TRADER JOE’S Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Is Trader Joes a franchise? Trader Joe’s  Franchise food company had proved itself to be one of the best if not the best food company that serve grocery and foods worldwide with high rate of productions and sales of fresh and organic foods that contributes and aids the growth of its customers.

It is one of the trusted companies over the world that sells organic and fresh foods that meet everyone’s expectations.

How to Open a Trader Joe’s Franchise

Do you know how much franchising a Trader Joe’s costs? Are you willing to engage in a franchise that sells a wide range of original products and will not be resold again?

Then it is time to consider doing business with Trade Joe. They are a unique organic food shop that offers a one-stop adventurous shopping activities for interested shoppers.

Trader Joe offers all their products to their customers at a very low price and at Trader Joe, all their stocks are considered “always available”. With a company of this wonderful policy that offers great shopping experience, it is just not a surprise that you are here as well to know how much is a Trader Joe’s Franchise?


Trader Joe is a private company established in the year 1950 and it was originally called Pronto Markets. In the year 1967, they had a name change to Trader Joe and since that time, the company has continued to provide unique items on sale to their numerous customers and they are also involved in the sales of foods and beverages.

The company is an American chain that offers the sales of grocery. As at 2107, they had 465 stores across the country and in 41 states.

The company was established by Joe Coulombe until 1979. After which it was owned by Theo Albrecht until his demise in the year 2010. Ownership of the company was then passed to his heirs. The company has their administrative offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Monrovia, California.

Trader Joe purchases their products directly from the suppliers and they ensure they get the best bargain for every product they buy. This is done to save cost and then the savings are passed on to the customers. The reason why you can get a lot of items at relatively cheaper rates at Trader Joe. With their unique offering of low cost items, you might want to ask about Trader Joe’s franchise opportunity or if Trader Joe sells franchise.


Unlike most stores that may offer up to 50,000 items on sale, Trader Joe only stocks about 4000 items and most of these items bear one of their brand names. At their stores spread across the US, you can get items as organic foods, gourmet foods, unusual frozen foods, domestic and imported wine and beer, eggs, dairy products, pet foods, plants and flowers, vitamins and so on


Another important question that a lot of people ask is does Trader Joe sell Franchise? The answer to this will be granted shortly.

Despite their great success in reaching to their customers’ hearts through the offering of quality first-hand products at a very cheap price, Trader Joe has not considered the Franchising option. But while they do not sell franchises, they offer opportunities to entrepreneurs to become a Trader Joe’s Vendor.

What this implies is that vendors that have products to sell and are able to meet the company’s health and safety standards (which can be gotten on their website) are allowed to store-in their products at any Trader Joe’s store close to them. Potential vendors that are interested in this opportunity can check on their website and fill the Vendor Inquiry Form. This is the alternative offered by the company in lieu of the Trader Joe’s Franchise opportunity.


Since it is well established that the company does not offer to sell franchise at the moment, getting the cost of a Trader Joe’s Franchise, Franchise fee, royalty fee will not be possible. This could be quite disappointing, but it is just the information you can get on their website. However there are various other opportunities you can seek with Trader Joe. Rather than focusing on franchises, the company puts more effort in building its stores on their own and look for greater opportunities to expand through internal investments.


Instead of the Trader Joe’s franchise, an opportunity you can afford yourself with is the Trader Joe’s Career Opportunity. They accept application for Mate and Crew positions. After which you can advance via internal promotions to the positions of a Merchant and Captain. You can fill out applications in person at their store whenever a position is advertised.


You can also assist the company to locate a store in your immediate environment if you feel their presence is needed there. This is an alternative as well to the Trader Joe’s Franchise Opportunity. If you invitation/request is considered, you might be lucky to get a position in the company. This will surely build your experience with them and get you familiar with the process of running their stores.

On the company’s website, you can locate a Location request form. You will be expected to input your names, contact information and the city where you would want Trader Joe to locate their store.


  1. Merredith says:

    I am wondering if your company would be interested in opening a store in the south valley of Fresno. I live in Fowler, CA and our community is growing very fast. We are needing another grocery store that would provide organic produce and specialty products that you offer.

  2. Richard Gimbl says:

    We could use a Trader Joe’s in Ocean Isle Beach. We from the southern parts of Noth Carolina and South Carolina have to travel an hour or more to shop at the store in Wilmington, NC We have a large empty store here that would be perfect.

  3. Alyssa Roberts says:

    PLEASE open a Trader Joe’s in Grand Junction, CO!!!! Our population continues to grow here. Everyone that know when I’m going to Denver to visit gives me their list for Trader Joe’s, plus my own list!!! Please please consider!!!!!

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