Sharetea started from humble beginnings as a local street tea vending business. It has grown into a well-known and respected brand with an attractive franchise offering.

Are you seeking such an opportunity? You’ll find this information helpful. In this article, we discuss the Sharetea franchise and its investment offerings.

Sharetea Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Sharetea is known for its choice of the finest ingredients, which makes it produce some of the best-tasting tea products. Its quality control procedures are strict and aimed at ensuring only the best ingredients are used.

Is this opportunity right for you? You might want to find out by reading through this article.

About Sharetea

According to Sharetea, it serves over 100,000,000 bubble tea drinks a year!

This is massive because it was started by one man who quit his job to become a street tea vendor. Sharetea’s menu includes milk tea, fruit tea, ice blended, tea mojito, and toppings.

Sharetea has a research and development team on the ground that’s solely responsible for the creation of great recipes with a variety of ingredients.

This is aimed at bringing out the unique qualities of each tea product. Its tea is authentic and sourced from the high mountains of Taiwan.

Through its commitment to growing its operations, Sharetea has a presence across North America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Here, it’s clear that the company is serious about expanding its operations. If you live in any of these areas, you might want to apply to Sharetea’s franchise program.

Currently, Sharetea has a presence in about 13 countries and counting. You’re likely covered if your country is in the abovementioned regions.

However, it would help if you didn’t take our word for it. We recommend you call Sharetea to discuss details about its franchise offering thoroughly.

Why Invest?

It’s essential to seek reasons to invest in any franchise opportunity. In the case of Sharetea, you might want to know several of these.

These include its excellent return on investment. Based on its track record, Sharetea has proven to offer security to your investment while providing an actual investment return.

Its successful expansion drive has helped the business infiltrate new territories with happy and loyal customers to show. This is something anyone would like to take advantage of.

Sharetea is considered an investor favorite due to its ease of operation, maintenance, and expansion.

This franchisor offers an extensive training program and ongoing operational assistance to help new and existing franchisees grow steadily while increasing their sales and operations.

The Sharetea Advantage

There are lots of reasons why you should consider Sharetea’s franchise opportunity. These include its comprehensive customer demographic.

Sharetea is a global brand that offers a simple operating system. Menu items are loved by all and will draw in many patronages.

A steady rise in demand for authentic products has led Sharetea to organize its operations to satisfy customer needs. Based on these realities, it’s easy to see why investors find the Sharetea brand interesting.

Sharetea Franchise Cost

The cost of investment largely depends on the size of the tea shop.

Sharetea requires minimum liquid capital of $100k. The total cost of acquisition is around $300,000 to $363,200. You must also pay a franchise fee of about $50,600 to $59,000.

This is just an overview of the investment cost as there’s much more detail, especially with fees, and a breakdown of the total investment costs.

The franchise disclosure document contains all of that and more. In other words, going through the FDD requires a good idea of the total cost breakdown.

How to Apply for Sharetea’s Franchise Offering

If you’ve read through and are convinced about Sharetea’s franchise offering, you might want to apply to its franchise program. The application form is found on its franchise page.

Through such a form, Sharetea intends to assess your eligibility.

Profile information required includes your name, phone number, email, preferred location, the best time to contact you, and budget.

Other requirements include an estimated opening time, work experience, and questions on whether you’ve owned or operated any beverage-related business.

Information on the cost of bubble tea within your local market is also required. Also, this franchisor seeks to know about your area’s top three bubble tea brands.

You must also include information on whether or not you plan to run the business.

Once submitted, your profile is assessed. This helps the Sharetea franchise determine whether you’re the right fit for its franchise offering. If found suitable, a franchise development team contacts you for further discussions on what’s required to join its ranks.

The Process

The application guideline discussed above has focused on the contents of its franchise application form.

However, the process of application is quite different. This involves an 8-step process that franchisees need to follow. These lead up to eventual franchise ownership.

After completing and submitting the application form discussed earlier, your application must be reviewed. Sharetea HQ in Taiwan scans your document by checking for suitability.

As part of the suitability discussion, details about your readiness and motivations are done.

During such a discussion, you’ll need to ask any questions about Sharetea’s franchise offering. This is where you get first-hand knowledge of the nature of its franchise offering.

The signing of the pre-contract is done. Such a signing is done to protect the area’s exclusive rights.

  • Still in the Franchise Application Process

You’ll need to find the best store location as part of the ownership process. Of course, you should expect some assistance with that from the franchisor.

Leasing your store location from your landlord follows.

Next, the official signing of Sharetea’s franchise contract follows. With this process completed, preparation for opening your unit starts in earnest.

This includes initial training before the grand opening ceremony. We stated that initial and ongoing training and support are offered to new franchisees.

Is this Opportunity Right for You?

In our discussion, the goal has been to provide you with enough information to decide.

You can determine if you align by thoroughly assessing Sharetea’s franchise offering and your investment needs. Reach out to the franchisor for more details.

Have you found this informative? The goal has been to provide as much help as we can. It’s important to state that Sharetea, like many franchises reserves the right to alter certain operations.

As such, the contents of its FDD might vary slightly from those discussed here.