The Halal Guys Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

The Halal Guys Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Founded in 1990, Halal Guys is a fast-growing quick-service restaurant and having the biggest American Halal food concept in the world.

By the way, Halal is an Arabic term for permissible. Here are some Halal business opportunities.

This restaurant business began its franchising operations in 2014 and offering enormous growth opportunities to prospective franchisees.

Prospective franchisees having a preference for carry-out, dine-in, catering/lunch, late-night, online ordering, and dinner will find Halal Guys a perfect fit.

This business concept was co-founded by three friends namely Abdelbaset Elsayed, Mohammed Abouelenein Ahmed Elsaka.

The Halal Guys are ranked among Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.

This is a testament to its excellence. It also shows its capacity as one of the most reliable restaurant franchise brands.

Is this a Franchise Opportunity for Me?

The Halal Guys franchise is seeking new franchisees across the United States and beyond. Of course, you’ll have to fulfill all of its requirements to be considered for this franchise opportunity.

Such requirements include financial.

Ideal Candidates

The Halal Guys franchise seeks a particular mold of clients that fit its vision for the company. Candidates should have exceptional customer service qualities and must be willing to build multi-unit franchise territories.

What more? As a prospective franchisee, you must have an appreciable level of business experience. This is should be also backed by a passion for the Halal guys brand in addition to the American Halal food concept.

With these qualities, you shouldn’t have any difficulties whatsoever breezing through its application process.

The Halal Guys Advantage

Every prospective investor is seeking to have an edge in their business operations. The Halal Guys franchise recognizes such a need and assists necessary to achieve such an aim.

With a strong mainstream demand, a unique concept, full supply line support, and partnership with the leader of the American Halal segment, you’re in good hands to grow your franchise unit sales.

Financial Requirements

A prospective franchisee must be deemed financially qualified to be considered for this opportunity.

Such financial details include a net worth requirement of $2,000,000 and an initial investment sum of between $233,600 and $844,000.

The initial investment sum covers the franchise fee, real estate, supplies, equipment business licenses, and working capital. There are other finer details of the startup expenses you’ll need to find out in its FDD.

The franchisor requires an initial $40,000 franchise fee. You’ll need to pay this franchise fee to join the system.

The Halal Guys franchise has a minimum cash requirement of about $1,000,000. This includes a royalty fee of 6% and an ad royalty fee of 2%.

  • Are There Financing Options?

The Halal Guys franchise offers third-party financing options through its partners who offer financing to cover key aspects of its operations.

Such areas include payroll, franchise fees, accounts receivable, startup costs, inventory, and equipment.


To ensure that all its franchisees can grow their franchise units, the franchisor offers support covering marketing and ongoing support.

Under its marketing support, critical areas are covered that include cooperative advertising, regional advertising, and national media advertising.

Ongoing support includes access to the franchisor’s purchasing cooperatives, field operations, and grand opening.

Prospective franchisees also get support in the form of periodic newsletters, and access to the franchisor’s security and safety procedures.

What more? You get assisted with site selection, real estate, operational, project, and management support.

The Halal Guys also offer vendor & equipment selection, business consulting, use of its reputable brand name & trademarks, and also access to its proprietary recipe and menu development.


Having fulfilled its financial requirements among others, new franchisees undergo training. This is aimed at equipping them to independently run their operations.

Asides from initial training; there are ongoing training programs that are done to help franchisees incorporate industry best practices in their operations.

 Training is divided into two main types; on-the-job training where you get hands-on skill transfer lasting for 8 days and classroom training which involves the theoretical aspects of its operations.

This lasts for a period of 9 days.

How Profitable is the Halal Franchise?

It’s ranking among Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 testifies to its viability.

In terms of profitability, there’s no definiteness for good reason. Although The Halal Guys franchise seeks highly motivated partners, franchisees differ in their levels of drive.

In other words, your profitability largely depends on how well you’re able to market your franchise. Here, we’re talking about the number of sales made each day.

The higher the volume of sales made, the higher your earnings.

Franchise Coverage

The Halal Guys franchise has since grown from its humble beginnings into an international franchise with locations across the United States and beyond.

Within the United States, it has outlets in states such as Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Maryland.

Other locations are the state of Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington. Internationally, the Halal Guys franchise is spread in countries like Canada, England, Indonesia, and South Korea.

There are still lots of units under development both domestically and internationally.

How to Apply

The timeline for ownership of this franchise opportunity from the time of ownership application is about 30 days.

This process is kick-started by submitting an inquiry form after which a franchise representative calls back (mostly within 24 hours) to speak with you.

Here the franchise development director seeks to know and answer your questions and also ascertain your level of readiness for the investment opportunity.

You’re then directed to fill and submit a franchise application form after which you and the franchise director review the application.

The next stage of application involves the presentation of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD is meant to be carefully reviewed for a period of 5 days before signing.

This is a legal document that requires full comprehension. We recommend you seek legal counsel and interpretation of its content.

A discovery day is scheduled by the franchisor which enables you to know more about how the franchise is operated. After executing a letter of intent, you become a full-fledged franchisee of the Halal Guys.

That’s as far as it goes! Is this opportunity for you? You decide!

We’ve touched on key operational areas of the Halal franchise. Prospective investors can easily take action based on the information provided.

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