How to Start a Wholesale Buying Club Business

Starting a wholesale buying club business has become a growing trend. This is most popular with groups of people who have identified the advantages of bulk purchase. This is a club that works on the principle of economy of scale.

The higher the volume of purchase, the cheaper prices become.

If you’re interested, we’ll show you how to start a wholesale buying club.

After reading through, you should have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

What’s a Buying Club?

This can also be termed a cooperative.

Also, there are no set requirements for the number of people needed to form this group. Therefore, a buying club can be made up of a small group of colleagues from the workplace. The most common types of wholesale buying clubs are made of families.

However, buying clubs aren’t limited to these groups only. Any group of persons with a common goal can establish one.

  • Driven by a Common Need or Philosophy

There has to be a common need or philosophy before a wholesale buying club is formed. Whatever these are, tons of benefits are always derived.

Therefore, bulk purchase of food, equipment, services and more are often the case.

How to Start a Wholesale Buying Club

It was proper to discuss the above points before focusing on the “how” of starting a wholesale buying club. This is a necessary step to allow for better understanding of the concept.

This section will discuss the different steps or procedures involved. Each is vital and essential to the realization of this objective.

  • Membership Structure

This is an integral and a vital part of starting a wholesale buying club. Who qualifies as a member of the club? And how are responsibilities performed?

So, you’d need to deal with the question of eligibility. You also need to consider if fees or dues are to be paid by members.

What more? The question of restriction also arises. In other words, decisions have to be made on the maximum number of membership allowed.

Sanctions, as well as an authority structure needs to be in place among other things. The membership structure offers a guideline with which to operate. Therefore, these and others will need to be fully addressed when starting a wholesale buying club.

  • The Decision Making Process

Decision making is an important part of both formal and informal groups. The same applies to a wholesale buying club. This aspect ensures there’s smooth running of all business activities.

So, in order to start a wholesale buying club, this structure must be fully in place.

But how exactly should this be configured? By providing answers to important questions. Some of the areas to be considered would include choosing those who will partake in the process. Certain qualities should be present in those selected.

Additional areas will include coordination. By coordination, we simply mean the process of choosing who heads the buying club.

There are times when certain agreements or decisions require adjustments. So, you need to decide who or when such agreements will need to be reviewed.

Also, how are decisions reached? Who’s involved in the process and how are errors (relating to decisions made) corrected? These and more allow for smooth running of your wholesale buying club.

  • Roles Played

Successfully starting and running a wholesale buying club is no small undertaking. This requires all its members to play an important part in its daily running. Consider this as a full-fledged business.

In other words, members will be required to play crucial roles. Such roles depend on what’s needed. However, it’s no secret that certain jobs are more demanding than others.

As a result, assignment of roles or jobs will have to be scheduled. Running part-time shifts and rotations allows for even distribution of responsibilities. In addition to this, members who put in additional time will have to be compensated.

  1. Job Types

Before starting a wholesale buying club, you should have mapped out specific roles. Some of these may require more than one member performing them. But what are the typical roles or job types? Well, this depends on your type of wholesale buying club.

However, there are broad classes of job descriptions or roles you are likely to put in place. These include but aren’t limited to;

Coordinator(s), membership coordinators, job supervisors, order collators, treasurers, bookkeepers, distributors, as well as a publicity department. Wholesale buying club needs may differ.

Hence the need to put in place appropriate job descriptions. By doing this, you are able to structure your business to work efficiently.

  • By-Laws

This is a vital part of the club that requires members to abide by certain rules.

Without rules, there’s hardly an understanding among members. This is an effective way to reach your goals as a buying club.

But, before a by-law is drafted, it will require the input and approval of all its members. It also has definite responsibilities. Through this provision, guesswork is eliminated.

There are times when difficult situations may arise. It’s during such times that by-laws are most effective. Which is why it’s very important what’s included in the by-law.

Members are able to come up with great ideas and tips on what it should cover. You’d also need the input of an expert.

  • The Ordering Procedure

There’s little or nothing that can be achieved without this. This is the process which captures the essence of a wholesale buying club.

It should include vital areas like order, delivery, distribution, pick-up and invoicing. These are the bedrock of wholesale club operation. It charts the process through which purchases are made by members among other things.

Starting a wholesale buying club is a viable economic strategy that benefits any group. However, this needs to be carefully planned.

Without the required planning, little or nothing will come out of it. The above-mentioned structures are necessary to achieving success.

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