THE ENTREPRENEUR’S SOURCE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you plan on starting an Entrepreneur’s Source franchise, and are looking for relevant information regarding all you need to know about the Entrepreneur’s Source franchise, and how to go about the sign-up procedure? In this article, you will be exposed to all of the available information regarding the Entrepreneur’s Source franchise.

I will share with you a general overview of Entrepreneur’s Source franchise; how much it will cost you to open an Entrepreneur’s Source store; the required franchise fee; the terms of agreement and renewals; the trainings and supports you will enjoy; as well as how you can go about opening your Entrepreneur’s Source store.

About Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise

Entrepreneur’s Source was founded by Terry Powell in 1984, and since 1997 (more than a decade after startup), they have been offering franchise opportunities to interested franchisees. The company’s head office is located at 900 Main Street South Building 2, Southbury, CT, United States. Zip code: 06488.

The company is a franchise-consulting firm that has been doing business since its establishment more than thirty (30) years ago. The company basically conducts interviews, fills out profiles, as well as assesses clients’ expectations, needs, and goals in order to be able to match the clients to franchise opportunities.

Entrepreneur’s Source focuses on helping clients to find the opportunities that are best suited for them. They basically educate and teach the basics of franchising and several business options to their clients. They use education and discovery-based methods in franchising and coaching new franchise owners. This affords new franchise owners the opportunity to be able to explore and discover new opportunities that are best suited for them.

Entrepreneur’s Source has assisted several thousands of people who are having career difficulty to be able to take charge of how much they earn, simply through their coaching methods of doing business. The company basically makes its income from the franchisors that they recommend to clients, and not from the clients themselves. Some key individuals in the company include Jessica Petit, Franchise Development Coordinator.

Entrepreneur’s Source is well-renowned all over North America as the number one business in the industry. Entrepreneur’s Source has consistently been listed in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 by the Entrepreneur Magazine for ten (10) consecutive years and still counting. They have consistently featured in the Top 100 Franchises by Rob Bond’s Guide. They have also featured on a listing of the Top Home-Based Businesses by the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Before you can fully become one of Entrepreneur’s Source franchisees, you must be a person who possesses good business development ability. You must also have some sort of sales and marketing experience or knowledge. You must be very proactive and result-oriented, and be capable of thriving and handling difficult challenges.

Above all things, you must be ready to work with them, conform to the set-out business model, and possess a burning desire to empower others. Entrepreneur’s Source franchise is for entrepreneurs who have a convincing dream to build not just an income, but a lifestyle; as well as interested in assisting others to get to their desired expectations and goals.

For Entrepreneur’s Source franchise, absentee ownership is not allowed; as a franchise owner, you are expected to be a full operator. Entrepreneur’s Source franchise does not guarantee franchise owners any particular annual sales revenue figure projection; your annual sales revenue is entirely dependent upon you, and whether you are willing to follow the business’ system.

How much does an Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Cost?

To start up an Entrepreneur’s Source franchise, it will cost you only as much as $20,000.

Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee for opening an Entrepreneur’s Source store amounts to $45,000.

Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Startup Cost

Before you can start up an Entrepreneur’s Source store, you will be required a total investment sum that ranges from $66,860$75,110.

Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise Membership Training, Requirements, and Support

The following are a number of benefits in terms of training and supports that you will enjoy once you qualify as one of Entrepreneur’s Source franchisees:

  • You will benefit from a practical training programme at startup, which will be organized 48 hours immediately after sign-up. This training programme will coach you on how you can own and operate an Entrepreneur’s Source store. You will also be trained on business ownership and how you can identify business opportunities.
  • With hard work and determination on your part, you will benefit from the provision of sufficient support to help transition your business to the desired level.
  • Financial support is not available to franchise owners.
  • You will also benefit from the ongoing training that will continuously be organized, aside from the initial startup training.

Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise terms of agreement /renewal

The franchise agreement lasts for a ten (10) year period and could be renewed subsequently at a $5,000 fee.

How to Start Entrepreneur’s Source Franchise?

Once you are ready to take the next step of opening an Entrepreneur’s Source store, you only need to first visit their website at and completely fill in the required information in the online form. Or you could contact them on the telephone at (203) 405-2129 or Fax at (203) 264-3516. You could even join the franchising conversation by catching up with the Franchise Friday podcast at 10:00 am every single week, or simply follow them on Twitter @FranFridayShow using the #FranchiseFriday.