Work From Home As A Travel Agent With No Experience

This article will be showing you how to work from home as a travel agent with no experience at all.

The travel industry is one with lots of opportunities for willing participants or entrepreneurs seeking to pursue a business or career. Travel agents play a crucial part as stakeholders in the smooth functioning of this industry.

If you’re interested in becoming a travel agent, yet have no experience, the good news is; you can. The best part is, you can work from home without having to incur the cost of renting an office space.

Becoming A Travel Agent in The Absence of Experience

Lots of people have different interests in what they want or plan to do with their time.

To become a travel agent even without prior experience some basic characteristics must be evident. These include having a passion for travel, organizing, and planning. These traits are essential for success.

You will be assisting clients with a lot of travel planning.

This includes making or booking travel arrangements and selling travel plans. In summary, you’ll serve as an independent contractor while making arrangements for clients on behalf of a host agency.

No Experience? Here Is What To Do

Since we’re talking about working from home as a travel agent without experience, certain interests and passions must be necessary.

First, you’ll need to have extensive knowledge of places or destinations.

Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to such locations to know about them. All such information is readily available on the internet. By conducting a lot of online research, you’ll cover up for your lack of experience. Secondly, you need to have excellent research and communication skills.

These will prove helpful in achieving your set goals.

Equipment For Starting A Travel Agency From Home

Working from home as a travel agent cuts down significantly on your startup costs. However, you’ll need to have basic equipment such as a printer, a computer, a fax machine, a quiet home office area, a phone plus a reliable internet connection.

To work with a host travel agency, you may be required to pass a background employment check. This is a necessary step that ensures only qualified agents are recruited. For most types of background checks, no special form of education is necessary. However, having one will be more advantageous.


Travel agencies offer training in different areas of their operations. This helps you succeed as a travel agent. While others may demand a prior experience requirement from prospective agents, a lot do not. Find those that offer opportunities in place of training.


This comes with being a home-based travel agent. You’re able to do what you love while having complete location freedom. Not only are you able to work from home, but you can also work from wherever as long as it fits your schedules. As a home-based travel agent, you’re able to hold other jobs too. This fetches you extra income.

Travel Companies Offering Jobs For Remote Travel Agents

Having met the criteria for becoming a travel agent, you’ll need to attach yourself to a travel agent company.

There has been a steady climb in recent years for travel agents that can work remotely. Some of the companies offering remote job opportunities for travel agents include BCD Travel, AirTreks, ADTRAV Travel Management, and Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Others include American Express,, VIP Desk, FROSCH, World Travel Holdings, Carnival, Jet Blue, Working Solutions, and Hilton. More companies include Kemp Travel Group, CCRA Travel Solutions, Pana, Ovation Travel Group, Polk Majestic Travel Group, and Rollinglobe.

There are more of such companies like Raptim Humanitarian Travel, Vail Resorts, and Travel Leaders Corporate. These are just a few of the many travel companies that allow agents to work from home with or without experience.

The Finer Details

Before starting your journey as a home-based travel agent with little to no experience, you’ll need to know the finer details of what’s involved. First, you must be driven by creativity in addition to passion.

There are lots of responsibilities that come with being a travel agent. You’ll be involved in recommending your favorite travel destinations. Other things will include honeymoon locations, golf, and family trips among many others.

You want to project an image of professionalism to your client as well as demonstrating your level of expertise.

Hence, despite your inexperience, you’ll need to perform a lot of research to help perform such tasks effectively. Constantly research for available (the best) deals and discounts too.

How Much Can I Earn As a Home Travel Agent?

It depends on what position you’re holding.

Home travel agents holding an employee position tend to get more benefits in addition to a median salary of $30,000. These benefits may include discounted travel deals as well as travel agent discounts. You also get to earn commissions irrespective of the position you hold.

Why You Should Become A Travel Agent

Having established the fact that you can work from home as a travel agent with no experience, it’s necessary to discuss the reasons why you should become a home-based travel agent. Now, most people start a career due to several reasons. The most dominant ones include the perceived benefits to be earned.

The same holds for a home-based travel agent job. The first reason is the fun and interesting nature of the job.

You’re directly assisting people to sort out all their travel problems in addition to putting a smile on their faces. Seeing your clients happy can be deeply satisfying as you know you’re making a positive impact on their lives.

The second reason why you should become a home-based travel agent is that you benefit from lots of free training programs. Travel agencies and companies offer these training programs to further build your expertise to handle and provide comprehensive travel services for clients.

Being your boss is another benefit you get by becoming a travel agent. You’re able to set your work schedule while doing other equally interesting things.

In Conclusion…

Working from home as a travel agent with no experience is possible and a fun way to start a career. This article has highlighted several aspects of getting started as well as the requirements.

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