Owning a supermarket franchise can be profitable if you find the right opportunity or brand to invest in. While there are many franchises, it’s logical that not all will be found suitable, at least from the franchise candidate’s point of view. All investors seek the opportunity that is more befitting to their unique needs.

With that said, the objective of this article is to provide multiple supermarket franchise opportunities for people to pick from.  With several options, the chances of finding a suitable or profitable franchise are high. With the right opportunity, opening your thriving supermarket franchise is almost inevitable.

What are the Best Supermarket Franchises?

Many significant supermarket brands have gone full swing into adopting this business model when it comes to franchising. The reason is apparent: it’s a great way for such businesses to expand their operations while growing their profits. So, what are some of the biggest supermarket franchise brands?

They include names like Save A Lot Food Stores, 7-Eleven, GNC Franchising, Metal Supermarket, AMPM, Circle K, Street Corner, and Gateway Newstands. Others include Grocery Outlet, Express Mart, Richards Foodporium, IceBorn, Simply Fresh, Go Local, Costcutter, and Bargain Booze.

You may also find these interesting: Londis, Budgens, Family Shopper, One Stop, Best-One, and Spar. Have you seen any of these appealing enough? You might want to know a little more about each before researching your preferred option.

i. Save A Lot Food Stores

Save A Lot is a supermarket franchise that adopts a unique business model that has led to its consistent growth over the years. Its advantages include operating a low-cost service model, limited assortments, low pricing strategy, neighborhood focus, world-class distribution, and brand investment and growth.

ii. 7-Eleven

With 7-Eleven, franchisees get to learn the ins and outs of franchising. Its embrace of technology has led to the company having streamlined operations which have proven to be highly beneficial to the business. The company is currently seeking to sell franchise opportunities in high-growth areas.

iii. GNC Franchising

To be considered for a GNC franchise, you’ll need $240k cash liquidity, a $20k franchise fee, and a minimum credit score of 670. GNCs global reach, as well as its exclusive brands and team, has made it perform exceptionally well. You may want further details by filling out its online contact form.

iv. Metal Supermarket

Though a small-quantity metal supplier, Metal Supermarket is one of the largest across North America and Europe. To join this franchise, you don’t need any experience with metal, as its robust support and training guide you through the learning process.


This convenience store and gas station business requires an investment of $440k to $10.4 million to join. If you find it interesting, you may want to send a request by filling out its online form. Find out what it offers and explore the opportunity if it aligns with your interests.

vi. Circle K

This supermarket franchise can be profitable when adequately studied and leveraged on. International opportunities are also available outside of the US and Canada. There are franchise development managers ready to discuss this opportunity with you.

vii. Street Corner

With Urban Market, Fuel Station, and Express franchise formats, you can choose what works best for you. If you’re drawn or interested in this supermarket franchise or opportunity, visit the franchisor’s site to learn more about what it entails.

viii. Gateway Newstands

Gateway is a household name when it comes to retailing. The company sells product categories such as pet food and supplies, dry grocery, prepared food, produce, bakery, health & beauty items, and many others. It has different store sizes, 75 to 1,200 square feet.

ix. Grocery Outlet

Do you wish to own a Grocery Outlet? This supermarket franchise presents an opportunity to invest. You get to be an owner-operator, allowing you to enjoy the many perks of being its partner. Such benefits include robust support in various critical aspects of its operations.

x. Express Mart

If you’ve come across this business in the past, you know it has significant operations with many outlets scattered across the country. However, before you make up your mind about investing, it’s necessary to determine the franchisor’s requirements for franchise candidates. Do the realities align with your needs?

xi. IceBorn

IceBorn specializes in ice and water vending machines. To join, franchise candidates need an initial investment of $113k to $246k. The franchise term is for a period of 10 years, renewable upon expiration. Some franchise candidates may also be eligible for financing.

xii. Simply Fresh

Simply Fresh is a specialty grocery that only sells organic and locally-sourced foods. You can jump on the opportunity presented to become its partner. You’ll need to find out whether your area is located among its franchise locations.

xiii. Costcutter

Costcutter presents a co-op franchise opportunity and seeks qualified entrepreneurial retailers to join its growing family. Like all supermarket franchise options mentioned, there’s much to know about the opportunity. You can get more info by downloading its brochure.

xiv. Bargain Booze

Do you want to own a supermarket franchise that guarantees double-digit growth and offers the best-in-class alcohol range? Bargain Booze is a clear choice for persons that want to take this route. It also offers many other advantages, which have continued to draw interest from many franchise candidates.

xv. Londis

This retail franchise is known for its growing investments in its franchisees. The solid system brings this in place that has proven to be highly effective in expanding the company’s operations and growth.

xvi. Budgens

Budgens franchisees get free marketing support and provide investors with dedicated regional development managers. There’s a long list of fresh items being sold at Budgens. These include producing meat, milk, bakery, dairy, food, and deli.

xvii. Family Shopper

Discounter stores have become increasingly popular in the UK, and over 70% of adults gravitate to these retailers for shopping. Family Shopper is a leading brand when it comes to this. It allows independent retailers to join its business with zero membership fees.

Supermarket franchises have been around for a long and offer lots of investment opportunities to interested and qualified candidates.