How To Start An Etsy Shop

Interested in small Etsy shop business planning tips? If YES, here is a practical guide on Etsy shop with no money and no experience. How much does it cost to sell on Etsy?

How to Sell on Etsy for Dummies – Business Ideas

Are you thinking of starting an Etsy shop so you can be making money online selling your own product?

Starting your own shop on Etsy may prove to be something you find a little overwhelming, however, with a few of the right steps and approaches, you could be very confident about starting your Etsy shop and being sure of making so much success.

How do I set up an Etsy shop? How much does it cost to have an Etsy shop? How much money can be made on Etsy? How much does it cost to set up an Etsy shop?

Here is your ultimate guide to start an Etsy shop and begin to sell your own products;

Here is what to do before opening an Etsy shop:

Step 1: Choose a Good Name

Just like you would for any physical store, you will have to choose a nice name to use for your shop on Etsy.

Although it might be painful that the name you have in mind is not readily available, you could still become creative with choosing a name.

You could choose any name and maybe add ‘boutique’ or ‘shop’ to it. You could even get creative by using the initials of your name. Whatever works for you, ensure it comes out nice and befitting.

Before you open your shop, you could change the name of your shop several times as often as you would want. And after you have opened your shop, you can only change your shop name once.

Step 2: Add More Listings

Now, the next thing you would want to do is to add your product listing. You must make sure to create lists for each unique item you have to offer. Add as many details as possible.

Here is a list of the best products to create and sell on Etsy.

If a product is available in more than one color, create a different listing for them. There are good Etsy shop ideas online that you can maximize in populating your product page.

Step 3: Acquire SEO Knowledge

It is almost practically impossible for you to make huge sales on Etsy if you know nothing about SEO.

Without applying good knowledge of SEO, it would be difficult for customers to click on your products should they search for a related product on Google.

E.g. when customers type ‘Rhinestone bracelet’, you want to make sure your product pops on the first page.

Step 4: Do not use Subpar Photos

It is not enough to just take photos of the products you have to offer, it is highly important if you want to sell very well that you take photos of great quality.

The photo of your products is the first thing your customers will pay attention to. Subpar photos will not do well to the image of your brand.

One good tip to taking great photos of your product is to use daylight.

Also, make sure to use a good background for your photos too. White poster boards will be most appropriate. Go take that perfect photo with a great camera.

Step 5: Write Good Descriptions of your Products

A good description of your products is what will draw your customers in.

Usually, your customers would be more likely to click on your products if they find your descriptions to be very engaging and intriguing.

Etsy buyers are looking for a detailed description that they can connect to, that is why it is important to use personal descriptions.

One good tip to help you write a good description is to learn a thing or two from your competitors. Make it a point to go through the product description of the other sellers who are offering similar products.

Study them critically and try to emulate them, not copy them.

Step 6: Connect with the Community

Get to know the community very well.

Etsy is more or less a world of its own where buyers and sellers get to bond with each other, write reviews, and get involved in the community forums.

First, you will have to learn the rules in the community. Ratings are really important here, and if a customer has a bad experience with you, the word will spread out.

Likewise, too, if you deliver excellent customer service, your ratings will go up and the community will become aware of this. Understanding the platform is crucial and making sure you duly listen to your customers’ feedback.

Step 7: Reward your Customers

Rewarding your customers too is very crucial to the success of your business.

These people are the ones who are making sure that you are successful, so why not reward them in return? You could offer them a discount on future purchases to encourage repeat purchases.

Step 8: Advertise Your Shop

Simply opening your Etsy shop is not enough.

Just as you would advertise any physical shop, so too, you would give due attention to advertising your products on Etsy. There are some ways you could do this.

One of them is to create a Facebook page specifically for your shop and then pay for a promoted Facebook post that links back to your Etsy shop.

You could also use sponsor posts on Twitter and create Google ads for each of your product listings.

Step 9: Be Patient

Well, finally, what is more? Be patient. Starting up your own shop on Etsy will require you to be patient before you can start reaping rewards.

You may not make as many sales within the first few weeks, but once you start making sales, you will find out that you will be making more repeat sales, especially if you provide excellent customer service coupled with a good product offering.

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