The self-help group of the non-profit sector in the United States consists of several businesses which are focused on promoting social and civic interests of members of the groups.

If you are very interested in starting up a self help group business, then you must dutifully observe the necessary preliminaries for starting a self help group business.

Believing you are already familiar with the preliminary steps, and are set to write a business plan for your group business, this article contains a self help business plan sample which would help you draft one for your group business.

Here is a business development plan for starting a self help group.


Executive Summary
Our Products and Services
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Business Structure
Market Analysis
Sales and Marketing Strategy
Financial Plan
Competitive Advantage


GIFTED is a self help group business which has been fully registered to operate in Los Angeles, United States. It is a non-profit group which will be particularly focused on reshaping the youths in our today’s society.

Founded by Michael Queens, GIFTED is a self help group business whose vision in the industry is high. To launch the self help group fully, we would require a total of $350,000 which will be sourced from the board of directors, fund raising campaign, etc.


GIFTED is a registered self help group business which is very focused on establishing an opportunity for the distressed youths of United States to be able to work with caring and loving mentors who will help them work on their problems and reshape them to become youths with brighter futures.

We are very keen in providing just four programmes which will help reshape our youths in the society. They are as follows:

  • The trimester
  • Lunch friends
  • The turnaround programme
  • The pinnacle Programme


Our goal in establishing this self help group business is to create a society where the young ones are fully aware of their roles in the society, and become fully responsible individuals to themselves, the family and the society as well.


Our mission is simply to fully inculcate in our youths beautiful qualities such as respects, commitment, possibility, responsibility, and individual support. Also, we are focused on providing them with an avenue where they are able to communicate their thoughts freely without any sort of fear of segregation, autism, or even the law.


We are very interested in launching effective programmes which would help reshape the minds of our youths.

GIFTED is a self help group business which has been founded by Michael Queens, a proud citizen of the United States of America. His love for the colours of the United States is well evident in the several roles he has been privileged to handle.

To fully achieve the aim of the business, Michael Queens will not be doing it alone. Individuals who are well exposed and co-operative will be hired to take up the following roles:

  • Executive Director
  • Grant co-ordinator
  • Board of Directors
  • Youth referral coordinator
  • Mentor recruitment coordinator
  • Cleaners
  • Security officers
  • Volunteers

Market Trend

The focus of the self help industry is to right the wrongs and imbalances in the society. Often, this unites with times of trouble and distress. The industry is believed to continue to prove very relevant in our today’s society as long as the supporting evidence of positive impact on lives keep growing.

Our Target market

GIFTED is a self help group business whose sole interest is on the youths of the society. This is because of the increasing drug abuse reports in our society. This group has its interest focused on young ones right from the early ages of 8-16 years. This is very important so as to curb and prevent moral and societal decadence at its root.


At GIFTED, our focus will be on creating publicity first to schools and to juvenile court system. We have a referral system which will help us to fully launch our publicity campaign to reach our target audience:

  • We will put up adverts on almost every print and electronic media platforms such as newspapers, magazines, and radio and TV stations to create awareness.
  • We will be concerned with sponsoring relevant and positive youth community programmes such as essay and debate competitions, strategy games competitions (chess, scrabble, etc), field games (soccer, basketball, etc).
  • We will dutifully share out our learning resources to schools and in key places in the community.
  • We will also ensure to capture a large audience on the social media world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Source of Startup Budget

We have made detailed research on how much we would require to get started with GIFTED. A total of $350,000 is what we will need to fully launch our self help group business in Los Angeles, United States.

This startup budget will be obtained through donations from the board members, from fund raising campaign and events, and from sponsorship from private individuals.


There is some sort of competition in the self help industry especially in cases where other self help groups have similar goals as your group. We at GIFTED very well understand the level of competition in the industry. We have our advantage in the industry. Basically, our strength lies on the capabilities of our directors. They are well known and experienced members of the society.


Above is a self help business plan sample with the business name, ‘GIFTED’. This business is a self help group business which will be located in Los Angles, United States. It will be focused on reshaping the distressed youths in the society. Founded by Michael Queens, GIFTED will require a total of $350,000 to be fully launched in Los Angeles, United States.

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