Sample Shuttle Service Business Plan Template


Are you thinking about starting a shuttle business? Launching a shuttle business this time is a business opportunity for those entrepreneurs following the trend. Starting a shuttle business presently is for sure your ticket to becoming wealthy in this present century and beyond.

With the increase in the population of people around the world in every country including the one, you are residing presently, this calls for urgent fulfillment of the need of moving a large group of people from one place to another.

The increase in population has resulted in “more passengers to fewer vehicles” scenario. This alone should be a sparking transport business idea for forward-thinking entrepreneurs to invest in this opportunity that will help with the growing need.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a transport service business.

If you are thinking of how to start a shuttle business, I am pleased to provide you with a step to step guide on how you can become your boss by owing a shuttle business service. Here is an easy to follow guide for planning, organizing, marketing, and establishing your own shuttle business.

  • Choose your Business Structure

This is the first thing you need to do before starting a shuttle business. There are so many options ranging from a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability, and corporation. Meet with a certified public accountant familiar with transportation service businesses to help you choose the right business model that will be of advantage to you.

Also, meet with a commercial insurance agent to make sure your business is protected with liability coverage adequate to cover all anticipated contingencies.

  • Draw up a Business Plan for your Shuttle Business

A good business plan is a foundation for this kind of business if done properly. Irrespective of the multiplicity of a business plan, there are still some vital elements that must be present in a good business plan.

But, if writing a business plan look difficult to you, lots of business plan software are present on the web to help you with just a little fee compare to hiring a business plan writer. There is also various business plan sample written on shuttle business for you to have an insight on how to write one.

  • Go get your Buses

Go visit a good dealership and shop for good vehicles. It is recommended that business owners purchase newer vehicles, as it could turn into an embarrassing situation should you go for used ones.

Check out various dealerships online and in-person to find the best pricing in your region.

Know the number of vehicles you will need for your business. Be sure to include handicapped-accessible vehicles to serve all customers. Also, consider if you will purchase them with cash or you will use hire purchase to get the vehicles.

  • Get Necessary Permits and Licenses for Shuttle Business

Meet with your Department of Revenue in your state for sales tax commission information and also meet with the Department of Transportation to get the necessary documents that are required to run a shuttle business.

The office of the Department of Transportation will also give you regulations that are applied to this kind of business.

  • Know your Market Area

Study your market very well to see how viable the market is. Analyze your competitors and see how you can beat them or dominate the region that your shuttle business focuses on. how do you know the competitors near you?

There are online maps like Google Maps that you can use to check how many competitors are focusing on your target market area. Just get the map, enter the city, zip code and state to get the list of shuttle transportation business in your locality.

If you discover that the competitors are much and strong, you may need to move your business to another location where you have a competitive advantage.

  • Develop Specialize Shuttle Packages

When I say develop specialize shuttle packages, I mean you should create a package that encourages customers to come back and patronize your shuttle business. Something like a discount. Base these packages for special brands like hotels, small businesses, casinos, etc.

You may still develop your package to spotlight tourism attraction. This can in return attract tourists when they visit your state. Churches and schools should not be left out of the packages too.

  • Hire Qualified and Experienced Drivers

When you have good employees working for you, it can lead to success in your business. Make sure all your drivers have driving licenses and any required documents needed as drivers.

  • Market your Business Regionally

Marketing a shuttle business is no different from other kinds of business. Get a good graphic designer to create good designs for a different format for your offline advertising. Your advertising medium should include billboards, postcards, and flyers.

Also, include advertising in the newspaper into your budget. Social media advertising should not be rule out too as it is now one powerful advertising medium that big brands use to spread their message.

I am always happy sharing business ideas and opportunities with you my readers and I hope I have been able to assist you with every information you need to start a shuttle business. Good luck!

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