Sample Shooting Range Business Plan


Are you planning on establishing a shooting range?

One of the things you’ll need to know is that this phase should be treated as a business. The planning phase will require a lot of work to get desired outcomes.

Proper planning requires knowing what needs to be focused on or covered.

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Through this shooting range business plan, you’re able to see how a good outline can be developed or written. This plan considers the many difficulties new entrepreneurs face in developing a business plan.

With the guide provided here, you should plan effectively for your shooting range business.

Introducing the Key Elements

One of the first things you’ll need to figure out when writing your shooting range business plan is the project’s main elements.

These help with the proper structuring of the plan as they highlight the different aspects of the shooting range business. They include the executive summary and the business description.

Other essential elements of the plan include the services and products section, market analysis, strategy & implementation, organization & management team, and the financial plan & projections.

It’s not enough to mention these, but also essential to know how each point is developed.

You must supply specific details for each of the sections mentioned.

These details help provide comprehensive coverage for the plan. If you have no idea how to go about the whole process, the tips provided here should be of great help.

i. Executive Summary

The executive summary section of your shooting range business plan should appear at the beginning of the project. The name suggested summarizes the entire business plan and presents it as short, concise, and optimistic.

Through the executive summary, your audience should quickly understand what the plan is about.

Also, the summary should capture or hold the reader’s attention to make them want to learn more about the business idea.

Although the executive summary appears first, it should be written last to summarize your thoughts more accurately.

A summarized view of all the main sections of the plan is included here with information on business name and location, services offered, mission & vision statements, and the specific purpose of the project.

You’ll have to state or provide the name your shooting range business will be known by. This information is its identity. Also, you should give the shooting range location.

You will determine the suitability of the location to this kind of business. Due to the use of firearms, it should be sited far away from residential areas.

A shooting range business is mainly service-oriented, and you must provide information on such services here. Remember that you’re still within the executive summary section.

As such, you shouldn’t draw out details about services. You want to make this as brief as possible.

Your mission statement should articulate your business’s purpose. The report also reveals the main goals you plan on achieving with your shooting range business.

The mission statement should convey your dream for the business. It charts a path for the business’s future.

What specific purpose does your shooting range business plan serve? You should have explicit knowledge of this when you decide to write the program.

Some entrepreneurs write it to secure investors, while others set strategies.

ii. Business Description

Under the business description section, your audience gets to learn more about your shooting range business. Here, you’ll have to explain who you are, how you operate, and what your goals are.

The legal structure of your business is an essential piece of information you’ll need to provide.

Also, how do you plan on making a profit?

Provide a summary of your short and long-term business goals. A brief history of the business and its nature is among other details you should consider adding.

What needs or demands do you wish to fill or provide? Provide a summary of business growth with financial or market highlights included.

iii. Services & Products

As a largely service-based business, you’ll need to give a detailed breakdown of the services you provide.

This breakdown should include service costs and the expected net revenue from the sale of such services. Also, provide information on the benefits of your services to clients.

Explain the market role of your products and what advantages such have compared to similar services from competitors.

iv. Market Analysis

The market analysis section shows your knowledge of your industry. Thorough market research is necessary to showcase such knowledge.

Provide a sketch of your target customer segments with size and demographics. Also, a detailed assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is essential.

Give an industry description and outlook with supporting statistics where necessary. What more? You’ll need to add historical, current, and projected marketing data for offered services.

v. Strategy & Implementation

The sales and marketing strategies adopted for your shooting range business and how you plan on implementing such should be part of this section—the different areas to cover pricing, costs, and promotions.

How will your business function?

How many employees will be required, and what are your labor sources? Explain how you plan on promoting the business to customers.

Details on operating hours and your facilities need to be included.

vi. Organization & Management Team

The organizational structure for your shooting range business is of utmost importance to how well it performs.

Provide an organizational chart with descriptions of departments and key employees. Also, provide details about owners such as names, percentage ownership, the extent of involvement, and biography.

Details for your management team should include names, positions, primary responsibilities, and prior experience.

vii. Financial Plan & Projections

Your financial plan gives an insight into the financial status of your shooting range business. The project should be developed with the help of a professional accountant and should cover details such as historical financial data.

Other areas to focus on including realistic prospective financial data and brief analysis of financial data.

There you have it! This shooting range business plan shows you all the details of writing your plan.

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