Supercuts Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Supercuts Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Starting a new hair-cut salon store might be stressful based on startup cost and other aspect of managing the business. Joining a franchising hair-cut business will be your best bet due to the leverage you will get.

Do you know how much franchising a Supercuts costs? In this modern day, virtually everyone wants to look good, especially with pressure from celebrities on TV and also new trends in modern fashion.

One of the ways that young people as well as old citizens utilise to look trim and be in their best is having a nice haircut. When you take a look at every major corner along the street, you will surely spot a Barbershop that offers haircut services.

That’s a big business opportunity for you as an entrepreneur. One of the medium to kick-start your voyage into the world of salon is by buying into a working franchise. Supercuts Company will present to you a very big opportunity to achieve this and so you might want to make the enquiry of how much is a Supercuts Franchise?


In the year 1975 in the city of Albany, California, Frank Emmett and Geoffrey Rappaport decided to open the first Supercuts. It was established to present an alternative to high standard salons as well as the common neighbourhood barbershops.

The duo was able to invent a hair-cutting technique that will only take 20 minutes. This will afford them with the opportunities to deliver and quick and low-cost haircuts. Another great service delivery of the Supercuts Franchise was the fact that they allowed their customer to choose the specific service they wanted.


If you are an entrepreneur and would love to know if Supercuts sells a franchise, then the answer to that is YES. They not only offer franchise opportunities to the general public in this modern-day, they started their first franchise in the year 1979. That was just 4 years after the company was established.

What this implies is that the success of the Company has been ever since they started it and they have successfully held on to that legacy and went ahead to create stores all across the United States of America.


In any modern business, it will take exception and consistent services to make your customers/clients keep coming back to your business and also make good referrals. That’s the secret of the Supercuts Franchise.

With more than 30 years of experience in providing excellent services and products, they have been able to develop a concise approach to the way they deliver professionalism and reliability that the customers expect from them.


Supercuts can be categorised under the retail franchise category. And this can be further subcategorised under the “hair care and beauty salon”. If you have the intention to start off a Franchise Business with Supercuts, then you will need to familiarise yourself with the kind of services they offer at the outfit.

At Supercuts, they offer precision haircuts alongside full range of salon services which include scalp massages and other forms of waxing services. Their services cuts across all genders and ages and these come at a very affordable price.


In order for you to own a Supercuts Franchise, you will be expected to make an initial Supercuts Franchise fee of $10,000. This is quite exclusive of other fees that the company expects you to make as a franchisee. For instance, you will be expected to make an additional royalty fee of 6% of the annual gross revenue and also a 5% fee for advertisement.


If you have decided to own a Supercuts Franchise, you are guaranteed to be diversifying into a lucrative business, but you will need to be fully ready for the financial implications. The cost of a Supercuts Franchise will depend on the location you are setting up your store, but the company requires that the franchisee have a liquid asset which is not less than $50,000

Although the total estimated initial cost of fully establishing a Supercuts Franchise store will be within the range of $150,000 to $300,000. This will surely include the initial franchise fee, furniture and office equipment, computer softwares and hardwares, lease, signs, marketing and advertisements and other miscellaneous costs.


As a franchisee, Supercuts will offer you the license to operate their retail hair care outfit. You will be granted the limited rights and the license to run a Supercuts store and be permitted to offer the services and products that are approved by Supercuts using its designs, formats, methodology, and standard of operations.

Supercuts franchise average profit is not fixed. It depends on how you manage your outfit.


As a franchisee with Supercuts, you will be entitled to its customary initial franchise training about the operation of a Supercuts Location. You are also allowed to have an extra person attend the training with you at no extra cost or charges from the company.

  • Every new Supercuts stylist is expected to attend the Hairstylists Academy Training, which is designed by Supercuts to enlighten them on their unique haircut techniques.
  • All managers at every Supercuts Franchise store will also be expected to attend the Managers’ Training, which will hold for a period of 5 days to complete.
  • Supercuts will also provide the franchisee with advisory panels at no extra cost and the panel will always make a regular trip to the store to inspect the services that are being rendered by the employees and also give instructions on the standard procedures and techniques.