Sample Smoke Shop (Cigar Lounge) Business Plan


For the entrepreneur with the passion for business in the smoke shop sector, but with little or no experience on the skills of writing a cigar lounge business plan, this article provides a way out, by making available the basic components to be included in a smoke shop business plan.

This smoke shop business plan sample follows certain guidelines where they can easily be replaced with the entrepreneur’s original business information, making it easily adaptable, except, of course for the fact that the entrepreneur will have to brainstorm to provide the most accurate information relating to his/her business while using the guidelines provided here.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a smoke shop (cigar lounge).

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  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Our Vision Statement
  • Our Mission Statement
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Payment Channels
  • Sources of Revenue/Projection
  • Publicity and Advert Strategy
  • Target Market
  • Distribution Strategy

Executive Summary

Puff Tobacco Inc. is a tobacco smoke shop located in the heart of New Orleans. Providing the best tobacco products such as premium tobacco which includes both pipe tobacco and cigars for customers with different preferences, and bar services such as wines of assorted types including gourmet coffee and also a wide collection of beer services.

Puff Tobacco Inc. is set to be the premium brand when it comes to the provision of tobacco services to clients, with our utmost goal being the absolute satisfaction of every client that uses our services.

Products and Services

Among the several products and services on display at our smoke shop business outlet is the provision of the highest quality premium tobacco including preferences for those using smoke pipes and those who prefer cigars.

Puff Tobacco is sold in a serene environment renowned for relaxation and pleasure so that while they enjoy their tobacco, they also take advantage of the relaxing environment. Also, there are on display tobacco accessories for sale and other services such as bars where a wide collection of beer and wines are available.

Our Vision Statement

The vision of Puff Tobacco is to grow into the best tobacco smoke shop in New Orleans within the first 5 years of our operations and to eventually expand to cover the entire states within the United States. Within this time, we will create a brand name synonymous with excellence and begin franchising 7 years from the inception of Puff Tobacco.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Puff Tobacco is to bring variety under a single roof, creating a one-stop-shop for fun-seekers who need a place of relaxation while at the same time, enjoying their tobacco products in addition to a wine and alcohol bar.

These services provided are solely aimed at making our clients feel special, as we believe in our slogan which reads; the customer is king!

Competitive Advantage

The edge Puff Tobacco has over its competitors is the fact that more effort is invested in making sure that we provide extra leisure related services more than other smoke shops that provide similar services.

These include the sale of vintage tobacco accessories and also the bar which has a wide collection of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic for those in need of them. Our workforce is highly motivated to ensure that they serve our clients with the utmost respect, loyalty, and friendliness.

Payment Channels

Customers at the Puff Tobacco smoke shop do not have to worry about the mode of payment accepted, as we have successfully eliminated these worries by ensuring that there are several payment channels to suit client preferences.

We accept cash payments, POS transactions, cheques, mobile money transfers, and other payment channels as may be available. This service is very invaluable to our goal of ensuring that the client is treated like a king.

Sources of Revenue/Projection

Our sources of revenue generation at Puff Tobacco primarily consist of the products and services rendered in all our smoke shop outlets. The sale of vintage tobacco accessories, tobacco products, and other services rendered to our highly esteemed clients make up our source of income generated for the business.

Also, due to research carried out in the smoke shop sector, and with the resources available to us, we have a projection that within our first 3 years in business, we should be generating revenue thus;

  • Year 1 $150,000
  • Year2 $225,000
  • Year 3 $555,000

Publicity and Advert Strategy

The publicity and advert strategy to be deployed by Puff Tobacco smoke business shop includes using the most sophisticated forms of advertising which include the use of the internet through the creation of a website and also placing adverts on local radio and TV stations within our area of operation.

We will also be including other publicity strategies which include the word of mouth marketing. This will be carried out by our satisfied clients who we will persuade to inform their friends and associates about our services.

Our Target Market

Our target market will primarily concentrate on the market segment consisting of tobacco users within the 18+ range. We will ensure that we comply with specified health regulatory guidelines to ensure that no unnecessary harm comes upon any user of our products. Our users will consist mostly of males who are the highest users of our products.

Distribution Strategy

The distribution strategy to be used by Puff Tobacco will include the use of mobile smoke shops and also entering into distribution and sales agreement with tobacco outlets, department stores, and supermarkets for the easy mop-up of our products within the shortest possible time.

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