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Are you a sports enthusiast interested in starting your own sports agency? There are many things you’ll need to do to bring your desires to fruition.

Most vital of these actions is the planning necessary for actualization. The planning phase cannot be complete without a critical tool; the sports business plan.

For many new entrepreneurs, the business plan seems quite technical or challenging to create. However, the truth is, you might not have approached it the right way.

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This sports agency Business Plan gives an example of what a great plan should look like. We’ve touched on key areas to serve as a guide for you.

Starting from the Basics

To create a great sports agency business plan, you’ll need to understand its structuring. You must consider the different components or sections of the plan.

How each of these sections is developed will determine your outcomes. Here, we’ll show you what these sections are and what should be covered.

They include the executive summary, company description, and products & services.

Other sections include the market analysis, strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and the financial plan & projections.

Let’s discuss how each of these should be developed, shall we?

i. Executive Summary

The executive summary section of your sports agency business plan summarizes the key points contained in the program and provides an overview of the entire document.

It’s rightfully called the executive summary because it’s condensed into two pages.

This section is written to hold the reader’s attention specifically. It allows your audience to know specific vital details about the business to promote the viability of the sports agency business idea.

This should generally appear as the beginning of your plan but should be written last.

Among the details provided in the summary are the business name & location, the services & products offered, mission & vision statements, and the specific purpose of the plan.

To introduce your sports agency business idea, you’ll need to begin by stating its name.

You’re expected to have done the work necessary to choose the right sports name. Equally important is where your sports agency business will be located. With these provided, you’ll need to proceed to the range of services or products you provide.

It’s important not to get into too much detail about the services as such could prolong the time needed to read through the summary. You only need to state the basics and leave the main benefits and products section details in the preliminary plan.

Your mission statement should capture the essence of your business’s goals and its underlying philosophies in a few brief sentences.

It should provide clarity behind the “what,” “who,” and “why” of your sports agency. The vision statement is written alongside the mission statement.

This (vision statement) should provide a brief but definitive and precise description of your sports agency’s aspirations. What more? It should state the kind of impact it intends to create.

It would be best if you also covered the specific purpose of the plan. What do you want to achieve with your business plan?

You might want to use it to set and implement strategies that are one of its common uses. Another is to attract funding to the business.

ii. Company Description

Your audience will want to know more about your sports agency business, and this section gives them an idea of who you are and how you operate.

Also covered are the goals of the business. To do a proper job, provide a summary of your short and long-term goals and your business’s legal structure.

Please give a brief history of the business in addition to its nature. Of vital importance is the need to state the demands or needs you plan on supplying or meeting.

What more? Give a summary of company growth with financial or market highlights included. An overview of your services and products will also be in order.

iii. Services and Products

Sports agencies transact a wide range of businesses. You’ll need to state what your services or products consist of.

In providing such detail, include information such as the net revenue being expected from the sale of these services or products and service costs.

How do your services benefit your clients? This is an important detail you shouldn’t leave out. You should mention services and products still being researched and developed.

What’s the market role of your service or products, and what advantages does it have over those of competitors?

iv. Market Analysis

To be taken seriously, you’ll need to demonstrate your knowledge and industry experience regarding your line of business. This requires a great deal of market research.

Key areas to be covered include industry description and outlook with supporting statistics and a sketch of customer segments with size and demographics.

Identify your competitors and evaluate their areas of strength and weakness. Include historical, current, and projected marketing data for services and products.

v. Strategy & Implementation

Strategy and implementation are vital to sales and marketing.

Here, it would be best to focus on providing information on how you intend to promote or sell your sports agency business to your customers. Also important is information on how you’ll penetrate or enter the market.

Provide crucial details about your labor sources and the number of employees to be hired. How will your sports agency business function? Include details about pricing, costs, and promotions.

vi. Organization & Management Team

Without a proper organizational structure, your sports agency business won’t function effectively.

Here, begin by providing an organizational chart describing departments and key employees. Next, include details about the owners with names, percentage ownership, and extent of involvement.

The profiles of your management team need to be covered as well. Any advisors to the sports agency need to be provided too.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

The services of a professional accountant will be vital to developing your financial plan.

Areas to be worked on include historical financial data, practical prospective financial information, and a brief analysis of financial data.

When fully covered, all of these points will result in a comprehensive sports agency business plan.

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