Sky Zone Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Sky Zone Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you want to become part of an international fitness & entertainment franchise?

Sky Zone may be just what you need to achieve your desire. This company first opened its doors for business in 2004 under the name SkyMania Fun Center.

However, its management saw the need to change its name to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park.

Franchising opportunities became available 5 years later which has seen the company achieve tremendous growth.

Currently, Sky Zone is selling franchise units across the world, creating an opportunity to invest. Speaking of investment, how much does the Sky Zone franchise cost?

This is the answer we seek to find. Stick with us as we reveal the cost implications of investing in this opportunity

How Much Does Sky Zone Franchise Cost?

The start-up costs for owning a Sky Zone franchise are varied. The initial investment is one of such costs. This covers real estate costs, equipment, supplies, business licenses, and working capital. The initial investment cost ranges from $1,300,829 to $2,765,428.

Sky Zone’s prospective franchises are expected to have a net worth of $1,800,000. The net-worth includes all assets such as real estate, retirement accounts, cash, and stocks. However, things like car payments, credit card debts, mortgages and car payments are considered as liabilities and won’t be included.

Sky Zone also requires a liquid cash requirement to the tune of $500,000. Proof of adequate liquid cash will need to be presented to the franchisor. There are ongoing fees too. These consist of the initial franchise fee. You’ll need to pay this fee to join the Sky Zone, franchise family.

It starts at $60,000 and may increase based on the size (or the number of units) you need.

The initial franchise fee will need to be paid at the signing of the contract. This gives you the right to use Sky Zone’s business systems, its name, and trademarks. The ongoing royalty and ad royalty fees are pegged at 6 and 2% respectively.

Having discussed the different aspects relating to Sky Zone’s franchise cost, it’s necessary to consider other equally important pieces of information considered useful to prospective franchisees.

Benefits You Get

Sky Zone offers you a wealth of opportunities and benefits as its franchisee. You are guided all through the way beginning from when you commence your application. This franchise has set the pace for other trampoline franchises.

Little wonder that it’s ranked 300 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchises. So, what specific things do you stand to gain?

  • Training

This form of support benefits all Sky Zone’s franchisees. The franchisor offers extensive senior management education about its services in addition to online and user-guided video training. Sky Zone’s on-site training spans a period of 25 to 35 hours.

There’s also a training session at its headquarters which lasts between 70 to 80 hours.

  • Design And Construction

Sky Zone takes away the challenge of coming up with a suitable design for your trampoline park. This it does by providing you with design and construction support. Aspects covered by this support includes the introduction of cutting edge innovations towards maximization of revenue potential.

Architect-ready designs are made available to franchisees for immediate implementation.

  • Risk Management

This is a very important requirement for doing business. This franchisor recognizes this and has decided to put the safety and operational standards in place. What this means is that franchisees benefit from Sky Zone’s significantly reduced insurance policy rates.

This way, franchisees operate their businesses with much-reduced risk exposure. Thus enabling them to grow their businesses faster.

  • Network Communications

This is crucial to the process of circulating information. Sky Zone has created a network communications platform where regular system updates and news are received.

As a result, all franchisees get quick and easy access to innovation which influences the adoption of industry best practices. This gives an edge to the franchisor and partners (franchisees) as its lead is solidified and maintained.

  • Professional Support

All aspects of your operations are guided by expert advice and tips on how you can better serve your market. This makes it almost impossible to fail as you are surrounded by people who have succeeded in the same business as yours.

Their advice is invaluable and enables you to hit the ground running. The best part of it all is that such support is continuous.

Why Invest In This Franchise Opportunity

Before going into a partnership or joining a franchise, investors want some form of validation of the franchise opportunity.

In other words, they would want to know how reliable a franchise is. For Sky Zone, there are lots of reasons to trust its potentials. In 2017 alone, it was ranked number one in Franchise Times’ “Feel Like A Kid Again” category for recreational businesses.

Sky Zone was also ranked as the second fastest-growing franchise of 2017 by the Franchise Times. Also in 2017, it got recognized as the fastest growing franchise by Franchise Times. Since 2017, it has been listed among Entrepreneur Magazine’s top 500 franchises to date. These are reasons enough to provide investors with the needed confidence to invest. You should too!

How To Start a Sky Zone Franchise

If you’ve made up your mind to apply for this franchise opportunity, you’ll need to visit Sky Zone’s website. Here, you’ll find an online application form you need to fill. Carefully fill and submit the form. A representative contacts you using the contact information supplied. This opens up the opportunity for discussions.

Here, you get to find answer questions regarding your interests as well as the opportunity to ask questions on any grey areas you can seem to figure out. Qualified franchisees are given the franchise disclosure document which needs to be fully understood before signing. Seek legal help when going through the FDD.

We’ve been able to supply you with information bordering on the cost of starting a Sky Zone franchise. However, we’ve even gone further to furnish you with details on other equally important aspects of doing business. Do we hope you found this educative enough?

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