repair franchise sound? That’s precisely what Diesel Truck FleetService specializes in. To join its franchise program, you’ll need an investment of $175k to $200k. The franchise agreement term is for 20 years and can be renewed.

xv. Two Men & A Truck

This truck franchise offers several services that include storage, moving, and junk removal services. The investment amount for joining is $106k to $436k. Franchise candidates in need of financing might be offered such an opportunity with in-house and third-party financing options.

xvi. Tap Truck

Tap truck isn’t a franchise. It prefers to identify its investment program as a licensing process where members are offered licenses to operate under the brand. Specific territories are awarded to such licensees to work within. Tap truck uses a mobile bar for its operations.

This is as far as we’d go in discussing truck franchise opportunities to join. We’ve identified some of the best in the industry. Joining any of these requires following the franchisor’s ownership requirements.