The Human Bean Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

THE HUMAN BEAN Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Are you still contemplating on The Human Bean franchise? The Human Bean franchise is a company that has been in operation since 1998 which is exactly 20 years. For anyone or any group interested in joining The Human Bean Franchise, here is all the available information about The Human Bean Franchise that you will need to know.

We will see at first, the overview of the company, the year of establishment and the services they offer, after this, important details needed by an intending franchisee such as how much a Human Bean Franchise cost, and the required total investment cost will be discussed.

Then we will be discussing the available training and supports open to the intending franchisee at The Human Bean Franchise, and finally, we will be discussing at length, how to start The Human Bean Franchise business

About The Human Bean Franchise
The Human Bean Franchise was established in the year 1998 in Ashland Oregon and started franchising in the year 2002. Noticing the increasing demand for convenient, quality coffee and espresso they were moved to enter into the business. They established a very good reputation for themselves by having very friendly and experienced baristas and also by offering the best ingredient available.

Presently they have over 72 locations in 10 different states and 59 of these locations are franchised locations. They continue to improve because they want to always see people happy and because of their love for coffee.

How Much Does a Human Bean Franchise Cost?
The Human Bean Franchise cost you a minimum cash requirement of $55,000 and a maximum of $90,000 coupled with other expenses that one need to fulfill before becoming a franchisee at The Human Bean Franchise.

The Human Bean Franchise Fee
A franchise fee of $20,000 is required to be paid to become a franchisee at The Human Bean Franchise. Presently they do not currently charge a royalty fee or an advertising fee.

The Human Bean Franchise Startup Cost
For those interested in joining The Human Bean Franchise, you will be required a total investment capital which amounts to $153,350 as the expected low and $617,500 as a reasonable high.

The Human Bean Franchise Training and Support
The Human Bean Franchise knows the benefits and importance of training and support for their franchisors, because of this, when you become a franchisee, you will be opened to enjoy the following benefits in training and supports:

  • Removal of royalty fee and marketing comes as an advantage for franchisee
  • They will help you with site selection; they will help you pick locations that will suit you well.
  • They have organized specific training for you and your manager both onsite and at the headquarters. These training will afford you the opportunity to understand all that is needed to start the business.
  • They also help you with site plan and design. They will help with architectural drawing etc.
  • They will help with full branding with trademark logo and name on marketing tools.
  • Specialized training before and after starting the business.
  • You will be opened to over 120 hours of intense training.
  • At your request, you will be provided with the required training.
  • A mandatory training is also arranged for both you (Franchisee) and your store manager for effective dispensation of their services.
  • They have security and safety measures which they will teach their franchisees.
  • For all their year of work, they have the needed experience that you will need to stabilize your business and this is what they will impact into you.
  • You will be opportune to attend different seminars, meetings, and conventions where latest marketing strategies and overall business improvement ideas will be delivered.
  • You will be opened to their intranet service, where you will able to receive the needed information both during and after working hours.

The Human Bean Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
The term of The Human Bean Franchise agreement is for 10years with an option to renew for an additional 10 years after payment of $1,000 renewal fund. Neither the franchisee nor the franchisor can terminate the contract without cause.

As a franchisee, you are not required to participate personally in the direct operation of your drive-thru. You may contact them for more detailed information.

How much does The Human Bean Franchise Make?
Currently, there is no complete information on how much one engaging in The Human Bean Franchise business will make, we can only base our conclusion on solid and obvious fact that a franchisee at The Human Bean Franchise will make a lot of money. So many factors will decide how successful you will be, these factors include your location, your price, your interaction with your customers, amongst other factors. You may contact the Human Bean Franchise online for more information about that.

How to Open The Human Bean Franchise
With all the information we have gathered about The Human Bean Franchise. If you are interested in starting up as one of their franchisees, quickly contact them by visiting their website at alternatively you can give them a call at 1-888-262-2215.